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Thumbs Up Serial Killer Dennis Nilsen Died in His Own Filth in Prison Cell

Dennis Nilsen Died in His Own Filth and in Agonising Pain Alone in His Prison Cell

Dennis Nilsen was convicted of the deaths of 12 men and boys during a five year long gruesome murder spree - a documentary about his sinister crimes is being shown on ITV

Daily Mirror UK, 22 SEP 2020.

Dennis Nilsen was convicted of killing 12 men and boys

For five years Dennis Nilsen seduced and murdered young boys in his home before disposing of their body parts in the most gruesome ways.

Finally, the twisted serial killer was caught because of his own complaining after he moaned to his estate agent that the drains outside his North London flat were blocked.

Secretly, Nilsen was fully aware of the sickening reason that the drain was blocked - and ultimately the complaint would be his downfall.

When Nilsen and the other tenants voiced their frustrations about the smell being produced, the landlord sent clearage company Dyno-Rod to visit the property.

Turning up at the idyllic location in leafy Muswell Hill, nothing could have prepared plumber Michael Cattran for what he would discover.

Upon opening the drain cover, mortified Cattran discovered a flesh-like substance being eaten by rats and multiple small bones.

It was all that was left of Nilsen's 12 young and vulnerable victims, who he had seduced, picked up and brought back to his flat where he killed each one with chilling similarities.

He would strangle them and then drown then in his bath if they were still alive.

Criminologist Professor David Wilson said: "He’d ply these men with alcohol and strangle them. Sometimes he’d wake the victim, just to strangle them again."

His first victim was 14-year-old Stephen Holmes in 1978, who would become the blueprint for Nilsen's murders when he was killed in 1978.

Nilsen's victims - Stephen Holmes, Kenneth Ockenden, Martyn Duffey, William Sutherland, Malcolm Barlow, Paul Nobbs (survived), and Carl Stotter (survived)

The sick killer was obsessed with dead bodies and had even organised visits to morgues so he could be close to corpses.

Once he had killed his victims, he would then wash them before sleeping next to them while he pleasured himself.

Nilsen then buried Stephen under his floorboards for eight months before he burned his body on a bonfire. His remains weren't discovered until 2006.

The following year, Nilsen met Canadian student Kenneth Ockenden in a pub and invited him back to his flat for food and drinks.

He strangled the 23-year-old with a pair of headphones before listing to music with the murder weapon. Nilsen simply sat and watched Kenneth's body for the next four hours before, like Stephen, burying him under his floorboards.

Nilsen's friend, Andrea Kubinova, outside the house where several of the murders were carried out (Image: HotSpot Media)

Over the next few months he would lift the floorboards and place Kenneth in an armchair close to him while he drank.

In 1980, Nilsen found his next victim, Martyn Duffy. At just 16 he was living on the streets and was persuaded back to the killer's flat with the promise of food and somewhere to sleep.

Nilsen strangled Martyn and then drowned him in the sink, before washing him and then using the body for sexual activity.

Initially keeping Martyn in a cupboard, he eventually buried him under the floorboards when the body started to bloat.

By the end of 1980 the psychopath, who would have sex with some of the corpses, had killed a further five victims – but only one of these men, William Sutherland, 26, was identified.

Dennis Nilsen was captured in 1983 after his vicious killing spree

Rapidly running out of storage for the bodies and with the horrific smell becoming uncontrollable, Nilsen started to remove and cut up the bodies.

Having enlisted in the Army aged 16, it was during a stint in the catering corps that he learned the butchering skills he would use to hack up bodies.

After leaving the Army in 1972, he took up police training, making him aware of the need to dispose of his victims' remains.

To get rid of the corpses, he would dismember them on the kitchen floor with a large kitchen knife, sometimes boiling the skulls to remove the flesh.

He buried limbs in the garden and stuffed torsos into suitcases, storing them until he could burn them.

David Tennant as Dennis Nilsen in the ITV drama, Des (Image: ITV)

His final victim at Melrose Avenue was Malcolm Barlow, 23, in September 1981, who he found slumped on a wall outside his home.

Barlow was an epileptic and returned to Nilsen’s flat to thank him for calling an ambulance when he suffered a seizure, but was then strangled in his sleep and stuffed under the kitchen sink.

Forced to leave the flat by his landlord, Nilsen burned the remains of his last five Melrose Avenue victims in a bonfire in the garden behind the flat.

Nilsen moved to a flat in Cranley Gardens, Muswell Hill, North London, where he would strangle another three men, and attempt to murder two others.

In March 1982, the serial killer strangled John Howlett, 23, back home after a night drinking following a ferocious struggle, then drowned him in the bath after three unsuccessful attempt to kill him.

Graham Allen, 27, was murdered that September then his body was dissected on the kitchen floor after being left in the bathtub for three days.

Nilsen's final known victim was Stephen Sinclair, who was strangled while asleep, then bathed and laid on the bed while the murderer slept alongside the body.

With nowhere to burn the bodies in his new abode, Nilsen resorted to dismembering his next three victims and boiling body parts in his kitchen so the flesh would dissolve.

He then tried to dispose of the internal organs, flesh and small bones of the men he killed by flushing them down the toilet.

This led to the drainage problem and eventually the police were called in.

Police dig in the back garden of a house at Melrose Avenue (Image: PA)

Nilsen claimed his memories of he attacks were vague, and that he went into a trance during the killings, saying of one victim: “In the morning he was lying there dead on one of the beds, fully clothed.

"I got the impression he wanted to go, and I must have killed him. I can’t remember strangling him.”

The killer, who seemed to have no remorse, once said: "I don’t lose sleep over what I have done or have nightmares about it."

Nilsen was jailed for life and told he would spend the rest of his days behind bars.

He died in May 2018 at the Full Sutton maximum security prison, alone and in agony in his cell aged 72.

Nilsen had been complaining of stomach pains and was taken to York Hospital where he was diagnosed with a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, which surgeons managed to repair.

However, the operation caused a blood clot and Nilsen's inquest heard he died slowly over two-and-a-half hours.

When he was found alone in his cell he was lying in his own faeces and the coroner heard that Nilsen spent his final hours in "excrutiating pain".

Recording his verdict, coroner Professor Paul Marks said: “Dennis Andrew Nilsen died of natural causes.”



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