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  1. ARGGG..YIKES..Extraordinary Cobra Hunt in The Middle of Village
  2. 1,000Yr Old Skeleton of Woman With Emptied-Out Skull Buried Next to Husband
  3. Horrific Shark Attacks in Australia....
  4. Edinburgh Zoos’ Giant Pandas to Return to China
  5. Father Believed His Daughter Wasn’t Dead -US Hospital STILL Harvested Her Organs-$$$
  6. Glamorgan Lunatic Asylum- Tragic Haunted Faces of Abused Men & Women
  7. Sutton Hoo Kings’ Lost Temple Discovered-May Be Site of Pagan & Christian Altars
  8. Blue Whales: Ocean Giants Return to Safe Haven in The Seychelles
  9. Man Missing in Sydney Bushland For a Week
  10. 170,000 Russians Fighting For a Ukrainian Passport
  11. Argentinas 'TRUMP' Wants Falkland Islands Back W.O. Another WAR With Britain
  12. Prince Williams' Passionate Speech on Repairing & Protecting Our Planet
  13. Saving Australian Majestic Wild Horses From Being Culled
  14. Asteroid Apophis Is Coming -NASA Has Risky Plan-Fire NUKES Into Space
  15. Crocodile Attack at The Watering Hole...
  16. US Veteran Gets Worlds' First Eye Transplant
  17. 30,000 Ancient Roman Empire Coins Found in Sea Bed in Italy
  18. UK COVID-19 INQUIRY: Chaos in Boris Govt & Sunak Thought 'Just Let People Die’
  19. FIFTH of NOVEMBER; Story of Lord Protector Oliver Cromwells’ Severed Head
  20. AI CAN Detect Cancer -Royal Marsden Hospital Researchers in UK Say
  21. Ship Lost in Storm 128 Yrs Ago Found in Lake on US-Canada Border
  22. 'State' of ISRAEL Did NOT Exist Until 1917, The Land Was 'Called' Palestine
  23. Bushbabies Battle Over a Banana...
  24. NEVER Start Vaping, Says Girl in Induced Coma With Lung Collapse
  25. Rare 18th-Century Georgian Cold Bath Discovered Under Bath UK Assembly Rooms
  26. Neolithic House & Evidence of Bronze Age Cremations Discovered in Ireland
  27. British Crocodile Expert in Australia Sadisticly RAPED & Killed 39 Animals
  28. Will Asteroid Bennu Destroy Earth in 2182?-NASA Plans Armageddon-Style Deflection
  29. NASA's Briefing on UFOs After Alien Corpses Shown to Mexican Congress
  30. 1,900-Year-Old Roman Swords Found in Dead Sea Cave
  31. IDIOT German Tourist Causes £4k Damage by Climbing Historic Italian Landmark
  32. Catamaran Torn Apart by Sharks During Re-enactment of 19th Century Russian Adventurer
  33. Urgent Antarctica Mission to Rescue Australian Researcher
  34. British Bangor Scientists Design Fuel to Live in Space
  35. Incredible Images of Super Blue Moon 31 AUG 2023
  36. Missing Link Between Man & Ape- Family That Walks on All Fours
  37. India Becomes FIRST Country to Land on Moons’ South Pole
  38. HOPE For Women -First Womb Transplant in UK
  39. ANOTHER Putins' Failure as Luna-25 Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon
  40. Priceless British Museum Artefacts Stolen in 'Inside Job' - REVEALED
  41. British Covid Scientist Susannah Boddie, Killed in Horror Cycling Crash in Italy
  42. Success! Sir Richard Bransons' Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Flight Lands
  43. The TITANIC of Yacht Racing DISASTER -FASTNET Tragedy of 1979
  44. 1.SARS 2.COVID19 3.Disease X-MOST LETHAL & MOST Dangerous Coronavirus is Coming
  45. CRAZY American DIED Trying to Convert Isolated Tribe to Christianity
  46. Terrifying Portal to Middle of The Earth -Worlds' Biggest Drain Hole
  47. Skyscraper Daredevil Banged on Windows For Help Then Plunged 700ft To Death
  48. Melting Glacier Reveals Frozen Body of Climber Who Vanished 40 yrs Ago
  49. US Govt UFO Cover-Up Bombshells -Murder & Non-Human Biology
  50. Tourists Flock to Abandoned Isle of Death Where 160,000 People Died in Plague
  51. We Moved To The Amazon Rainforest -Now We've Been Deported
  52. Cast Away Aussie Sailor and Dog Rescued After Months at Sea
  53. EU, England & Wales Call For BAN on Vapes as LUNG CANCER Cases Rise
  54. Webb Telescope Image Dazzles on First Science Birthday
  55. Anthropocene: Canadian Lake Muds' Symbolic of Human Changes to Earth
  56. Full Supermoon Illuminates Skies Around The World
  57. SICK Vandal Who Scrawled on Walls of 2,000 Yr Old Colosseum is Caught by Tourist
  58. Boats ATTACKED by Killer Orca Whales-Latest One SANK Tourists Yacht
  59. UK Scientists Have Created Human Embryos That Bypass Sperm/Eggs/Fertilisation
  60. Gigantic Sea Monster Swallows Shark in One Huge Gulp
  61. Legend of The Tokoloshe....
  62. Scotland AI Trial Helps Doctors Spot Breast Cancers
  63. Killer Shark Eats Russian Man Alive in Meat Grinder Attack
  64. Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland Lead Scientists to Startling Discoveries
  65. COVIDs' Dr Death Sunak Donated $3m to TOP US College While UK Schools are BROKE
  66. Lawrence of Arabias’ Birthplace Goes on Sale For £1,375,000
  67. The Grand Canal Waters in Venice Turn Bright Green
  68. Boat With British Tourists Sinks on Lake Maggiore Italy- 3 Dead, One Missing
  69. Three People Die of Victorian-Era Disease From Migrants as Cases Surge
  70. Paralysed Man Able to Walk Again Thanks to Brain Implants
  71. Green Flash as Meteor Blazes Across Sky in Australia
  72. Inside The Lost Underwater UK Village That Hides a Dark Past
  73. Aliens Living on Uranus' Moons as Scientists Predict They May Have Oceans
  74. Return to The Nightshift...
  75. New Artificial Intelligence Tool Can Accurately Identify Cancer
  76. INVASION OF FAT RATS in UK & US; Super Rats Resistant to Rodenticides are HERE
  77. Firm Releases 800kg of Forever Chemical (PFAS) a Year Into River
  78. Scientists Discover Pristine Deep-Sea Galapagos Coral Reefs
  79. Secret Victorian Street Hidden Underneath Bristol UK
  80. Trinity The T-Rex Skeleton Sells For $6m to Private Collector
  81. Brecon Beacons National Park Renamed as Bannau Brycheiniog
  82. Million-Year-Old Viruses Help Fight Cancer, Say UK Scientists
  83. OXFORD University Produces World Changing Vaccine For MALARIA
  84. Chinas' NEW Infection H3N8 Bird Flu-May Become Pandemic as First Human Dies
  85. Australian Fathers' Bravest Act -Saving Son From Near-Death Shark Attack
  86. Poison From Australia's Deadliest Creatures Used For Medical Research
  87. People Took Hallucinogenic Drugs at Cave Raves’ 3,000 Years Ago
  88. HORROR as Car With Family INSIDE Swallowed Up by Boiling Water Sinkhole
  89. 1,600 Yr Old Sword For Warding Off Evil Spirits Unearthed in Ancient Burial Grounds
  90. Russia Launches Secret Military Payload Into Orbit
  91. 100 Mil Year Old Gigantic Dinosaur Has Landed in London
  92. Australia Gold Digger Finds MASSIVE Gold Nugget With Metal Detector
  93. Five Planets Line Up With Moon in Night Sky
  94. HYDRO SCHEME in SCOTLAND-Britain's Biggest Hydroelectric Project For 40 Yrs
  95. UKs' First Nationwide Armageddon Alert System Test Confirmed
  96. Millions of Dead Fish Wash Up Near Australian Town
  97. UK Bandages in Ukraine: Anti-Bleeding Fabric From SHRIMPS is Saving Lives
  98. INGENIOUS Seal Hunt
  99. Inside The Town That's Actually Paying People £50,000 to Move There
  100. Japan Forced to Blow Up its Flagship Rocket After Failed Launch
  101. Apocalypse: PUTIN Wiped 10,000-Person Town Off Face of Earth in Ukraine
  102. How Could an Unsinkable Ship Just Disappear?
  103. Boy Wanders Into Parallel Universe...
  104. Royal Shipwreck Comes to Light in Underwater Footage
  105. Gondolas Struggle in Italy as Venice Canals Dry Up
  106. Terrifying HUGE Chasm Appears in Earth’s Crust After Giant Turkey Earthquakes
  107. Astronomers Make New Discovery on Jupiter
  108. HUGE Swiss Cheese Bubble Surrounds Earth in Images Released
  109. Scientists Confirm Identity of 17th Century Dutch Warship Off England Coast
  110. Egypt: Gold-Covered Mummy Among Latest Discoveries
  111. Asteroid The Size of a BUS Coming as Close to Earth as London to Cairo Tonight
  112. MYSTERIOUS Disappearances Of 5 Mountain Skiers
  113. US Military Found UFO Over Active Conflict Zone
  114. World’s Fastest Shark Mauls Diver as He Screams in Chilling Attack
  115. Bizarre UFO-Like Cloud Hovers Over Turkey
  116. Ancient ZOMBIE Virus Comes Back to Life
  117. Several Celebrities Catch COVID at The Golden Globes
  118. Haunting Image of Second Mystery Man Found in UK
  119. METEOR Showers 2023
  120. Ancient Green Coffin Returned to Egypt From The US
  121. Russian Lab Attempts to Re-Awaken Catastrophic Zombie Virus From Frozen Mammoth
  122. The Medical Miracles of The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes
  123. Prisoners Paid £3.50 a Day to Dismantle Covid Tests and PPE
  124. Chimps Killed or Injured Dozens of Children in Uganda
  125. Mystery of 1800s Wreckage Found off Florida Coast
  126. Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion Energy
  127. COVID Infections EXPLODE in China
  128. Americans Urged to Wear Face Masks as Tripledemic Hits Millions
  129. Revolutionary UK Therapy Clears Girls' Incurable Cancer
  130. Our Beautiful World -RARE Cloud FORMATION
  131. Medieval Burial Site From 650AD Found in UK -Most Significant EVER Discovered
  132. UK Children Dying of Outbreak of Strep A, Which Can Cause Scarlet Fever
  133. Worlds' Largest Active Volcano Erupts in Hawaii
  134. Exploring Turkeys’ Ancient Underground City
  135. ROMAN COIN Marked FAKE Now Proves Roman Emperor DID Exist
  136. Giant Crocodile Who has Eaten 300 People Escapes Capture
  137. NHS Surgeon to Become First to Perform Operation After Becoming Paralysed
  138. Genius Boy 11, Scores Higher Than Einstein & Stephen Hawking in Mensa IQ Test
  139. Virgin Orbit: Richard Bransons' Rocket Firm Files For Bankruptcy
  140. Tunnel Found Under Egyptian City May Lead to Cleopatras' Missing Tomb
  141. COP27: Deal Struck NO Fossil Fuel Progress- ANOTHER FAILURE
  142. Spanish Airports on Lockdown as Chinese Space Rocket Crashes to Earth
  143. Impact of David Attenborough & The Natural History
  144. HUGE Planet Killer Asteroid Discovered &Heading Our Way
  145. Metal Detectorist Failed to Declare £5.2m Viking Hoard & Gambled Cash Away
  146. Time is Running Out VERY Fast'-World Close to Irreversible Climate Breakdown
  147. Boy 8, in Hospital After Brush With 'Most Dangerous Plant
  148. Grandmother Eaten Alive by 22-Foot Python
  149. 10-Year-Old Climbs Every Scottish Peak Above 3,000ft
  150. EXMOOR PONIES- Guardians of the Land From 130 Thousand Yrs Ago
  151. IMF WARNS of Dark GLOBAL Economic Times
  152. The Mary Rose: A Tudor Ships' Secrets Revealed
  153. BAD GUT INSTINCTS Prove To Be True...CREEPY
  154. Wood From B.C. Forests is Burning to Fuel U.K. Energy Needs
  155. MASKS ON: New COVID Symptom & Surge Sweeps Across UK
  156. NASA Flies Spacecraft into Asteroid in Direct Hit
  157. Feds Charge Dozens With $250m Pandemic Relief Fraud
  158. 6 Russian Climbers DEAD & 6 Awaiting Rescue in Russian Volcano
  159. Mystery Creature in UK That Looks Like a Snake About to Strike
  160. POLAND FISH DISASTER -Catastrophe-Tonnes of Fish Found Dead in German-Polish River
  161. Severe Drought in Texas Reveals Dinosaur Tracks
  162. Islands Near Panama Could Be Underwater in Decades
  163. Child Helplessly Blown Out to Sea on Inflatable Unicorn
  164. COVID: UK First Country to Approve Dual-Strain Vaccine.
  165. NEPAL: Returm to Tigers
  166. Beluga Whale Trapped in River Seine Dies During Rescue Attempt
  167. US Billionaires Funding MASSIVE Treasure Hunt in Greenland as Ice is MELTING
  168. US FINALLY Passes $739bn CLIMATE & Healthcare Bill
  169. Man Survives After Being Swallowed by a Whale
  170. HORROR Shark Sttack off British Coast
  171. Fatcats EXXON MOBIL Made More MoneyThan God & Failed to Help Vulnerable Customers
  172. Total Climate Meltdown Cannot Be Stopped
  173. What Happens When You Die -From Those Who Have Come Back
  174. Psychotic Trio of Killer Whales Drowned Student
  176. Transformational Therapy Cures Haemophilia B
  177. Devastating Foot-And-Mouth Disease in Australia
  178. First Cases of Deadly Marburg Virus Confirmed
  179. America's Stonehenge Demolished After Blast-Georgia Guidestones
  180. Man Awakes to Find Creature From Hell in Bed With Him
  181. Scientist Dies After Seized From Hospital by Putin’s Secret Services
  182. 2nd Woman Killed by Shark 650ft From Other Fatal Horror Attack at Tourist Beach
  183. 6 Story High Pyramid Discovered in Thick Amazon Basin
  184. Nasa Launches First Rocket From Australia
  185. Giant Alien-Looking Fish Lurks Off Canadian Coast
  186. SICK Hunting Trips to Shoot African Elephants/Rhinos & Lions
  187. Dad Paralysed by COVID Vaccine Leaves Hospital After 420 Days
  188. Shanghai: Brutal Lockdown Final Straw For Fleeing Citizens
  189. RARE Anglo-Saxon Burial Site Found Along HS2 Route UK
  190. Plague: Ancient Teeth Reveal Where BLACK DEATH Began
  191. Brazil Police Charge Mastermind Behind Dom Phillips & Bruno Pereira Murders
  192. Shipwrecked Warship That Sank Carrying Future King Discovered
  193. Scientist Who Predicted Tsunami Says Another Disaster is Coming
  194. Doctors Astonished Experimental Cancer Drug Cures Every Patient in Trial
  195. How China Plans to Become Next Big Space Power
  196. The Soldiers Of The Burma Railway BRUTALLY Crucified
  197. World's Biggest Plant Discovered off Australia
  198. Scary CONSPIRACY Theories Surrounding Sea Disasters
  199. Lost City With Pyramids Found Buried Deep In Amazon Jungle
  200. The STRANGE CASE of Ada Blackjack in Siberia
  201. Brit Facing Death Penalty in Iraq For Collecting Souvenirs
  202. Hunting DALLAS The Killer Cowboy
  203. Cruel Family Locked Dog In Filthy Cell Covered in His Waste
  204. Scotlands' VIKINGS -- HIstory & Festival
  205. Colossal Black Hole at Centre of Milky Way Galaxy Pictured
  206. Compelling Bigfoot Snaps Show Humanoid Lurking in Woods
  207. UNSOLVED Mysteries & The Alaska Triangle
  208. Monkeypox WARNING: Global Nealth Emergency Declared
  209. Miners BURIED ALIVE
  210. The Red Centre: Journey Through Heart of Australia
  211. The Strange Galapagos Island Mystery
  212. Judge Appointed by TRUMP Throws Out Biden Mask Mandate For Planes & Trains
  213. Coal Supply Crisis For Heritage Steam Trains
  214. An eVTOL –The Flying Vehicle of The Future
  215. 75ft-Wide Portal From Hell Opens up in California Lake
  216. WARNING: Solar Storm Heading For Direct Hit With Earth Within Hours
  217. Real-life Castaway Buys Tropical Island For £8,000
  218. Russian Who Disclosed Putin's WAR Dies of 'Covid'
  219. 4th Century Roman Coin Hoard Found in UK to Go on Display
  220. Alien Dreature With Reptilian Skull Washes up on Beach
  221. Radiation Fears as Forest Fires Burns Towards Chernobyl Nuclear Plant
  222. Rescuing The Abandoned Animals of Ukraine -
  223. Russian Cosmonauts Wear Ukrainian Flag Colours in Space
  224. Putin -Mastermind of Global Web of Poisoning
  225. Putins' Secret Lover Mysteriously Vanishes Since His Bad Health Rumours
  226. Russia: Int Space Station Could Crash-Sanctions
  227. UK Gets Help From Saudi as OIL Price Soars-Saudi Aramco Boosts Production
  228. MOON CRASH: Discarded Rocket Part to Hit Moon
  229. UFO Hunters Capture High Quality Video of Mystery Object Over City
  230. RATS The Size of Cats Can Enter YOUR Home Through Toilets/DRAINS
  231. Largest Saltwater Croc in Captivity Died After Eating Schoolgirl
  232. Queen Elizabeth II Gets COVID Even AFTER 3 Vaccine Shots
  233. Brit Killed in Sydney Shark Attack
  234. The Unidentified: Are We Alone in The Universe?
  235. Lassa Fever: Is Rare Rat-Borne Virus The New Pandemic
  236. Australian Koalas are an Endangered Species
  237. Antarctic Quest to Find Shackleton's Lost Ship
  238. Spinal Implant Helps Paralysed Man Walk & Have Child
  239. Alien Spotted Watching Mars Rover in Certain Proof of Life
  240. Earth Has More Tree Species Than We Thought
  241. Uri Geller Warns NASA to Prepare for Alien Invasion
  242. Is Historic Rome Villa The World's Most Valuable Property?
  243. Skier Captures Spectacular Northern Lights Display in Finland
  244. RAF PILOT Unleashed Space Rocket Over Pacific
  245. Cate Blanchett's Kids Accidentally Swam With Alligators
  246. Mum Blind For 15 Yrs Regains Sight After Misdiagnosis
  247. Man Gets Modified PIG Heart in World-First Transplant
  248. Ten Die After Brazilian Cliff Collapses Onto Leisure Boats
  249. BIRD FLU -NEW Disease Hits World-Infects People-Worst ECO Disaster
  250. Canada: Whistleblower Warns Baffling Illness Affects Number of Young Adults