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Update re: PhOtOs-N.Korea-Kim Jong-un Reappears in Public

'I Broke my Ankle Dunking Michael Jordan!': SNL Takes Aim at Kim Jong-un's Mysterious Disappearance
-Amid Rumors Dictator Has Been Deposed by his Sister

  • North Korean dictator was last seen September 3 limping and overweight
  • Rumors he is no longer in power, nation says he is but just broke his ankle
  • SNL depicts basketball-obsessed Kim as fat and crippled in tonight's show
  • He hurls abuse at soldiers, says: 'I broke my ankle dunking Michael Jordan!'

Daily Mail UK, 12 October 2014

Speculation is rife over the whereabouts of Kim Jong-un who was last seen on September 3, overweight and limping.

Now, the US's Saturday Night has taken aim at the North Korean dictator's mysterious disappearance.
Offering a possible reason, the cast mocks his claims that he is still in power but just 'hurt his leg' - and his bizarre fascination with basketball.

Fighting fit? Bobby Moynihan portrays Kim Jong-un as crippled in a skit about the leader's disappearance

Missing? The North Korean dictator was last seen limping and larger than usual on September 3

Bobby Moynihan, playing Kim, screams at a room full of soldiers: 'I broke my ankle dunking Michael Jordan! The movie Space Jam is about me, we all know that!'

The dictator harbors an infamous friendship with former NBA All-Star Dennis Rodman, and has invested millions in North Korea's national team.
In January, Rodman brought a roster of former NBA All-Stars, including Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker and Cliff Robinson, to the reclusive state to play in a tournament.
Former Knick Charles Smith also attended.

Limping and groaning in pain, an apparent Kim, played by Bobby Moynihan, hurls abuse at his soldiers who tell him to be more assertive.

'It's just that we're worried,' they tentatively tell him.
'Why am I hearing these ridiculous rumors? That I am diabetic? Ha! That I have the gout? Ridiculous. That I have eaten too much imported cheese! Who dares question me?'

They suggest: 'But general, you're limping.'

Bizarre: The cast of SNL mocked the dictator's fascination with basketball in the sketch

Infuriated, he heaves himself across the palatial room in agony and retorts that he was playing basketball.
Later on in the episode, Michael Che posing as a news anchor told viewers:

'My money's on more of a Winnie The Pooh situation' - with a picture of Kim seemingly too large to pull himself out of a tree hole.

Kim's absence comes as speculation mounts that his sister, Kim Yo-jong, 24, who is Deputy Director of the Workers' Party, has taken over the leadership while her brother recovers from a leg injury.

The 31-year-old hasn't been seen in public since September 3. He had been walking with a limp and was more overweight than usual in images that aired before that.
An official documentary from late last month described him as dealing with 'discomfort', which led to international speculation that he may be ill.

In Seoul, Unification Ministry spokesman Lim Byeong Cheol said that Kim appears to still be in charge of key affairs.
He noted that a high-level North Korean delegation conveyed a greetings message to South Korean President Park Geun-hye during their surprise visit to South Korea last week.

State media, later reported Kim was suffering from unspecified 'discomfort'. Sources have claimed the dictator had hurt his leg when he joined generals he had ordered to perform physical drills, and required 100 days to recover.
North Korea has said nothing publicly about Kim's absence.

But it is not the first time he has taken a break from the media spotlight - Kim wasn't seen publicly for about three weeks in 2012, South Korean officials say.

*** NB: I dont think this is funny. It only encourages more enemies to the US, and may put more Americans in danger...***

Inside North Korea:

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