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Default re: The Complete Guide to Downloading Movies etc

Procedure to Download Movie Files

Now that you have completed the Software & Programs section we will get to the last segment of this Tutorial which basically explains why you get error messages and time outs when downloading and the correct way to download from Rapidshare (for example).

Topic: Error Messages

Error message in Rapidshare files are caused by several reasons

1. File has not been used for a while>Rapidshare will remove a file if it has not been used for 2 weeks or more according to them, this may have changed due to recent events.

2. Rapidshare will remove a file if it shows a lot of advertisement to their Company> which basically means a lot of people put in false files to advertise or sell their product.

3. Rapidshare checks all files for Viruses and if a virus or Trojan is embedded in the file they will remove this file.

4. Rapidshare is notorious for closing files if the member who puts in the file either closes their account or has not paid their premium payment.

5. Error messages are known to come up in Rapidshare because of the security measures members have on their Computer, such as a virus program> in all Security Programs either be it Norton, Webroot etc....
They have a section within it to allow web sites, or download centers clear access and all you have to do is add the web site or download center to its` program,,, which a lot of time are called "exceptions" in the security tools of the software.


Any Filehost will delete files if they find them to be of illegal content. This has increased due to all the actions by the US and the proposed SOFA and PIPA Laws ******

Topic: Time Out Message when Downloading

Time out message is do to several reason's:

Reason 1. You have a dial up service or your service is very slow, if i was you and if you believe it's slow I would test it's speed by either - The Global Broadband Speed Test or a speed test facility you know of and check with your internet provider what it guarantees is it's Upload speed and Download speed. Internet providers by law only have to give you what is in their guide lines.

Reason 2. A time out also can be cause by the Browser you have or a feature in your OS which has a section in either the tools section or Internet option section which shows a Download retry's which is usely 3 try's maximum every 10 seconds or something like that depending on your Browser or Operating System now this feature come's into play when you go into a download in which the site is busy or server is down so what you have to do is find that section to reset the download time on it to it's max.
If I were you I would do a Google and ask how you adjust the Download Time Out on your computer for your Operating System.

Procedure to Download on Rapidshare (for example)

There are several ways to download but depending on your download speed I recommend you play it by ear and what I mean by that many members download one file at a time because their download speed is slow and some people install a Rapidshare Download Software which allows you to download several files at once and some people Download 2 or 3 files at a time so if I was you I would play it by ear and see what your Computer can handle !
Let me give you a example of how I do it , most movie file's range in the total of 400 megabytes to 700 megabytes in size and Rapidshare only allows files to be no bigger than 200 megabytes in size so when people put in the files to the movies they either break in down to 100 megabytes per file or 200 megabytes per file so if a file is for example 750 megabytes they either devide it 4 ways or 8 ways . They use various different ways on files but this is the basic way .

Now the way to do it is to download around 3 to 4 files at a time but in the sequence of one at a time and I watch the download speed everytime I put in a file because my download speed is approx. 687 megabytes per second for one file and every file I put in reduce's the download speed of 100 to 150 megabytes per second so I play it by ear because every day a person Upload and Download speed varies due to server or airwaves from the Satellite to Ground reception.

One extra tip. Here is what I do. Say you have a good internet speed, ( I have 1.5mb), When I am working this site I normally have about 5 windows open, 3 for the site, and 2 for referral. When I download movies, I have a shortcut to the site on my desktop and I just open 2 extra windows, so all are on toolbar above.

I keep the movies thread I am downloading beside 2 other windows and when I C&P the first link I put it into the first spare window and paste it into the address bar and click enter, it automatically goes into rapidshare and the instructions to progress are there, the same for the second c&p link into the second spare window.. You can download 2 links at a time or more if you have a better internet service than I.

Don't forget when you click download on RS it will ask you;

Open with?
Save File?

You have to save the file into a new folder you have already created for that movie, on either your desktop, documents, etc. When I learnt I made the stupid mistake of putting the movie into Open with.......WINRAR. As I later found out you cannot save a file into WINRAR.!!!!!!!! DUH!!! So don't be nervous we all have to learn and just ask questions if you get stuck, you will receive plently of help.

I personally use and prefer JDownloader, which I highly recommend and it saves you time, it not only informs you if the links are still live, but will download more than one link at a time, and if your internet cuts out, it will resume the downloads. It can be downloaded free here;
For the reason mentioned above marked ******, I have bought a Domain name and paid for the set up charges and monthly charge for our new FTP to protect our, and our members links. The monthly charges are ongoing.
This is costly, and only VIPs will have access to it, so I would greatly appreciate any donations that any of you can give, not only for access to the FTP but to help with all the general monthly running costs this site occurs.

We have a tremendous amount of software, which I had to pay for, to ensure this site and its`members confidentially, are secure and also a lot of other software.
For example, you will notice we have no spammers on here, this is because of the expensive software I bought.

I am completely honest with my members, and always show on the bar at the top of the Forum, the amounts coming in and the goal amount of monthly site costs.
This goal amount is now showing $390 per month, but that will have to be changed to include the extra monthly charge for the FTP and the new confidentally protection I paid for it and the other protections for both our Domain Names for the FTP and the Sites`name and our main Server and for the site in general and its`members security.

I hope you find all the help and info I have posted in this thread helpful and consider donating, or
at least post a thanks or click the thanks button on my, or other staffs` post when they help you.

Enjoy the site and ...

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