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  1. EVIL; 4 Teens Dismembered 73-Yr-Old Grandma After Violent Carjacking -All Convicted
  2. Romanian Guru Charged With Sex Slave Ring/Human Trafficking/Kidnapping & Rape
  3. Australian Christian Group Denies Link to Kenya Starvation Massacre CULT
  4. One of 'Ogres of the Ardenne' in Paris Court For Brutal Deaths & Other Grisly Killing
  5. BUSTED; 20,000 Sri Lankan Child Smuggling Racket Between Sri Lanka, Malaysia & UK
  6. David Fuller Monster in Morgue-Sexually Abused Bodies of 102 DEAD Women & Children
  7. UK Killers of Woman Shot With a Sub-Machine-Gun Get 173yrs
  8. The Ghosts Haunting Chinas’ Cities..LONG READ
  9. ‘Nobody Cared’ Victims’ Betrayal-PEDO Teachers Moved to Other Schools
  10. Ohio Priest Who Sex-Trafficked Boys From Preschool Given 2 Life Sentences
  11. Russian Mum Kills Baby by Throwing It Into Red-Hot Stove
  12. Glasgow PEDO Gang Convicted of Running Monstrous Child Sex Abuse Ring
  13. Six Arrested in Hubei China For Baby Trafficking-Birth Certificates Sold For £10,750
  14. Whistleblower Military Lawyers' Trial Starts on Leaked Australian War Crime Docs
  15. Michigan HELL HOUSE...The Return
  16. No One Will Live in Abandoned Haunted Mansion With Horrific Past
  17. DISGRACE -Anger as THUGS Smash 400-Yr-Old National Art & Obstruct War Cenotaph
  18. Africas' Dirtiest & Most Cruelest Secret -The Baby Stealers
  19. Australian Mushroom Poisoning Woman Killed 3 & Attempted Murder of 5 More
  20. Predator Priests: Abuse in The Catholic Church- Pope DEMANDS Action
  21. Prison Nurse, Lover Inmate & 6 Other Inmates Flooded Jail With Drugs
  22. PEDO COP Lewis Edwards Threaten & Forced 200+ Girls to Send Explicit Images
  23. Pilot Who Tried to Shut Down Plane Took Magic Mushrooms & Pleads Not Guilty
  24. Police Warn Do NOT Approach Two Prisoners Who Escaped From Jail
  25. US Man Jailed For Having Sex With His WIFE -His DAUGHTER
  26. British Woman to be Hanged in India After She & Her Lover Killed Husband
  27. Jailhouse Snitches; Questionable Informants
  28. HAMAS/ISRAEL Hate CRIMES- 3 Palestinian Students Shot by White Man in Vermont
  29. Grindr Killer Stephen Port Had Sex With Britains' Worst PEDO in Jail
  30. OUTRAGE -Rapists & Burglars to Avoid Jail as UK Prisons Run Out of Space
  31. Govt BLOCKS Release of Claw Hammer Killer -A British Airways Captain
  32. Husband of Woman Whose Remains Found in 'The Boneyard', Charged AGAIN
  33. 'I Plotted to Kill My Rapist' -Ex-Gangland Criminal Turned Pastor
  34. Man in Court Over Kidnap & Murder Plot of TV Presenter
  35. Blackpool Hospital Nurses Drugged Patients For Easy Life
  36. Allowing Sex Offenders to Change Name is to be Banned + Indeterminate Prison Sentence
  37. Gran Who Murdered Husband Then Sat Down & Continued Dinner -Jailed For Life
  38. Police Launch Urgent Manhunt For On-The-Run Convicted PEDO-A Real DANGER to Children
  39. PERVERT 24, Posed as Teenage Girl Online to Blackmail Boys, Jailed For 21 Years
  40. Sadistic Thugs Tortured and Killed DJ in London & Abducted His Girlfriend
  41. Mental Health Nurse Faces Jail Over Trysts With Patient in Secure Unit
  42. Ghosts of Flight 401..& A Tragic PARANORMAL CASE
  43. Incestuous Dad & Daughter Threw Babies Into Basement to DIE
  44. US Convicted Murderer Crab Walks Up Prison Wall in Daring Escape
  45. Mothers DYING After Abusive PEDO Fathers Granted Access to Children
  46. Extremely Dangerous INMATE Escapes From Pennsylvania Prison
  47. INCESTUOUS Dad Murdered Seven Newborn Babies Conceived By His OWN Daughter
  48. Australia: Unmasking a Monster-Depraved Monsters’ First Victim
  49. CUNNING PEDO Changes Gender Before Court Case -'Sophie Louise'
  50. A Chilling Case of Mass Demonic Possession...
  51. EVIL Jap Millionaire Who Killed B.A. Flight Attendant & Sexually Assaulted 400 Women
  52. Texas Woman Charged With Threatening to KILL TRUMP Judge
  53. Vampire Killer Murdered Pensioner 90, Removed Her Heart & Drank Her Blood
  54. A Criminal MOB of 50 With Bear Spray LOOT $300K of Luxury Goods in L.A Store
  55. Worlds' Most Powerful Cartel-Boiling Bodies/Beheadings/Child Soldiers & Lethal Fental
  56. Sara Sharif: New Pictures Released-Saras' Body Found in Bed at Pakistan Parents Home
  57. TikTok Oxford Street LOOTER Ringleaders Must Be Hunted Down
  58. 7 Ghost Stories of the Sea....
  59. Canadian Rapper Lanez Sentenced to 10yrs For Shooting Musician Megan Thee Stallion
  60. Baby Jacobs' Murder -EVIL Stepdad 28yrs MIN, Mum MIN 10yrs
  61. Edinburgh Sheriff Rules Rape Suspect Nicholas Rossi Can be Extradited to US
  62. Australian Childcare Worker Charged With 1,623 Sex Abuses Against 91 Children
  63. Human Trafficking Teen Horror Exposed by Flight Attendant on Plane
  64. Andrew Malkinsons' Rape Conviction Quashed After 17 Yrs in jail
  65. Kidnapped 13yr Old Texan Girl Held Up 'Help Me' Sign -Rescued & PEDO Arrested
  66. HORROR: Gabriel 8, Beaten Tortured Starved to DEATH by EVIL Sadistic Parents
  67. Daredevil Guy Martin Shot Kidnapped & Tortured in Colombian Terrifying Ordeal
  68. Murderering 'PRIEST' Made to Sell Flat to Pay £124k to Victims' Families
  69. 1000 Cannabis Farms Raided in a MONTH +Mexico Seizes 2.4 Tonnes of Drugs
  70. Chilling Grin of Killer After He BURNT Mum & 2 Little Kids to DEATH
  71. Multiple Injuries After Prisoners Attack Inmates at Top UK Security Jail
  72. US State Senator Charged With Assault & Criminal Threats at Irish Bar
  73. FREAKY Abandoned Ghost Towns Shrouded In Mystery
  74. Mum Lost Fingers & Partner Lost Leg After Horrific Gang Attack Over Debt
  75. Exposing Parchman: Americas' WORST Prison-Inmates Plead For Help
  76. Man in Court Charged With Murdering Four Family Members in London
  77. US EX-Paratrooper & Rock Star Arrested in Moscow For Drug Trafficking
  78. EVIL Mum & Stepdad GUILTY of Killing Son 9 Found Dead in Cold Bath With 50 Injuries
  79. British Woman Shot & Partner Killed by Armed Intruders in Mexico Home
  80. Unabomber Ted Kaczynski Found DEAD in US Prison Cell
  81. MET Sergeant Shot DEAD by Handcuffed Gunman Armed With Revolver
  82. Body of Young Woman 22, Found Bricked Up Inside Wall
  83. Australian 'Serial Killer' Kathleen Folbigg Pardoned For Deaths of Her 4 Infants
  84. Secrets of Colditz Castle: Mythology Shows Racism of British Officers
  85. The Execution Of The Cook BOILED ALIVE By King Henry VIII
  86. Cam Shows Naked Witches Eating DEAD Deer/Sex Cult Stole Babies-Forced Marriage at 3
  87. BLACK GOLD; Operations of Pirate & Kidnappers in Africa
  88. Mum Killed 38-Day-Old Baby With Paracetamol After Days of ABUSE
  89. Police Warn Lock Your Doors as Killer Escapes From Ohio Prison
  90. Australian Police Taser 95 Yr Old in Care Home-NOT Expected to Live
  91. VILE Dad Beat Son 11 to DEATH & Lied He Had Fallen- Gets 21 Yrs in Jail
  92. 31 Months of TORTURE & Hell In Saudi Arabia Prison
  93. Abducted Girl 9, Found Alive by Man Who Recognised Her From Netflix Doc
  94. PEDO CHILD Killer David Boyd Jailed For 29Yrs For Murdering Girl 7yrs
  95. Britains' Most Haunted -BODMIN MOOR PRISON
  96. Savage Serial Killer Who Targeted Mothers & Children-Robert Napper
  97. Machete Gang Chop Mans' Leg Off Leaving Him So Scared He Lied in Court
  98. Girl 6, Snatched by PEDO Found Covered in Blood
  99. The Drug Killing Americans -Fentanyl Is So Incredibly Dangerous
  100. Mums' Secret Five-Word Whisper to Taxi Driver That Saved Her Life
  101. HELL HOLE of Rikers Island; 30 Years of TORTURE & DEATH
  102. Marelle Sturrock: Partners' Body Found After Murder of Pregnant Teacher
  103. Mississippi MANHUNT: 4 Inmates ESCAPE-1 DEAD, 1 Seen in Texas
  104. Lola James: EVIL Stepdad & Mum Jailed Over Girls' BRUTAL Murder
  105. 51,000 WEBPAGES on MOST EXTREME Child Sex Abuse REMOVED-Some are TODDLERS
  106. Four Starving Kids Found Alone in Filthy Vodka-Filled Flat
  107. Cocaine-Smuggling Submarines Reveal Europes' Drug Crisis
  108. Inside EERIE Haunted UK Pub Frozen in Time Since 1960s
  109. GREED of US Hospitals Let Serial Killer CHARLES CULLEN Kill 300+Patients
  110. Mans' Life Turns Into HORROR Movie After Finding Hidden Door in Basement
  111. Court Papers Show How Judge Gave Baby Back to EVIL Killer Parents
  112. PEDO Sex Cult -Child Brides Aged 3, Forced into Prostitution & Mass Orgies
  113. Shocking 'Honour' Abuse/Killing Figures & Female Genital Mutilation
  114. Pakistani Man Extradited & Charged With Murder of POLICEWOMAN Sharon Beshenivsky
  115. The Toy Box Killer: Most Notorious DEPRAVED Sexual Serial Killers in The US
  116. Australias' 40 Strong Most Inbred Family-Eight Arrested After Yrs of Incest & ABUSE
  117. South Africa Gripped by Kidnapping Crisis
  118. My Evil Cop Killer Dad, Raoul Moat, Tortured & Abused Me
  119. US Man Stabbed Girlfriend Over 100 Times & Threw Toddler Son to Alligators
  120. Britons ALCATRAZ: HMP Whitemoor -EVIL Behind Bars
  121. Teen Daughters Who Killed Russian PEDO Dad Put on Trial
  122. PEDOs' Brother Phillip Schofield OUT of ITV as He Admits Affair With Young Teen
  123. Pure Evil PEDO Gang Leader Must be Quizzed Over Killings Before DYING
  124. Peter Andre Left Petrified After Incident With Japanese Mafia Boss
  125. Eeriest Serial Killers Who Are Still at Large
  126. CRYTO MOGUL Boss Do Kwon Arrested For $40bn (£32.5bn) Collapse of TerraUSD
  127. Creepy Ghost-Like Figure Spotted on Road While Trucker Drives Alone
  128. PANDORAS BOX -UNLEASING EVIL; Dungeon of Dread
  129. SAN QUENTIN PRISON to Become REHAB Center
  130. SAN QUENTIN PRISON to Become REHAB Center
  131. EVIL Uncle Murders Niece in Honour Killing
  132. Horror as Human bones Found in Woods
  133. Gran Bleeds to Death After SEX Assault in HOSPITAL Bed
  134. CCTV Images Show Car Carrying Missing Friends Before Three Bodies Found
  135. Model's Legs Found Stuffed in Fridge
  136. Baby Remains Found After Aristocrat & Partner Arrested
  137. Freed PEDO Cult Leader Still Targeting Young Women
  138. Trans PEDO Who Abducted & Sexually Abused Girl 11, Jailed For 20 Yrs
  139. Abandoned Lorry Found With 18 Dead Bodies In Bulgaria
  140. OMEGLE: Matched With My PEDO Abuser
  141. Evil Woman Who Decapitated Lover Attacks Own Lawyer in Court
  142. Samurai Killer Guilty of Murdering Mum & Daughter 2, & Burying Bodies Under Floor
  143. The History of US Police SAVAGE VIOLENCE Caught on Camera
  144. Triple Killer Afghan Asylum Seeker Jailed For Life For Murder
  145. Transport Tycoon Ann Gloag Worth £730 Mil Charged With Human Trafficking
  146. Plymouth UK Mass Shooting: Rampage Left Five Dead-Gunman Named
  147. US Porn Star Declared Mentally Incompetent For Sex Crimes Trial
  148. Italys' Jailed MAFIA Boss Sister Arrested in Sicily
  149. Boy In The Box Mystery Solved After 65 Yrs
  150. Husband Confesses to Decapitating Wife After Their Wedding
  151. PEDO COP GETS 100 YEARS & Wife 41 Yrs After Horrific Sex Crimes Against Children
  152. British Girl 13, Abducted on Caribbean Island Holiday on 17 December
  153. The Worlds' Most Notorious Gaol-Guantanamo Bay
  154. Welsh PEDO Martyn Armstrong Jailed For Life After 17 YEAR Investigation
  155. Mystery Deaths in Woods-Bodies of Girl & Woman Discovered
  156. Serial Killers Who Were FREED: The Serpent, Panama Strangler & Monster of Andes
  157. Teen Charged Over New York NYE Machete Attack
  158. British Mum Stabbed to Death During Terrifying Burglary in Australia
  159. Body Found in Burning Car on London Street After Vehicle Burst into Flames
  160. RAT That Murdered Beautiful Elle Edwards Jailed For at LEAST 48 Yrs
  161. Serial Killer The Serpent Freed From Nepal Jail
  162. Harsh Reality of Working in UK's Most Notorious Prisons
  163. HORROR as Body Parts Discovered Scattered Around UK Park
  164. German Jewels Recovered After Historic €113m Heist
  165. Two Boys 2 & 5, Found Dead at London Property Man & Woman Arrested
  166. Killer Jailed For LIFE After Dragging Girl off Street & Murdering Her
  167. Babys' Legs Amputated After Being TORTURED by EVIL Parents
  168. THIRD of US Executions Botched in 2022
  169. Woman JAILED For Lying About Being Raped & Trafficked
  170. Baby Dies in Garden Shed /Body of Child Found in Garden
  171. Greenlands LOST Generation
  172. IMPORTANCE of The Innocence Network (Wrongful Convictions
  173. HUMAN MONSTER From Hell: PEDO Mansa Musa Muhummed
  174. Crimes Of The Rolex Killer -Yorkshire England
  175. Fed EX Driver Charged With Kidnap & MURDER of 7yr Girl
  176. Terrifying HAUNTED US Schools & Universities
  177. Boy in The Box Murder Mystery Finally Identified 65 Yrs Later
  178. Mum Left Baby With Fractured Skull to DIE While She Went Shopping
  179. Baby Kidnapped 51 Yrs Ago Reunited With Her Family
  180. MANILA: Child Sex Abuse is BOOMING in The Philippines
  181. Bondi Beast Who Raped 31 Women Identified After 40 Yrs
  182. Baby & Toddler Burn To DEATH in Flat Blaze-Man Arrested For Murder
  183. Mystery as Three Tortured Bodies Wash Up on Tourist Beach
  184. The SLAG Who 'Found' a SLUG & CLOSED an Aussie Business
  185. Sex Offender Bled to Death After His Genitals Were Sliced Off
  186. Mum Survived Terrifying Kidnapping -Truth Was More Horrifying
  187. A French Fathers’ Revenge on a German PEDO
  188. Inside Gangsters Castle Where Guns & Swords Line The Walls
  189. US Man in Prison For 38 Yrs FREED by New DNA Evidence
  190. Ghost Monk Who Evaded Cameras Finally Caught on Film
  191. Royal Navy Investigates Sexual Abuse Against Women on Subs
  192. 'W0R5T Case I've EVER Seen' Judge Gives 3 Life Sentences to Child Killer
  193. London Shooting: Two Dead Third Critically Injured After Gun Attack
  194. Australias Murder Highway: Secrets & Savagery in The Outback
  195. US: Child Found Frozen in Padlocked Dog Kennel-3 Arrested
  196. Sexual Abuse Exposed at UK Boarding Schools
  197. Man Arrested Over Murder of Three-Week-Old Baby
  198. Woman Charged With RAPE & Murder of Girl 12, Found in Suitcase in Paris
  199. Woman Who Escaped Sex Dungeon Looked Like She Came From a Horror Movie
  200. Gangs of Sydney Australia
  201. Acid Attacker onThe Run as Police Launch Urgent Bid to Track Him
  202. Mentally Unfit Killer Doesnt Know He;s Being Put to Death
  203. Polygamists Used Biofuel to Steal $500 Mil From The US IRS
  204. Bruce Lehrmann: Australia Parliament Rape Trial Abandoned
  205. White House Staff Told Higher-Ups About TRUMP's Sexual Harassment To Women
  206. Australias’ HATE Police: They Hunt GAYS in Packs
  207. 'If They call I Have to Go': Horrific Slavery of Trafficked Children
  208. Train Hits Police Car With Woman Handcuffed Inside
  209. Russia MASS School Shooting by NEO-Fascist NAZI: 15 Dead 24 People Injured
  210. People Smuggler: I Get Clients to Sign a Waiver
  211. Woman Spooked as Bathroom Walls Start Leaking Blood
  212. Cambodia Scams: Lured and Trapped into Slavery
  213. Judge Quashed Conviction of INNOCENT Man Serving LIFE in Prison
  214. N. Zealand Childrens Bodies in Suitcase: Woman Arrested in S Korea
  215. Body Found in Search For Abducted Billionaire Heiress
  216. Woman Develops 2500 Personalities to Help Her Survive Horrific Abuse
  217. KILLER Accused of Murdering Lilia Valutyte 9, Attacked in Jail
  218. Australia Largest-Ever Crystal Drug Bust Found in Marble
  219. Murderer of Olivia Pratt-Korbel Jailed For 42 Years
  220. SCANDAL -Making of UK Housing Benefit Millionaire
  221. Young British Female Officers Took Down The Clifton Rapist
  222. Ecuador: Guayaquil Blast is Declaration of War by Organised Gangs
  223. Suspected Bank Robber Rescued From Tunnel in Rome
  224. One DEAD Three Injured in MASS Shootings in Scotland
  225. Arizona Horror-DEVIL Robert Fisher Blew Up His Family & Disappeared
  226. Killer Laughed During Botched Execution Then Took 2Hrs to Die
  227. Australian Motorcycle Gang Boss Extradited From Turkey
  228. Man Arrested After Girl 9, Stabbed to Death in UK Street
  229. Boy 4, Found Dead in Freezer-US Man Faces Multiple Charges
  230. VOODOO Father Who Killed Hia Own Children is Executed
  231. Killer Could be Hanged in LIVE TV Execution
  232. Binge-Drinking Mum Framed Men For Horrific Abuse of Her Baby
  233. Japan Executes Akihabara Mass Murderer
  234. Mother & Stepfather Sentenced For Sons' Murder
  235. Pennhurst - EVIL Torture Asylum
  236. UK's Most Haunted Asylum- Workers Traumatised by Pure EVIL
  237. Skymaster Down Mystery: US Troop Plane Disappeared in The Yukon
  238. 1,000 Children Sexually Exploited For Decades by Gangs of Men
  239. EVIL Killer Gets LIFE After BRUTAL & Vicious SEX Attack
  240. Argentines' Dirty WAR Crimes Against Humanity-Army Officers Jailed
  241. Inside El Salvadors' Secret MEGA-Jail Where Prisoners NEVER Go Free
  242. Dad Murdered His Special-Needs 9yr Old Son Christian
  243. Mother Stepfather & Boy Tortured Child to DEATH
  244. Babysitter Charged With Murder After Toddler Was Exposed to Deadly Drugs
  245. Woman Tries to Grab Baby Before Shoppers Form Barricade Around Pram
  246. Abducted Woman Calls 911 as Alleged Captor Sleeps
  247. Healthy Woman LIED She Was Bedridden & Received £600,000 Benefits
  248. Bodies of Murdered PRIESTS & Tour Guide Found in Mexico
  249. EVIL Couple Kept 10 Slaves Locked in UK House Dubbed Gate to Hell
  250. Motion to Vacate Conviction Delays Execution of INNOCENT Inmate Richard Glossip