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  1. Beluga Whale Trapped in River Seine Dies During Rescue Attempt
  2. US Billionaires Funding MASSIVE Treasure Hunt in Greenland as Ice is MELTING
  3. US FINALLY Passes $739bn CLIMATE & Healthcare Bill
  4. Man Survives After Being Swallowed by a Whale
  5. HORROR Shark Sttack off British Coast
  6. Total Climate Meltdown Cannot Be Stopped
  7. What Happens When You Die -From Those Who Have Come Back
  8. Psychotic Trio of Killer Whales Drowned Student
  10. CIA Intelligence on Putin's Health
  11. Transformational Therapy Cures Haemophilia B
  12. Devastating Foot-And-Mouth Disease in Australia
  13. First Cases of Deadly Marburg Virus Confirmed
  14. America's Stonehenge Demolished After Blast-Georgia Guidestones
  15. Man Awakes to Find Creature From Hell in Bed With Him
  16. Scientist Dies After Seized From Hospital by Putin’s Secret Services
  17. 2nd Woman Killed by Shark 650ft From Other Fatal Horror Attack at Tourist Beach
  18. 6 Story High Pyramid Discovered in Thick Amazon Basin
  19. Nasa Launches First Rocket From Australia
  20. Giant Alien-Looking Fish Lurks Off Canadian Coast
  21. SICK Hunting Trips to Shoot African Elephants/Rhinos & Lions
  22. Dad Paralysed by COVID Vaccine Leaves Hospital After 420 Days
  23. Shanghai: Brutal Lockdown Final Straw For Fleeing Citizens
  24. RARE Anglo-Saxon Burial Site Found Along HS2 Route UK
  25. Plague: Ancient Teeth Reveal Where BLACK DEATH Began
  26. Shipwrecked Warship That Sank Carrying Future King Discovered
  27. Scientist Who Predicted Tsunami Says Another Disaster is Coming
  28. Doctors Astonished Experimental Cancer Drug Cures Every Patient in Trial
  29. How China Plans to Become Next Big Space Power
  30. The Soldiers Of The Burma Railway BRUTALLY Crucified
  31. World's Biggest Plant Discovered off Australia
  32. Scary CONSPIRACY Theories Surrounding Sea Disasters
  33. Lost City With Pyramids Found Buried Deep In Amazon Jungle
  34. The STRANGE CASE of Ada Blackjack in Siberia
  35. AF Vet Unknowingly Buys Former Plantation House Where Ancestors Were Slaves
  36. Brit Facing Death Penalty in Iraq For Collecting Souvenirs
  37. Hunting DALLAS The Killer Cowboy
  38. Cruel Family Locked Dog In Filthy Cell Covered in His Waste
  39. Scotlands' VIKINGS -- HIstory & Festival
  40. Colossal Black Hole at Centre of Milky Way Galaxy Pictured
  41. Compelling Bigfoot Snaps Show Humanoid Lurking in Woods
  42. UNSOLVED Mysteries & The Alaska Triangle
  43. Monkeypox WARNING: Global Nealth Emergency Declared
  44. Miners BURIED ALIVE
  45. The Red Centre: Journey Through Heart of Australia
  46. The Strange Galapagos Island Mystery
  47. Judge Appointed by TRUMP Throws Out Biden Mask Mandate For Planes & Trains
  48. Coal Supply Crisis For Heritage Steam Trains
  49. An eVTOL –The Flying Vehicle of The Future
  50. 75ft-Wide Portal From Hell Opens up in California Lake
  51. WARNING: Solar Storm Heading For Direct Hit With Earth Within Hours
  52. Real-life Castaway Buys Tropical Island For £8,000
  53. Russian Who Disclosed Putin's WAR Dies of 'Covid'
  54. 4th Century Roman Coin Hoard Found in UK to Go on Display
  55. Alien Dreature With Reptilian Skull Washes up on Beach
  56. Radiation Fears as Forest Fires Burns Towards Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
  57. Rescuing The Abandoned Animals of Ukraine -
  58. Russian Cosmonauts Wear Ukrainian Flag Colours in Space
  59. Putin -Mastermind of Global Web of Poisoning
  60. Putins' Health: Putin Needed Urgent Medical Care After Feeling Dizzy
  61. Russia: Int Space Station Could Crash-Sanctions
  62. UK Gets Help From Saudi as OIL Price Soars-Saudi Aramco Boosts Production
  63. MOON CRASH: Discarded Rocket Part to Hit Moon
  64. UFO Hunters Capture High Quality Video of Mystery Object Over City
  65. RATS The Size of Cats Can Enter YOUR Home Through Toilets/DRAINS
  66. Largest Saltwater Croc in Captivity Died After Eating Schoolgirl
  67. Queen Elizabeth II Gets COVID Even AFTER 3 Vaccine Shots
  68. Brit Killed in Sydney Shark Attack
  69. The Unidentified: Are We Alone in The Universe?
  70. Lassa Fever: Is Rare Rat-Borne Virus The New Pandemic
  71. Australian Koalas are an Endangered Species
  72. Antarctic Quest to Find Shackleton's Lost Ship
  73. Spinal Implant Helps Paralysed Man Walk & Have Child
  74. Alien Spotted Watching Mars Rover in Certain Proof of Life
  75. Earth Has More Tree Species Than We Thought
  76. Uri Geller Warns NASA to Prepare for Alien Invasion
  77. Is Historic Rome Villa The World's Most Valuable Property?
  78. Skier Captures Spectacular Northern Lights Display in Finland
  79. RAF PILOT Unleashed Space Rocket Over Pacific
  80. Cate Blanchett's Kids Accidentally Swam With Alligators
  81. Mum Blind For 15 Yrs Regains Sight After Misdiagnosis
  82. Man Gets Modified PIG Heart in World-First Transplant
  83. Ten Die After Brazilian Cliff Collapses Onto Leisure Boats
  84. BIRD FLU -NEW Disease Hits World-Infects People-Worst ECO Disaster
  85. Canada: Whistleblower Warns Baffling Illness Affects Number of Young Adults
  86. Teva Pharmaceuticals Found GUILTY in N,York Opioid Trial
  87. HUGE Asteroid to Crash Into Earths' Atmosphere 11 Jan
  88. 2 Time Capsules Found in Statue of Civil WAR General -Opened
  89. China Complained to UN About Elon Musks' Starlink
  90. Disgusting -Disabled Children Offered Do NOT Resuscitate
  91. Brave Fishermen Wrestle Sharks to Protect Catch
  92. Fish Whoops & Growls Recorded on Reef
  93. The Cell Prepared For HITLER Inside The Tower of London
  94. Brit Girl,Savaged by Croc Saved by Pal as it Dragged Her Into Death Roll
  95. Inside HELLISH FUR Farms Where Animals Suffer...
  96. Europe REVOLTS as COVID Restrictions Return
  97. HUGE Asteroid Set to CRASH Into Earths' Orbit on Monday
  98. ALERT NEW Pandemic: Bird Ffu Virus is Spreading Across The World
  99. Breakthrough Cure on Alzheimers- Jab Found to Restore Memory
  100. Treasure Hunters Near Finding Lost £15bill of Gold & Jewels
  101. Man Eaten by Piranhas After Jumping into Lake to Escape Bees
  102. Mystery Illness in Canada Thats Killing People
  103. NHS E-Cigarettes Prescriptions Now in England
  104. Drone Transported Transplant Lungs Between Hospitals
  105. Thousands of Sea Creatures Wash Up Dead on Beaches-Worst Case EVER
  106. Australias’ Net Zero Pledge by 2050
  107. COP26: World Leaders Using Private Jets Dont Feel Guilty
  108. Global Food SHORTAGE: Ukraine & Russia Sign Deals to Allow Grain Exports to Resume
  109. World's 'Oldest Map of The Stars'....
  110. Explorer Stumbles Upon 'Knights Templar' Cave Under a Tree
  111. Russian Spies STOLE Covid Vaccine Formula to Create Sputnik Jab
  112. The Dreaded Lurgi -Worst EVER- Spreading Across WORLD (COVID 19
  113. NEW COVID? Mystery Fever Killing Kids Spreads to 30,000
  114. Ancient Four-Legged Whale Discovered in Egypt
  115. US Govt Declares Water Shortage Amid Record Drought
  116. Kings of The Road-Self-Driving Trucks
  117. Anti-Vax NURSE Injected 8600 Patients With FALSE Covid Jab
  118. Arsonist Caught Setting Fires to Grass in Italy
  119. Artificial Intelligence -Diagnose Dementia in 1 Day?
  120. SUB Robot Footage of Ancient Roman Ship Discovered off Sicily
  121. Russian Module Destabilises Int Space Station
  122. RESPECT The Sea -Father & Daughters’ Miraculous Survival
  123. 1930s Time Capsule Found in UK -Good Omen For Builders
  124. Wobbling’ Moon Will Cause Devastating Worldwide Flooding
  125. WARNING -Norovirus -Symptoms & All You Need to Know
  126. LA Beaches CLOSED-17m Galls Untreated Sewage Discharged Into Bay
  127. SpaceX: Amateur Astronauts Launch -Lights up Night Sky
  128. Inside Bottomless Black Hole Where Divers Die
  129. Man Swallowed By a Whale-TRUE STORY
  130. Terrifying Illnesses -Walking Corpses/Human Werewolves/Stone Man Syndrome
  131. Real-Life Tarzan Lived in Jungle 41yrs W.O Knowing Women Existed=
  132. Gurkha British Army Vets Fighting For COVID Care in Nepal
  133. US Navy Drops HUGE 40,000lb Bomb in Sea Causing Earthquake 100 Mls Away
  134. WARMING=Monkeypox KILLER Virus From Abroad-Found in UK
  135. Supersonic Passenger Flights to Return 20 Years After Concorde
  136. K9s on Duty at UK Airports to Prevent Spread of COVID
  137. Whale Vomit Worth £1 Mil Found by Penniless Fishermen
  138. US is Hiding Something-UFO Report Complete Whitewash
  139. WEIRD Changes After Surgery-Different Accents/Amnesia & Sex Addict Grandad
  140. LIVE Tracker Shows MASSIVE Rocket Hurtling to Earth
  141. EXPLORING MARS For Ancient Life-Rover/Helicopter & Robots
  142. HERO Police Dog Dies as He Chased Burglars.
  143. Fireball Passes Uncomfortably Close to Earth
  144. HUGE 12ft Alligator Cut Open to Solve 20 Year Mystery
  145. Dog Amazes Vets -Survived For 8 Wks After Swallowing 4in Skewer
  146. You Won't Believe This -WATCH
  147. Boy 8, Cut From 26ft Crocodile Which Swallowed Him Whole
  148. Ben Fogle Spent 'Eerie Wretched' Week Inside Chernobyl Exclusion Zone
  149. Mount Etna ERUPTS- Illuminates Night Sky
  150. Barbaric Texan Slaughter Hunts -With Cash Prizes
  151. Accelerating Number of Parkinsons' Cases
  152. Dad Snorkelling Near Son, Died & Eaten by a Shark
  153. Pandas Playing in The Snow...
  154. US Intelligence Say Chinese Govt is Collecting Americans' DNAO
  155. Planet on Course for Catastrophic Rise in Temperatures
  156. Californias’ Legacy-Underwater Dump Site of Toxic Waste
  157. Girl 19, Mauled to Death by New Zealand Great White Shark
  158. Antarctica: A Message From Another Planet
  159. Elon Musks' Starship Makes BIG Impact-It EXPLODES
  160. US Workers Face Turkey Apocalypse Amid Pandemic
  161. Scotlands' Islands Under Threat From Rising Sea
  162. Ship Branded Titanic of the Great Lakes Has Been Discovered
  163. Sleeping Giant in Arctic WARNING-Methane Deposits Starting to Release
  164. Obama Replies to Trumps' Lies on Healthcare & COVID
  165. Scientists Find Signs of Life on Venus
  166. Dengue Breakthrough >Mosquitoes Laced With Natural Bacteria
  167. HUGE 18ft Shark Passes Stunned Swimmer Off Scottish Coast
  168. Famous Bear Who Escaped & Dolphins Play Catch with a Pufferfish
  169. SHOCK REPORT! CDC Admits 94% of COVID Deaths In US Had Contributing Conditions
  170. Coast Guard OPENS FIRE on Massive Shark Approaching 40 Crew Members
  171. Earth Lost 28 TRILLION Tonnes of Ice in Less Than 30 Yrs
  172. Mysterious Disappearance of Great White Sharks' Livers
  173. Worlds' Loneliest Elephant Kept in Chains for 35yrs
  174. Australian researchers tout new 'wonder drug'
  175. New Dinosaur Related to T.Rex Discovered in UK
  176. Dwarf Planet Ceres is an Ocean World With Sea Water
  177. Disease-Bearing Ticks Increase in US
  178. Otter Jumps Onto Boat Escaping Orca With Seconds To Spare
  179. Save The Waler War Horses From Mass Destruction
  180. Hydroxychloroquine and Coronavirus ... Information I GUARANTEE You've Never Heard
  181. TRUMP Now Backs Vaccines- ’One of The Most EVIL Men’
  182. Mystery 15-Ft Sea Beast Washes Up on UK Beach
  183. Global Climate Fight Could Be Lost if TRUMP is Re-elected
  184. Arab World's First Mission to MARS-Hope Probe Successfully Launches
  185. Cecil The Lion's CRUEL Painful 12-Hour Death
  186. Do TRANSPLANTED ORGANS Hold MEMORIES?-Cases That Will Blow Your Mind
  187. HISTORICAL Discovery-Kingdom of the Mummies
  188. Secret Govt Agency Planting CYANIDE Bombs Across US
  189. ALERT -High Levels of Arsenic Found in US Bottled Water Brand
  190. Everest: Dying To Queue...
  191. Dumbest Tourist Ever Reaches From Car to Pet Lion and ....
  192. India Fights Worst Locust Invasion in 30 Years
  193. Russia Declares State of Emergency After Oil Spill
  194. Apocalyptic Supercell Cloud in US /Israel River Turns Red Like Blood
  195. Trump's Cruel Public Land Rules Will Let Hunters Kill Bear Cubs in Dens
  196. Horrific Pics of Woman Who Had Face & Hands Ripped Off by Pet Chimp
  197. New SpaceX Rocket Starship EXPLODES on Maiden Launch
  198. HR6666 The Bill That Leads To The Beast System
  199. 52 Years Ago, a Pandemic Flu Killed 100,000 in the US and Nothing Shut Down—Not Even
  200. Police Dog Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice....
  201. US Releases UFO Videos Taken by Navy Pilots
  202. Something Biblical is Going On!
  203. Giant Killer Hornets From Asia Heading to UK
  204. HERO Police Dog Who Failed ALL His Exams Catches Wanted Criminals
  205. How Science Caught up With Trump's Lies >Millions Will Die
  206. Blood Test Can Check for 50 Types of Cancer
  207. Dog Saves People Trapped Beneath Building
  208. NHS on its Knees -Worst Staffing Crisis in History
  209. Radioactive Water Seeping Round The World May Be Stopped by Ice Wall
  210. Tech Allows 5,300-Year-Old Mummy to Speak
  211. Aliens Might Have Placed Beacon in Centre of Milky Way
  212. Bronze Age Settlement Discovered in Ireland
  213. Humpback Heaven in Tonga's Deep Sea
  214. Mistletoe May Cure Cancer
  215. What Is Causing Havana Syndrome?
  217. Our Newest Addition
  218. Doomsday Vault For Human Survival at The End of The World
  219. World's Biggest Python >18ft Lives in House in UK
  220. Fishermen Who Took On US Land Developers
  221. Archaeologists Uncover 2,000yr-old Road Built by Pontius Pilate
  222. Desert Tribe Who Hunt Animals Underground
  223. Tiny Penguins Escape from Seal on Melting Ice
  224. Alaska's Bermuda Triangle
  225. Can The Great Barrier Reef Be Saved?
  226. £1.2m Trial to Test if Cannabis Pill Can Treat Parkinson's
  227. Scientist to Transform into World's First Full Cyborg
  228. SIZE Matters > Alligators Looking for Love
  229. Poisonous Asian Fungus Found in Australia
  230. HMS Terror >1845 Wreck Found in Arctic Waters
  231. Giant Sea Monster Found in Indonesia
  232. 2,100 Year Old 'iPhone' Found in Young Woman's Grave
  233. New Vaping Lung Disease Epidemic Causes DEATH
  234. OMICRON: Scientists Probe Link Between HIV & Variants
  235. Iceland Holds Funeral For Melting Glacier
  236. Cache of Ancient Diamonds Discovered Near Earth’s Core
  237. Headaches Were Caused By SPIDER Living In Woman's Ear
  238. Black Market Trade for War Planes/Bombers & Fighters
  239. Komodo Dragon Eats WHOLE LIVE Monkey in 6 Gulps
  240. Collapse of MASSIVE Antarctic Glacier Could Raise Sea Levels
  241. One Climate Crisis/Disaster Happening Every Week in Our World
  242. The Biggest Infection Killer You May Not Know
  243. UK to Host Europe's First Spaceport -Could Cut Flight to Oz to 90 Minutes
  244. Magnetic Reasons Behind the Northern Lights
  245. Rhinos' Journey to Freedom & Elephants Rescued by Helicopter
  246. SeaWorlds' CRUELTY: Horror Death of Whale Left Spouting Blood From Blowhole
  247. Chase of Illegal Loggers Who are Destroying the World's Environment
  248. Evidence of Britain’s Atlantis Found Under North Sea
  249. Meet Koko > The Talking Gorilla
  250. Spectacular Kung Fu Display Caught From Space