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  1. One DEAD Three Injured in MASS Shootings in Scotland
  2. Arizona Horror-DEVIL Robert Fisher Blew Up His Family & Disappeared
  3. Killer Laughed During Botched Execution Then Took 2Hrs to Die
  4. Australian Motorcycle Gang Boss Extradited From Turkey
  5. Man Arrested After Girl 9, Stabbed to Death in UK Street
  6. Boy 4, Found Dead in Freezer-US Man Faces Multiple Charges
  7. VOODOO Father Who Killed Hia Own Children is Executed
  8. Killer Could be Hanged in LIVE TV Execution
  9. Binge-Drinking Mum Framed Men For Horrific Abuse of Her Baby
  10. Japan Executes Akihabara Mass Murderer
  11. Mum Guilty of Whipping & Torturing Son 15, to Death
  12. Pennhurst - EVIL Torture Asylum
  13. UK's Most Haunted Asylum- Workers Traumatised by Pure EVIL
  14. Skymaster Down Mystery: US Troop Plane Disappeared in The Yukon
  15. 1,000 Children Sexually Exploited For Decades by Gangs of Men
  16. EVIL Killer Gets LIFE After BRUTAL & Vicious SEX Attack
  17. Argentines' Dirty WAR Crimes Against Humanity-Army Officers Jailed
  18. El Salvador Women Jailed For Suffering Miscarriages
  19. Dad Murdered His Special-Needs 9yr Old Son Christian
  20. Mother Stepfather & Boy Tortured Child to DEATH
  21. Babysitter Charged With Murder After Toddler Was Exposed to Deadly Drugs
  22. Woman Tries to Grab Baby Before Shoppers Form Barricade Around Pram
  23. Sex Abuse Scandal: Police Acted Like Mafia Say Whistleblowers
  24. Abducted Woman Calls 911 as Alleged Captor Sleeps
  25. Healthy Woman LIED She Was Bedridden & Received £600,000 Benefits
  26. Bodies of Murdered PRIESTS & Tour Guide Found in Mexico
  27. EVIL Couple Kept 10 Slaves Locked in UK House Dubbed Gate to Hell
  28. The Whistleblower: Human Trafficking in Bosnia
  29. Inmate Rotting on Death Row For 25 Years Totally INNOCENT
  30. Watergate: High Crimes in The White House
  31. Dom Phillips & Bruno Pereira in Amazon: 6 Suspects Linked to Deaths
  32. Two 10yr Old Killers BEAT 2yr Old James Bulger to DEATH
  33. Kidnap: BRAVE American Lady Took on Mexican CARTEL
  34. PEDO Killer in Hospital After Savage Prison Attack
  35. Actor Convicted of Child Sex Offences in Australia to be Deported to UK
  36. The Baltic Sea Anomaly
  37. Ghost Village Where Everyone Fled -Leaving Only a Chilling Note
  38. Interview With A Cannibal Serial Killer
  39. KFC Worker Saves Kidnapped Woman After She Slips Him a Note For Help
  40. Judges Given Power to Impose Tougher Sentences on PEDOS
  41. Ukraine WAR CRIMES: 21,000 Crimes Being Investigated Prosecutor Says
  42. Special Forces Arrest Ukrainian Woman Traitor Accused of Aiding Russia
  43. Russias’ Brutal Black Dolphin Prison for PEDOS/CANNIBALS/MURDERERS
  44. Police Find Two Children in PEDOs' Wardrobe
  45. The Thief His Wife & His Canoe
  46. Chilling Cases of WORST Women Serial Killers
  48. The Babes in the Wood Murders
  49. BRAVE Deputy Scales Balconies to Rescue Baby From Fire
  50. Chilling Final Words of 2 Death Row Inmates
  51. American WW2 TRAITOR -US Pilot That Defected To The Nazis
  52. Female TikTok Star Jailed For 3 Yrs For Human Trafficking
  53. Man Spooked After Finding Effigy of Jilted Bride in The Woods
  54. IS Fanatic Given LIFE For Murder of MP David Amess
  55. Man Asks to Go BACK to Prison Instead of Living With Sex Offenders
  56. Two Arrested After Targeting Secret Service Agents
  57. Lebanon’s Overcrowded Prison Crisis Leaves Inmates With No Medical Care
  58. Mum Waved to Train Before Placing BABY on Tracks to Die
  59. Drunk Mum With Car Drags Policewoman 130ft Down Road
  60. Russian Troops Filmed Rape of 15yr Old Girl-War Crimes Investigates
  61. What Really Happened to Witches 400 Years Ago?
  62. Weird World -Mysteries & Terrifying HAUNTINGS & GHOSTS
  63. Police Find 5 Foetuses at Home of Anti-Abortion Activist
  64. EDWARD VIII —Britains' NAZI KING
  65. Depraved PEDO Woman Who Raped Little Girl Laughs in The Dock
  66. CARNIVAL HORROR:Sixr Dead After Car Deliberately Drives into Crowd
  67. BRUTAL Executions Of Nurses Of Bangka Island.WW2.
  68. Model Who Called Putin a Psychopath Found Dead in Suitcase
  69. Moment Ukrainian Mayor Kidnapped by Russians
  70. Triple Zero Crisis Costing Australians Their Lives
  71. Charles Cullen:The Killer Nurse-World’s Most Prolific Serial Killer
  72. Hunting Mr. Cruel: Australias' Worst Serial Killer?
  73. TERRIFYING Real Haunted Houses In America
  74. Mother Eats Her Child - DISTURBING 911 Calls
  75. Inside Abandoned Home of Crime Author Who Vanished
  76. The 2 MOST EVIL Lesbo MUMS Ever
  77. Execution by Wild Monkeys & Killer Leaves Map of Bodies
  78. Bred For Spare Parts -Baby Boy Born to Save Sister's Life
  79. Strange & Scary Mysteries
  80. Horrifying Hexham Heads....
  81. BRUTAL Execution Of Mother Lilo Hermann- Executed By The Nazis
  82. Girls Find Dad Buried in Shallow Grave With Hands Cut Off
  83. Dr ’FATAL’ Was NHS Killer Doctor –Court Finds
  84. Dark Secrets Of China; Labour Camps
  85. Mum Defends Kidnapper Son Who Left Girl Paralysed
  86. The Disturbing Case of the Scream Killers
  87. 4 Year-Old Could Talk To The Dead -A Haunting In Georgia
  88. "I Put Her in The Closet"- The House of Horrors Killer
  89. EVIL Babes in Wood Child Killer Dies Behind Bars
  90. CHILLING 911 Call & Rescue of Kidnapped Girl
  91. UK's 12 Most Wanted: Do You Know Any of These Men?
  92. U.S. MARINE GHOST SOLVES Own Cold Case
  93. The House With The Whispering Walls
  94. The LAST SUPPER : Serial Killers & Their DEATH ROW Meals
  95. World's Prolific Surrogate Mum-Had 13 Babies Gave Away OWN Son
  96. Poison Woman Had 30 Fake Instagram Acts to Get innocent Boyfriend Jailed
  97. Court Allows PEDO Who Confessed to Killing Toddler Walk FREE
  98. Backpacker Kidnapped & Shackled in Abandoned Pig Shed
  99. Playboy Bunnys' Brutal Murder: Models' Head Almost Severed
  100. Ahmaud Arbery: Killers GUILTY on FED Hate Crimes
  101. Shocking True Cases of Cursed Mummies
  102. Newborn Twins Auctioned TWICE Online by Mother
  103. EVIL Liar Sent Innocent Man to Jail For Rape
  104. Elizabeth Holmes Silicon Valley: Theranos Founder GUILTY of Fraud
  105. Autistic Man Locked in Room Worse Than Jail & Fed Through Hatch For Years
  106. Haunting RUSSIAN GHOST STORIES....
  107. RCMP Says it Cleared Backlog of Complaints-BUT Some Complainants Had Died
  108. Top 3 DARK & Disturbing Historical Cases
  109. Russia's Shocking TRUE GHOST STORY....
  110. JonBenét Ramsey's Father Explains The Truth
  111. Japan HANGS 3 Men -First Time Since 2019
  113. Photos Of Slavery From The Past That Will Horrify You
  114. SCARIEST Haunted Pubs in Britain
  115. Maximum Security Prison JAILBREAK Rocks Israel & Palestine
  117. Britains' Most Terrifying Ghost Stories
  118. Pure EVIL: The Sugarcane Killer....
  119. The Worlds' Worst Paedophile
  120. Unsolved Hijack Mystery That Stumped FBI For 50 Yrs
  121. In Search of the Dead.....
  122. Newlywed Axed to Death During Black Magic Ritual to Save Marriage
  123. The Bordello Queen of Storyville
  124. Breakthrough in Australias' Most Baffling Mystery
  125. Haunting in Indiana....
  126. Notorious Druglord '****y' Warren Set to be Freed
  127. Massive Police Failure Let a Monster Run Rampant
  128. Cleo -Kidnapped Aussie Girl 4yrs, Found Alive in Locked House
  129. Model Helps Mum Escape Jail by Distracting Guard
  130. Death Row Killer Shouts 'Let's Go' Before HORROR Execution
  131. ShotSpotter: US Controversial Gunshot-Detection Firm
  132. US Serial Killers' Murder Castle With Trapdoors/Acid Baths & Gas Chambers
  133. Man 27 & Woman 29 Charged With Murder of Newborn Baby Found DEAD in Cot
  134. Police React to Violent THUG Gangs On Englands' Streets |
  135. Boy 14, Charged With Murder of 5yr old Found Dead in River
  136. BEST JUDGE EVER -Tells Murderer I Hope YOU DIE in Prison
  137. What Happened in The Basement of This Mansion?
  138. The Haunting GHOST of the Green Lady
  139. EVIL Child Killer Arrested After Approaching Young Girls
  140. MAFIA Enforcer Who Chose The WRONG Family-JOHN ALITE
  141. Dr DEATH -Devils' ANGEL-Killed 215 >300 Women
  142. The Curse of the Golden Eagle
  143. Australias' Most Dangerous Criminal Exposes Police Corruption
  144. Scientific Evidence Prove a Convicted Killer is Innocent?
  145. Australia -TORTURE Murder, Rape & PEDOS on Islands
  146. Serial Killer Dies in Prison -Killed 3 Generations of Same Family
  147. She Hid Her Lover in the Attic
  148. Downfall of a Queen -Marie Antoinette
  149. Pen Shop Helped Catch Doctor Death-Britains' Worst Serial Killer
  150. HAUNTED Farmhouse -TRUE STORY
  151. Inside Thailands’ Notorious Drug Prisons-The Bangkok Hilton
  152. The Boy Who Killed His Teacher...
  153. Diamond Granny Swops £4.2Mil of Gems for Pebbles in HUGE Heist
  154. 2 Children Torture & KILL 2yr old Toddler-HORRIFIC Story
  155. Most EVIL Serial Killer-The Beast of Birkenshaw-Peter Manuel
  156. Hollywood Ripper Sentenced to Death For Murder
  158. Horrifying Hellhound Encounters in History
  159. The Headless Body Found in Woods...
  160. Mans' Escape After Ex-Lover Tried to Hire Hitman to Kill Him
  161. US COPS BRUTALITY: US Charges 4 Kentucky Cops in Breonna Taylor Killing
  162. ANTARCTICA GHOST STORIES & Abandoned Places
  163. 800 Arrested in Massive Global Crime Sting
  164. Brutal & Horrifying Case of Fanny Hyde
  165. The WW2 Ghost Who Saved His Brothers' Life
  166. Thugs Slash Each Other With Machetes in Mass Brawl in London UK
  167. The Murders of Miss Honduras & Her Sister Sofia
  168. My Killer Dad On Death Row
  169. Exhumation in Australia May Solve Decades-Long Mystery
  170. MAFIA COP Falsely Accused / Jailed War Vet For 17 Years
  171. Samurai Killer: Home Invasion Gone Fatally Wrong
  172. Texas Police Uncover Human Trafficking House with 90 People
  173. Accident or MURDER? Tragic Story of 2 Little Girls Swept Away in Floods
  174. PEDO Woman Filmed Herself Sexually Abusing Children to Please Boyfriend
  175. Worlds' Creepiest Abandoned Mansions After Grisly Murders & Ghostly Visits
  176. Unsolved HAUNTINGS That Will Make You Think...
  177. There is Something in the Valley....
  178. Young Woman Gang Raped in Horrendous Attack in UK
  179. Sarah 17, Screamed Her Way to The Gallows...
  181. Vatican Exorcist Reveals Most Haunting Experiences
  182. CREEPY Abandoned Farmhouse With Shop Dummies Having Tea
  184. Did the CIA Kill A Hollywood Writer? -The Writer With No Hands
  185. Money Talks LOUDER Than RAPE VIctims Screams
  186. Secrets of a Psychopath: The Murder of Elaine O’Hara
  187. TIMESLIP STORIES That Will Make You Question Reality
  188. Dark Tales & Executions From The River Thames
  189. The DEAD US Border Agent That Continues to Patrol..
  190. Scary Valentines Day Horror Stories
  191. Serial Killers Documentaries -FULL Videos
  192. The Flannan Isles Lighthouse Mystery
  193. REINCARNATION of Chuck McMurray
  194. SEX Abuser Peter Nygard-Prosecutors Won’t Charge Him-60+ Women Assaulted
  195. Britains' MOST TERRIFYING Hauntings
  196. Manchester UK Haunted Highway
  197. Kidnapped, Kept in Coffin 7Yrs-Let Out to Be Raped &Tortured
  198. David Bowies' Message From the Beyond Grave
  199. Ghost Describes The Afterlife...
  200. Was QUEEN ELIZABETH I Really a MAN?
  201. ZODIAC CIPHER MYSTERY Solved After 50 Years...
  202. 20 SCARIEST Ghost Videos of the YEAR
  203. Paranormal Games You Should Never Play Alone
  204. The Mad Gasser of Mattoon
  206. Mum Locked Son Up For 28yrs-He is Finally Freed
  207. Lust/Betrayal & Corruption: A Chinese Murder Mystery
  208. PEDO Killer Who Confessed, Allowed to Walk Free
  209. 5 Ghost Videos SO SCARY......
  210. 5 Strange & Unsolved Disappearances
  211. Yorkshire Ripper-UKs' Worst Serial Killer Dies From Covid-19
  212. GHOST Hauntings of the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD
  213. The Vampire of Düsseldorf ....
  214. TOP 5 SCARY Ghost Videos...
  215. Amelia Dyer: The Baby Farmer
  216. Britains' Most EVIL Sadistic Mother Drove Daughter to Suicide
  218. Disturbing & Celebrity 911 calls
  219. Love & Drugs - The Beauty in the Bathtub
  220. Tale of JACK THE RIPPER...
  221. Mystery of ALCATRAZ Inmates' Escape May FINALLY be Solved
  222. I Bought Ghost Town-Hotel Burnt Down After Ghost Sighting
  223. The SLAVE Master -Truth Crime
  224. Inside Spooky Millionaires' Playground Ghost Town
  225. The Last HANGING In Britain: Ruth Ellis
  226. Killers' Excruciating Execution-' WORST Known to Man'
  227. Australia's Worst Pedo & Their Most Sadistic Killer
  228. Cannibal Who Ate a Man With a Glass of Red Wine
  229. Brutal & Disturbing Case of Velma West
  230. UFO & Alien Scariest Close Encounters
  231. Dad Killed Son, Raped & Murdered Girl 8, Then Sawed Her Hand Off
  232. Man Caught Trying to Sell 4yr Old Girl in the US
  233. MONSTER Laced Baby Food With Razor Sharp Metal
  234. Cop Behind Australia's Biggest Ever Murder Investigations
  235. Ghost Videos SO CREEPY I Got CALLED OUT
  236. Hotel Room Full of Dead People-Terrifying Tale
  237. The Human Who was Both a Man & a Woman
  238. Celebrity GHOST STORIES Prove AFTERLIFE Exists
  239. Brutal Satanic Cults, Witchcraft & Bizarre Rituals
  240. Ghost Stories of New England & London UK
  241. Man Convinced He Had Past Life After Seeing Doppelganger...
  242. Real Life Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid
  243. Horrifying Case of The Borgia of Botany, Australia
  244. Case of The Watseka Possession....
  245. British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld
  246. Creepiest TENNESSEE HAUNTINGS...
  247. Police Find 23 Abducted Children Aged 3mths to 15yrs in House
  248. DEATH for UK Gran for Killing US Mum to Steal Her New Baby
  249. 3 Cannibals Killed Women & Baked Their Body Parts in Meat Pies
  250. Childhood of SATANIC & Sexual Abuse: Jay's Story