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Default re: The Complete Guide to Downloading Movies etc

Software and Programs Needed:

Now that we have completed "Creating Files" we are going to "Software Needed And Accounts" which is a very important part because without it you won't be able to download movies or music so please read carefully!

The Software programs and Accounts needed are as follows:

1. ConvertXtoDVD
2. Rapidshare Account (or similar File Hosting account)
3. Winrar Program (Many available, do a search and choose one suitable for you)
4. Web site to get movies (Only this one of course) LOL
5. VLC Player (The Best in my opinion for Movies etc or Gome)
6. JDownloader (download info on post 4 in this thread)

1. ConvertXtoDVD

Now lets first get "ConvertXtoDVD" software which can be found on this Web Site some where's in the movies help section, after you find it you need to download it to your computer and after you download it you will need to update it by going in the software and go to update software this update will be necessary because it updates the codex's and give's vocal recognition when download is completed.
This program is design primarily to convert files to movie files which can be played on any DVD player and burns it as well, on a DVD-R but will burn on a DVD-RW as well but highly recommend DVD-R only .

2. Filehost Account

Now next , you won't need to sign up to a Filehost account like Rapidshare unless you want to wait a long time to download but the advantages of having a account with Rapidshare is that you don't have to wait to download and it loads 400 megabytes faster when you have a paid account, it will make life a lot easier if you have a Premium account with any File Host.

But please wait for the FileHosts I will recommend in my signature!!!.

I will use RShare as an example.
So this is how it works. If you download by going to the free section on the right once you go into the download section of Rapidshare it downloads between 120 megabytes to 180 megabytes per minute and once you complete the download it won't let you download again until 15 minutes has passed so you have to wait but if you Register and pay the Premium fee, the download speed is anywhere between 520 to 620 megabytes per second and you don't have to wait 15 minutes to download the next so I highly recommend you to Register and pay that small fee.
Or find a program to enroll you for free so the bottom line is download from the Premium Side or the Free Side.

3. Winrar Program

Now this program you should already have downloaded on your Computer due to obtaining files for your FTA Receiver but if you don't you will need it to Extract and Direct the Movie or Music files to it's folder location.

4. Best Web Site to get Movies or Music

Here of course!!!

5. Gome Player ( For example, but I prefer VLC Player)

The Gome Player is a useful player to have because it's easy to put in the Movie Files you have downloaded which can be played on your Computer to watch and review before you commit yourself on downloading it on a DVD!

This player shows a good picture quality than the Windows Player and the Gome Player seems like you have better control
This player is not a necessity.
If you decide to download this player it can be easily found on the net and when you download it make sure you download updates as well.

Now as a reminder , any software or programs or accounts you may install make sure there is a Shortcut on the Desktop for them to make downloading easier because those shortcuts will save a lot of time!

My last segment is Procedures to Download Movie Files....
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