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  1. Pit of Toxic HELL- Most Dangerous Nuclear Site HACKED by Russia/China Groups
  2. Tesla Begin Cybertruck Deliveries at $60,990-Musk Said The Car ‘Dug Our Grave’
  3. Elon Musk Hurls Defiant Profanity to Fleeing Advertisers-‘Go F--K Yourself’
  4. Telstra Fined $306,360 For Breaching Customers’ Privacy by Australia
  5. Missiles Fired On US Warship During Iran Houthis Hijack of Vessel in Red Sea
  6. Australias' New Cyber Security Strategy on Ransomware
  7. I Blew The Whistle on Meta, Now I Won't Work Again'
  8. Suicide Website Linked to 50 Deaths Blocked by Broadband Providers
  9. Musks' Starlink to Provide Phone & Net to Gaza After Netanyahu Blackout
  10. Microsofts' New $5 Billion Australian Investment to Bolster Cyber-Security
  11. TRUMP Sues Ex-British SPY Over Scandalous Claims That Harmed His Reputation
  12. Musk & Tech Bosses Warned Over Hamas Fake & Manipulated Videos
  13. Undercover Russian Spy Caught Trying to Sneak Into Ukraines' Top Secret Drone School
  14. Russian Hacker Takes Down Royal Familys' Website For 'Attack on PEDOS'
  15. US Government And 17 States Sue Amazon -How it Might Impact You
  16. Family SUES Google After Maps App Led Dad to Drive Off Collapsed Bridge and Die
  17. Ukraine FURIOUS as Elon Musk CUT Their Internet to Stop Drone Strike on Russian Navy
  18. German Intelligence Agent Arrested For Spying For Russia
  19. Youtube-dl Site Offline as Host Provider Enforces Court-Ordered BAN
  20. YouTubers' Hyped PS5 Giveaway Sparks Chaos & Mayhem in NYC
  21. Mysterious Cellphone, Cryptic Instructions & Interrupted Smuggling Run
  22. US. Govt Crackdown on Amazon -Anti Consumer/Competitive Behaviour
  23. Musk Threatens to Sue Zuckerberg Over Rival App 'Threads'
  24. Meta Launches $7.99 a Month Virtual Reality Service-Due to $4bn (£3.1bn) Loss
  25. Russian Hacker Gang Publishes Ransom Victims Names on Dark Web
  26. Reddit Blackout: Subreddits Goes Private
  27. Apple Unveils Augmented Reality Headset Vision Pro
  28. Amazons’ UK Division Paid No Corporation Tax For Second Year
  29. China MALWARE Hits Guam to Affect any U.S. Military Aid to Taiwan
  30. META-Facebook Owner Fined $1.3bn by EU-Breaking Data Protection Rules
  31. China Kicks Back at US-BANS Major Chip Maker Micron-Tensions Increase
  32. UK Vietnamese Men Offered £10K to Pose as Dads in Visa SCAM
  33. Hacker Marketplace Still Active Despite Police Takedown
  34. Briton Pleads Guilty in US to Twitter Hack -130 Accounts Targeted
  35. Google Senior Software Engineer Jumped to Death From 14th Floor of Co. NY HQ
  36. US is BROKE - Could Run Out of Cash by 1 June
  37. US Judge BLOCKS Microsofts' $69Bil Activision Blizzard Game Deal
  38. Bali Influencer Backlash -Island Cracks Down on Problem Tourists
  39. Ed Sheeran in NYC Court For Copyright Trial-Copied Marvin Gayes' Let's Get it On
  40. The file-host Zippyshare has closed it's doors
  41. 4 Americans 3 Russians Charged With Working for Russia SPY Agency
  42. US Navy GIRL Veteran Outed as Putin Propagandist SPY
  43. SEX TOYS Sent to Russian Cyber Chief After He is HACKED By Ukrainian Hacker
  44. Spy Agency WARNED Canadian MP About Dealings With Diplomat
  45. ELON MUSK Restricts Tweets Users Can See on Twitter
  46. Twitter: BBC Objects to Government Funded Media Label
  47. Brit Invented AI: Slaughter Machines-Dangerous Rise of Military AI -LONG Read
  48. Russia Charges US Journalist Evan Gershkovich With Spying
  49. UK High Court; Mail Newspapers Hacked Phones of Prince Harry Elton John & Others
  50. TRUMP Back on Facebook & YouTube
  51. TIK TOKs' CEO Shou Zi Chew Questioned by US Congress
  52. Court Bans Singer From Hitting YouTube Rival With DMCA Notices
  53. Vladimir Putins' £274 Million SPY Plane Destroyed by Drones
  54. Vladimir Putins' £274 Million SPY Plane Destroyed by Drones
  55. Russia Claims Ukraine & Allies Use Pirate Sites to Spread Propaganda
  56. Australia Has Taken Out Hive of SPIES
  57. British Embassy SPY Sentenced to 13 yrs For Spying For Russia
  58. Google Loses Over $100 BILLION After Chatbot Bard Gives WRONG Answer in Ad
  59. US Military Shoots Down Chinese SPY Balloon Over Atlantic
  60. Billionaire Targeted in Ukraines New Anti-Corruption Swoop
  61. PayPal Cuts 2,000 Jobs as Global Economy Weakens
  62. Russian Hackers Target US Hospitals/Wagner Group Secret Deal With Chinese Spies
  63. SPY in Ukrainian Security Service Arrested
  64. 10 Most Pirated Movies 2023 Updates...
  65. AMAZON Cuts Jobs 18,000 to Be FIRED
  66. Mum Destroyed as Deranged QAnon Husband Kills Kids
  67. Andrew Tate Appears in Court in Romania For Human Trafficking Case
  68. Feds Ban TIK TOK on All US Govt Devices
  69. Son Sues Meta Over Father's Killing in Ethiopia
  70. Sam Bankman-Fried Guilty of Defrauding Customers- Sentencing 28 Mar 2024
  71. Billionaires' Daughter Gets BBC Job With Help From Social Charity
  72. Meta Threatens to Remove US News if New Law Passes
  73. Meta Amazon Twitter Layoffs: Tech Layoffs Won't Destroy American Dreams
  74. Court Orders U.S. Navy to Pay $154,400 in Piracy Damages
  75. Zuckerberg to Quit as META CEO Next Year?
  76. US Attn General Announces Charges Against 13 Chinese SPIES
  77. Amazon Founder Bezos to Give Away Most of His Wealth -$124bn (£107bn)
  78. Amazon Sells Suicide Death Drug
  79. Tracking a Canadian Govt Worker Hacker Who Extorted Millions
  80. META-Facebook to Cut 13% of Workforce
  81. Anti-Piracy Cos Locked Down Russian TV, Putin Wants It Back
  82. Devastating Effects of Video Game Addiction on Children
  83. Norway Arrests Russian SPY
  84. US Charges Chinese SPIES in Telecoms Probe Case
  85. Introducing: YouTube Handles
  86. Singapore Jails OnlyFans Creator of Adults-Only Platform.
  87. Elon Musk to File Thermonuclear Lawsuit as Advertisers QUIT X
  88. Instagram KILLED Our Molly-Inquest RULES Social MEDIA is Responsable
  89. Inside The CIA’s Top SECRET Museum
  90. No 10 Chief of Staff Spoken to by FBI About Banker Accused of Bribery
  91. Russia Covertly Spent $300m to Meddle in Elections Abroad
  92. US BARS US Tech Firms From Building in China For 10 Yrs
  93. Google Removes YouTube Rippers From UK Searches
  94. US Chip Makers Hit by NEW China Export Rule
  95. TRUMP's BANNED From Google Play-Truth Social Branded a Disaster
  96. YouTube Holds Licenses For Copyright Lawsuit
  97. PlayStation Sued For £5bn in UK Over Rip-Off Games
  98. Bellingcat: British Group Tracking Russian WAR Crimes in Ukraine
  99. Chinese Internet Giants Hand Algorithm Data to Government
  100. Pirating WOW Subscribers Object to Having Identities Exposed
  101. NHS Suppliers' IT Attack: Hackers BLACKMAIL Provider
  102. Meta's Chatbot Company Exploits People For Money
  103. The DARK Side of TikTok....
  104. HACKED: UK NHS 111 Suffers Major Cyber Attack
  105. UK GOVT Closes TikTok Act After China Data WARNING
  106. Stephen King Testifies in Trial to Block Publishing Giants Merger
  107. Illegal Blocking of Copyright Content to Be Punished Under Russian Law
  108. UK Cybersecurity Chiefs Plan to Scan Phones For Child Abuse Images
  109. Baby Drowned in Bath While Dad Browsed Facebook For SEVEN Minutes
  110. Meta Hit With MASSIVE Piracy Lawsuit
  111. CIA Hacker Convicted of Brazen Data Leak
  112. UBER Leaked Files Bombshell: Disregard For Law Made Uber a Global Empire
  113. WARNING New Internet Laws: Ministers Will Have Unprecedented Powers
  114. British Armys YouTube & Twitter Accounts HACKED
  115. UK Govt. Preps to Dissolve Anti-Piracy Group & Seize Assets
  116. Missing Cryptoqueen Ignatova: Now on FBI Top Ten Most Wanted
  117. Google Facing Action From Euro Organisations Over Surveillance Sign-Up Process.
  118. Apple Batterygate Lawsuit: Millions Could Get Payouts in Legal Action
  119. Anti-Piracy Job ADS in UK From £10hr to Let’s Talk ££,
  120. Microsoft Retires Internet Explorer After 27 Years
  121. Mariah Carey Sued For Copyright Over 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'
  122. YouTube & Uploaded Liable For Pirating Users Court Rules
  123. Supreme Court Blocks Law Forbidding Social Medias' Forms of Online Speech
  124. US Fines Twitter $150m For Selling Users' Data
  125. Tor Unblocked-Russia Demands Censorship-Embroils Google
  126. Global Food Supply Chain at Risk From Malicious Hackers
  127. Apple to Discontinue The iPod After 21 Years
  128. Facebook Deliberately Disrupting Australia Emergency Services
  129. UK Government Plans to Rein in Big Tech
  130. Whistleblower: EX Security Chief Testified Twitter Misled Users & US Regulators
  131. Unofficial Windows 11 installer infects PCs with malware
  132. Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown-Loses 200,000 Subscribers
  133. Apple Staff Make Bid For First Union at US Store
  134. N. Korean Hackers Target Gamers in $615m Crypto Heist
  135. US Lawyer to Sue Social Media Over Childrens Safety
  136. 'Take Them All F***ing Out'-Leaked Russian Commander Orders to Troops
  137. The Spy Who Exposed Israel's Nuclear Weapons
  138. Prince Andrew Uses Banned HRH Title In Instagram Message
  139. Tech Companies Removing Evidence of WAR Crimes?
  140. Russia’s Site-Blocking System Isn’t Performing & Could Collapse
  141. Three Russian Cyber-Attacks The West Fears Most
  142. SECRET UK Govt Unit Returning Fire on Putins’ Weaponised Lies
  143. Multiple Apple Services Suffer Outages
  144. Ukraine: Crowdsourcing is Rescuing People From War Zone
  145. Australia Sues Facebook Over Scam Ads
  146. Bitcoin Cash Machines to be Shut Down in UK
  147. Russia Will Legalize Some Software Piracy to Mitigate Sanctions
  148. Russia Blocks Access to Facebook & Twitter
  149. UK Reveals £6m SECRET Prog For Ukraine Cyber Defence
  150. Russian HACKERS Continue to Affect Many SITES' Servers Across The WORLD
  151. Security Secrets Leaked as Russian Hackers Hit UK Ministry of Defence
  152. Anonymous HITS AGAIN-Russia May Be CUT From Global Internet
  153. Facebook Blacklists OnlyFans’ Rivals
  154. Facebook Lets Ethiopian Vigilantes Incite Ethnic Killing
  155. UK & US - 'Russian Hackers Behind Powerful New Malware'
  156. YouTubers Turned Vicious Criminals
  157. Facebooks' Owner META Sees Biggest Ever Stock Market Loss
  158. US Bans Telecom China Unicom Over spying Concerns
  159. Apple Unveils AirTag Safety Guide Amid Stalker Fears
  160. Prince Andrew Twitter Page Changed to Private Citizen Status
  161. EU Wants Own DNS Resolver to Block Unlawful Traffic
  162. 10 Most Pirated Movies 2022 Updates...
  163. Highest Earning YouTubers of 2021
  164. Major Record Labels Sue Youtube Host Provider
  165. META Sued For £2.3bn-Facebook Users in UK Were Exploited
  166. North Korea Hackers Stole $400m of Cryptocurrency in 2021
  167. Anti-Piracy Outfit Status is Void Due to Unpaid Tax Bills
  168. FBI Arrests Man For Fraudulently Obtaining 100s of Pre-Release Books
  169. Apple Hits $3 TRILLION Market Value
  170. Cyber-Attack on UK’s Defence Academy Caused HUGE Damage
  171. Judge Awards $83 Mill Piracy Damages Against YouTube Rippers
  172. How Much Data The FBI Get From Your Encrypted Apps?
  173. Malaysia Passes Bill to Imprison Pirates For Up To 20 Years
  174. YouTube Blitz Shows Law of Content ID Can Trample Fair Use
  175. US Boss Fires 900 Employees on Single Zoom Call.
  176. Chinese Social Media Giant WEIBO Shares Fall in Debut
  177. Rohingya Sue Facebook For $150bn Re HATE Speech
  178. Facebook DOWN -"Sorry, Something Went Wrong"
  179. Microsoft WARNS Billions of Chrome Users to Stop Using it NOW
  180. META -Facebook Uncovers Chinese Network Behind FAKE Swiss Biologist
  181. Apple Sues Israeli Spyware Firm NSO
  182. Facebook Delays Encryption Plans After Child Abuse
  183. US Investigates How Instagram Targets Children
  184. Pirate Bay Story To Be Turned Into a TV Series
  185. Facebook Scraps Face-Recognition & DELETES Faceprints of 1Bil People
  186. Facebook Changes its Name to Meta
  187. Twitter Lost Half a BILLION Dollars After Lawsuit
  188. Free Download Manager’ Removes YouTube Support
  189. Facebook Earns $9bn Profits Despite Whistleblower Scandal
  190. YouTube Rippers Oppose Worldwide Blocking & Massive Damages
  191. META Lifts TRUMPs' BAN on Facebook & Instagram
  192. EU: Facebook to Hire 10,000 to Work on Metaverse
  193. Steve Jobs’ Model Daughter Won't Get any of Late Dads' Inheritance
  194. Apple Shares DROP on iPhone 13-Computer Chip Shortage-Production Fears
  195. 136 Countries Sign Biden's GLOBAL Tax Reforms to END Tech Giants Havens
  196. WHISTLEBLOWER >Facebook Puts Profit FIRST-Harms Childrens'Mental Health
  197. Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp &TikTok Hit by HUGE Global Outage
  198. CEO of Anti-Piracy Co, Arrested For HIGH TREASON in RUSSIA
  199. Cryptocurrency Hacker Returns $260m
  200. Apple to Scan iPhones For Child Sex Abuse
  201. Rerun Needed in AMAZON Union Fight
  202. URGENT Warning Dont Use Facebook Messenger on iPhone & Android
  203. 2nd Colossal LinkedIn Breach in 3 Mths, All Users Affected
  204. Facebook Tip Solved Cold Case of 58 Years
  205. Facebook Tops $1tn After Judge Dismisses US Lawsuits
  206. Computer Guru McAfee Found DEAD in Prison Cell in Spain
  207. The World is at War-Cyber Terrorists Wreaking Havoc & Costing Billions
  208. HUGE internet Outage Hits Major Sites Across The World
  209. US Reclaims Millions Paid to Russian HACKERS After Attack
  210. Facebook Gangster -The Aussie Cartel.
  211. Twitter May Charge £2=$2.99 Mth Under New Subscription Plan
  212. Movie Tycoon Sues YouTube over Piracy
  213. Bill & Melinda Gates to Divorce After 27 Yrs of Marriage
  214. Google Owner Sees Profits SOAR as Lockdown Continues
  215. Outcry as US P.S. Tracks Social Media Posts
  216. Mark Zuckerberg is Now Coming For Your Children
  217. Arabian Coins Found May Unlock 17th-Century PIRATE Mystery
  218. US Navy Liable for Mass Software Piracy,Court Rules
  219. Most Dangerous HACK in History >SolarWinds
  220. Facebooks' NEWS BAN in Australia Faces International Criticism
  221. Hacker Tries to Poison US City Water Supply With Chemical
  222. Biden to REVOKE Section 230 to STOP Social Media Abuse of Others
  223. Woman Paid $6k on DARK WEB For MURDER of Parents
  224. Apple to Pay $113m to Settle iPhone Case
  225. TRUMP Tweeted a Boycott of GOODYEAR TIRES
  226. Mysterious 'Robin Hood' Hackers Donate Stolen Money
  227. WARNING >PAYPAL Will Steal Your Money
  228. Facebook Deletes QAnon Before US Election
  229. Tech Giant Apple to be Valued at $2tn
  230. Google/YouTube Giving Some Users' Data to Police
  231. FBI Seizes Guns at Home of YouTube Star
  232. Twitter Looking at TikTok Tie-Up...
  233. CEOs Roasted-Amazon/FACEBOOK/Google/Apple-For Abuse of Power
  234. Zuckerberg Moans Apple Has Stranglehold as it Takes 30% Profit Off ALL Purchases
  235. Warning for Twitter Users in Japan Following Supreme Court Ruling
  236. MAJOR US Twitter Acts HACKED in Biggest EVER Security Scam
  237. Amazon Sued For Copyright Infringement on Movies...
  238. Australia Hit by Sophisticated Cyber Attack
  239. Google+ to be Closed After MASSIVE Data Breach on Social Network
  240. Iceland Hit by MASSIVE Cyber Attack
  241. Google Chrome Users Could Get £4,000 Payout...
  242. Alexis Ohanian Resigns From Reddit Board
  243. Google Sued For $5bill >Secretly Amassing Vast Trove of User Data
  244. Apple Whistleblower Goes Public >Massive Collection of Data
  245. Cyber-Spies on The Hunt, UK & US WARN
  246. Britain Under Siege From Scammers-Hackers
  247. Pirated ‘DVD Screeners’ Will be History Next Year
  248. Piracy Tracking Computer Helps to Beat COVID-19
  249. Row Over Pirate Blackbeard's Ship Goes to Supreme Court
  250. Netflix to Lower Streaming to Stop NET From Collapsing During Crisis