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Update re: Firefox Freezing - Unresponsive Script = Solution is Here-FREE

Originally Posted by DMan999 View Post
LBB, I think everyone has issues with FF now a days. It definitely takes forever to close on my PC. I think they jacked it up and we'll have to wait for them to fix their memory leaks. There are 2 possible alternatives, Sea Monkey ans Water Fox. I have heard that Sea Monkey is a pretty good FF clone.
Thank you both DMan & BaZZa for your replies..

I recently found out why FFox isn't spending so much time & effort on solving their Freezing & other Problems on every new version/updates.. & relying on volunteer members/users to help do so... They have just released their 'New "Smart"phone-in Asia(I believe).. LBB is cracking up right now guys= costs just $10... ..Fairplay to Mozilla

After all, we don't pay to use any browser... except Google Chrome, Windows IE. one way or another..right guys.........

BUT thank you DMan for reminding me about SEAMONKEY;


My Report after testing for the first day-(obviously when one changes their browser..takes hours to do so, as it did myself today)-Hence sorry for the delay in replying -
However I will continue testing to see if/when I find any other glitches, when I find time to do so..

I'm VERY impressed,- so far, as I was years ago when I tested their Beta version on AAA, DMan. They have improved it even more since
They have many things that FFox doesn't have..-like an Auto Downloader, so one doesn't have to worry about opening the Downloads tab in Firefox under the tools menu-
Only problem with that is when the downloads have finished that SEAMONKEY window doesn't remain open, to allow one to remove a successful download from the history list, as it does in FFox.

Neither is their any way/option to add to my Start Menu/Task Bar in SEAMONKEY to enable me to do so..When I click of any of them..I can't

Also I cant find anywhere on any of their sub-menu choices(eg Tools, File, etc. to find 'Options', eg;=

to change 'DO NOT OPEN NEW TABS', when switching to them.. which SEAMONKEY does NOT offer, but FFox even things like opening an email starts an auto new tab in SEAMONKEY...THAT is irritating.

Perhaps either you, DMan or BaZZa could solve that one for me

+ SEAMONKEY opens a list of my tabs on even on my shortcuts in my /Task Bar/Start Menu,,it just simply opens SEAMONKEY on a LONG LIST of my saved Tabs,,- confusing to many even myself!..

I still appreciate SEAMONKEY and the time it saves me, after trying to test Google Chrome, Windows IE any other Browsers for many years.. & sorry if you can't understand my explanations, I'm very tired- another hectic day for me, as I'm sure it was for you two

Hope either or both of you 'Expert Gurus', DMan & BaZZa, can solve these glitches for me and our members & I do apologise for taking your time..

One thing for sure-since I have been using/testing SEAMONKEY today,, its' faster and doesn't have the probs I had with FFox-which I was beginning to think were probs on either my PCs or internet connection....

I have left this thread in the 'Open Help Forum', so your replies will help other members... and thank you both once again..

(I know you are both VERY busy in your private lives and I hope our members appreciate the time you both spend-as volunteers to help both myself and our members)

NB: = This thread content is no longer available to Guests.. although the title/subject of the thread will be..

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& Thanks to ALL Members of ... 1..

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