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  1. Iceland Volcano Erupts After Days of Earthquake Activity
  2. Kentucky FLOODS: Deaths Rise to 37 -Hundreds Still Missing
  3. MAG 7.2 Earthquake Rocks The Philippines
  4. Life-Threatening Emergency- Thousands Told to Evacuate Sydney
  5. MAG 6.3 Earthquakes Hit Iran: Village Flattened Some Killed
  6. Afghanistan: Deadly Earthquake Kills at Least a Thousand People
  7. Monsoons Hit India & Bangladesh-Dozens Killed Millions Stranded
  8. EARTHQUAKE Hits UK-Frightening Tremor Rocks Homes
  9. MASSIVE Solar Flare Could Hit Earth TODAY Sparking Geomagnetic Storm
  10. Severe Ffooding Hits Spain After Record Rainfall
  11. Brit Father & Son 9, Killed in Australian Mountain Landslide
  12. Tornadoes Hit Texas Leaving Trail of Destruction-Head to Louisiana & Mississippi
  13. 5.1 Mag Earthquake Shakes Parts of Britain
  14. Japan 7.3 Earthquake:Tsunami Warning
  15. The Hell of High Water-Australian Floods Thousands Forced to Evacuate
  16. Sydney Floods: Two Killed and Thousands Forced to Evacuate
  17. RED ALERT: Tornado & Flooding Set to Hit Britain
  18. KILLER Storm Malik Batters UK & Denmark -110,000 W.O. Power
  19. Afghanistan Twin Quakes Kill at Least 22
  20. Thousands Without Power as US & Canada Hit by Winter Storm
  21. Runway Ash Hampers Tonga Tsunami Relief Efforts
  22. Galapagos Islands Volcano Erupts
  23. Wildfires: California McKinney Fire Spreads Rapidly North of State
  24. Philippines Typhoon Disaster: Over 400 DEAD
  25. MAG 6 Earthquake -Southern Alaska
  26. MAG 6.2 Earthquake Near Coast of North California
  27. Canadian Town That Burnt Down in a Day
  28. 7.4 MAG Earthquake Shakes Indonesia
  29. DEADLY Threat to Life Storm BARRA Hits Britain & Ireland-Residents Told Stay at Home
  30. Come Hell -B.C. CANADA Under Water
  31. Devastating Sat Photos-How Planet Has Been Ravaged by Climate Change
  32. TORNADO Hits Britain -Cars Abandoned as Severe Weather Wreaks Havoc
  33. Moon Landing? NO, This is La Palma's Volcano
  34. MAG 6.9 Earthquake HITS Alaska Peninsula
  35. MAG 6.2 Earthquake HITS Hawaii Region
  36. London UK Flooding: Roads & Shops Left Underwater as HUGE Deluge Hits Capital
  37. GHOST STORIES From The 2011 Tsunami
  38. Ghost Town Underwater 64yrs Reappears in Drought
  39. 5.9 MAG Earthquake Rattled S.E. Australia
  40. Volcano ERUPTS in Canary Isls After 1000 Earthquakes
  41. Powerful 7.0 MAG Earthquake Hits Mexico
  42. M6.5 Earthquake - B.C. Canada
  43. No Climate Change EH? >Icebergs Melting /Iceland Volcano AUG 2021
  44. HAITI Earthquake:Tropical Depression Hits-DEATH Toll Climbs
  45. Greece &Turkey are BURNING-APOCALYPTIC-UK Firefighters Sent to HELP Battle Wldfires
  46. Californias’ Largest Wildfire Explodes-Hot Weather Threatens New Blazes
  47. Hawaii Tsunami WARNING After Alaskan 8.1 Earthquake
  48. IPCC-Drought Emergency: France-Worst Drought on Record/ EUROPEs' Prolonged Dryness
  49. Devastating Floods in Europe-DEATH Toll Continues to Rise
  50. Death Valleys' Apocalyptic Heatwave Beats 108Yr Old 57C Record
  51. QUAKES & Powerful Fire Tornado Hits California
  52. B.C.Wildfires Rage Across Western Canada
  53. Canada: Dozens DIE in Heat Shattering Record
  54. Wild Weather & Mouse Plague in Australia Ravages Families
  55. Tornado Rips Through UK Town Leaving Trail of Destruction
  56. Caribbean Volcano ERUPTS -First Time in Decades
  57. 2 Tornados Collide as Severe Weather Slams US
  58. New Zealand Tsunami Warning as 3 Strong Earthquakes Strike
  59. No Excuse:Thousands in Mississippi City W.O.Water Weeks After Storms
  60. Arctic Storm Darcy Blasts Europe & UK
  61. Senator Ted Cruz Goes to Mexico as Texans Freeze with NO Power/Water & Dwindling Food
  62. 6.4 MAG Earthquake Hits Croatia
  63. Tsunami Hits Greece-Turkey After MAG 7 Earthquake
  64. Hurricane Delta Hits Mexico on Course for USA
  65. Wildfires in Arctic Circle & Siberia is Thawing
  66. US West BURNS-TRUMP Fans Flames & Said 'Its Going to Get Colder'
  67. Hurricane Ida: Devastation-Louisiana Residents Begin Clean Up
  68. 700-Mile Wide VORTEX to Hit UK-Met Office Warns
  69. M6 QUAKE Hits California/M7.5 QUAKE Hits Mexico
  70. Climate Crisis-Record-Breaking Heatwave in Siberia
  71. Norway Landslide: Buildings Swept Away in Disaster
  72. Terrifying Waterspout Forms Under Darkened Sky in Italy
  73. HUGE 7.8/6.3/5.8 Quakes & Tsunami Hit New Zealand
  74. 2020 Unusually Active Hurricane Season to Threaten US
  75. 6.5 Earthquake Hits Nevada US
  76. M6.5 Earthquake Hits S.Idaho US
  77. Europe Hit by STRONGEST Earthquakes in 140 Years
  78. Storms Leave UK Looking Like Zombie Apocalypse
  79. Cuba HIT > Mag 7.7 Earthquake
  80. Puerto Rico Quakes are Just Latest in String of What Will Hit The Caribbean
  81. THIRD M6 Earthquake Hits Vancouver Island Canada
  82. New Zealand Volcano Eruption – Latest Updates
  83. 'Toxic' Foam Covers Indian Beach
  84. Deadly 6.4 Mag Earthquake in Europe
  85. Australias' Drought & Storms in The Outback Continue
  86. 230 Flood Warnings & Alerts as Near Biblical Downpours Hit UK
  87. South African Drought is a Warning to The World
  88. Typhoon Hagibis: Japan's Worst Typhoon Will Strengthen Atlantic Storms
  89. CAT 5 Hurricane Lorenzo Hurtles Towards UK & Ireland
  90. Climate Change in Vietnam Destroying Life
  91. M6. Earthquake Between Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic
  92. Hurricane Dorian: Devastation in Bahamas
  93. UK & Australia Battered by Horrendous Storms & Power Cuts
  94. UK >Emergency Evacuation in Town over Severe Flooding & Dam Collapse
  95. Western Australia Hit by 6.6 Mag Earthquake
  96. HUGE Crack in Earth Detected in Satellite Images After Earthquake
  97. HUGE M7.1 & 8 MORE Earthquakes Hit California
  98. M6.2 Earthquake - Canada
  99. June was Hottest Ever Recorded on Earth
  100. Jakarta is Sinking!
  101. Himalayan Glacier Melting Doubled Since 2000
  102. Pacific Island is Sinking Due to Climate Change
  103. Storm Hannah Batters Britain Leaves Thousands Without Power
  104. Apocalyptic Water Tornado Hits City Leaving Buildings in Ruins
  105. M6/M5. 2 Earthquakes -Northern Alaska
  106. Cyclone Idai 'Might be Southern Hemisphere's Worst Disaster'
  107. Deadly Tornadoes Kill at Least 23 in Alabama US
  108. Dangerous 500-Mile-Wide Storm Freya Batters UK
  109. Australian Floods Spread to Great Barrier Reef
  110. More Storms For Sydney as 55 Thousand Homes Remain Without Power
  111. What is a Polar Vortex & How Does it Happen?
  112. UK Snow Travel Warning - Go Home NOW
  113. Niagara Falls Becomes a Frozen Wonderland
  114. WOW > Europe Buried in Worst Snowfall in Decades
  115. Mount Etna Erupts Causing 130 Quakes in Italy
  116. Indonesian Volcano Erupts Causing Tsunami >Many Dead/Missing
  117. Climate-Warming El Niño Very Likely in 2019
  118. Alaska 7.2 Quake Hits Anchorage-Tsunami Warning
  119. Argentina Hit by 6.3-Magnitude Earthquake
  120. Mag 6.6 & 6.8 Earthquakes Hit Vancouver Island Canada
  121. 5.9 Mag Earthquake Rocks Haiti-People Die, Hundreds Injured, Buildings Toppled
  122. Indonesia Tsunami:Cries For Help From Rubble After 7.5 Earthquake
  123. Storm Ali Hits UK & Ireland >Some Die
  124. 6.7 Mag Quake Hits Japan Days After Typhoon Kills Many
  125. 'Apocalyptic Threat': Report Raises Fears for California's Future
  126. Iran is Hit by Series of Earthquakes
  127. Ancient Maya Civilisation was Destroyed by Massive Drought
  128. M7.3 Earthquake - Venezuela
  129. Greek Wildfire Inferno >Death Toll Climbs Above 90
  130. California Wildfires Trail of Terror> WARNING>Toddlers Died
  131. Japan Quake 6.1-Mag Tremor Hits Osaka: School Affected
  132. Lightning Kills Row of Cows in Australia After Storm
  133. UK: Apocalyptic Snow as Storm Emma Collides with Beast from the East
  134. Tsunami Warnings for US/Canada/Alaska after HUGE Earthquakes
  135. Caribbean Hit by Huge 7.6 Mag. Earthquake
  136. Tsunami Waves Reach Vanuatu, South Pacific. After 7.3 MAG Earthquake
  137. US Northwest Could Be Hit by Worst Natural Disaster in History of America
  138. UK To be Battered with 13 More HUGE Storms >Gale-Force Winds & Rain
  139. California Fires Graveyard: Emergency Services Find Ash & Bones of Dead
  140. New Zealand Hit by Strong 6.1 Mag Quake Hrs After Mexico City's 7.1 Quake
  141. VIDEOS:8.1 Earthquake Hits Mexico>Sparking 12ft Tsunami
  142. Italian Earthquake >Baby & 2 Children Rescued From Rubble
  143. Cloud That Looks Like 'Hand of God' Smashing Brazil
  144. Aftermath of Disaster >Sierra Leone Death Toll Now 450
  145. Massive Winter Storm to Hit Australia >Freezing Rain/100km.h Winds/Huge Snow Dumps
  146. Strong 6.7 Earthquake Hits Turkey & Greece>Tsunami Followed
  147. Receding Glacier Causes Immense Canadian River to Vanish
  148. Australia's Heat wave continues!!
  149. Avalanche >Italian Hotel Buried Under Snow-38 Missing/Dead
  150. Deadly Cold Front Entering Lower 48 from Alaska
  151. Powerful 7.4. Earthquake Hits Japan & Tsunami WARNINGs
  152. New Zealand 7.8. Earthquake & Tsunami Alert
  153. VIDEOs-NEW Massive 6.6 Earthquake Hits Italy >Many Missing
  154. PhOtOs-WORLD MEGA Earthquake Coming?>Warns Top Scientist
  155. M6 Earthquake - ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA REG
  156. World Tsunami WARNING as HUGE 8.1 Earthquake Hits Indonesia
  157. PhOtOs>Ferocious Cyclone Hits Fiji-Wind Speeds 177mph
  158. VIDEO>No Rain Causes Tumbleweed Havoc in Australia
  159. VJDEOs/PhOtOs>Taiwan 6.4 Earthquake-158 People Still Trapped
  160. PhOtOs- Severe Storm Henry Hits UK & Europe
  161. M7.1 Earthquake in ALASKA
  162. No Christmas For Many >DEVASTATION in UK/Australia/US
  163. Australian Massive Cyber Attack on Weather Bureau
  164. Storm Barney Batters UK >Thousands W.O. Power
  165. El Nino Causing Drought/Earthquakes/Cyclones/Crazy Weather
  166. VIDEOs/PhOtOs -Deadly 7.5 Earthquake Hits Asia.
  167. Magnitude-6.6 Earthquake Hits Indonesia
  168. VIDEO-Massive Landslide >Many Trapped Under Tonnes of Earth
  169. PhOtOs-Thousands Flee in California >Wildfire DOUBLES
  170. PhOtOs -Britain Hit by Severe Weather Warning>50mph Gales
  171. M6.4 Earthquake - BARBADOS REGION
  172. Massive Earthquakes and Tsunamis Now Confirmed
  173. PhOtOs -SUPER Typhoon Chan-hom Leaves Thousands Stranded
  174. PhOtOs -Aussies Trapped in Bali's Ash Cloud HELL
  175. VIDEO-TerrifyingTornado Hits Venice in Italy
  176. PhOtOs-Freak Tornadoes Strike Across Britain
  177. 2 ALASKAN Earthquakes Today=M6.8 + M7.0
  178. VIDEO-Typhoon Noul Causes Deaths in Philippines
  179. VIDEOs/PhOtOs-US Tornados Cause Deaths/Devastation
  180. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Nepal NEW 7.3 Quake +US Helicopter is Missing
  181. 6.1 Earthquake in CANADA
  182. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Apocalypse?-Chile Volcano Erupts 1st Time in 40Yrs
  183. VIDEO-US in Path of Deadly Tsunami +Earthquake Hits LA
  184. First Deaths Confirmed>Cyclone Pam Roars Over Vanuatu-Worst in History
  185. 94 Million Americans Say: 'Enough With Winter, Already'
  186. VIDEOs-Chile Volcano Erupts-Thousands Evacuated
  187. PhOtOs-Nightmare Freeze Continues in US-Storm SPARTA
  188. VIDEO-Canada's Nightmare SnowStorms/Blizzards
  189. Winter Storm Octavia: 5 Dead, Hundreds of Thousands Without Power
  190. VIDEO-Sandstorm Engulfs Arabia>Huge Waves/Pollutes Air-Many Rescued
  191. 3 Mondays, 3 Straight Snowstorms Bury the Northeast
  192. Northeast Snowstorm Could Last For Days
  193. New England Slammed as Powerful Storm Churns North
  194. PhOtOs-'Historic' Storm Prepares to Slam N.E.USA
  195. More Winter Weather Ahead After Deadly Storm
  196. VIDEO-NASA Scientist Predicts Food Riots, Mass Deaths
  197. Polar Vortex Freezes US East While the World Bakes
  198. Brutal Cold Will Chill 70% of the U.S.
  199. VIDEOs/PhOtOs-New Bush Fires in Australia-7 Firefighters Hurt
  200. Storm Kills at Least 2, Strands Motorists; Southern California Gets Rare Snow
  201. Strong Arctic Blast Will Hit The US on New Year's Eve
  202. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Malaysia-Disaster Flooding>Worst in History
  203. VIDEO-Western Australia Bushfires Threaten Homes
  204. Study: Offshore Fault Where The 'Big One' Originates Eerily Quiet
  205. VIDEOs-Typhoon Hagupit Slams Islands>1 Mill+ Evacuated=Aid Agencies Move in
  206. PhOtOs-Volcano Erupts in Japan-Delays Asteroid Probe
  207. PhOtOs-Horrendous Blizzards Trap Hundreds-Some Die
  208. PhOtOs-Severe Floods in Italy/France Cause Deaths
  209. PhOtOs-Massive Mud Slide in Sri Lanka-Many Dead/Missing
  210. PhOtOs=Lava Threatens Hawiian Village
  211. Chemtrails – Orchestrated Weather Modification Now Gone Terribly Wrong.
  212. Nepal Blizzard/Avalanche-Death Toll Rises-Many Missing
  213. Incredible Photos of Lightning
  214. PhOtOs/VIDEOs-Japan Volcano Erupts-Kills Many
  215. PhOtOs-Billionaires Homes Destroyed by HUGE Waves in US
  216. PhOtOs-South Asia Flooding Kills Hundreds-Many Missing
  217. 6.4 Earthquake Hits Chile
  218. 6.1 Earthquake Hits California
  219. PhOtOs-Icelands 2000 Earthquakes>Volcano May Erupt=Evacuations .
  220. PhOtOs-Who Invited Hurricane Bertha to Our Wedding?
  221. PhOtOs- Aftermath of China's 6.1 Earthquake
  222. PhOtOs -Typhoon Slams into Philippines
  223. Typhoon Neoguri: Strongest So Far in 2014
  224. Incredible PhOtOs-HUGE Supercell Storm Hits US
  225. US State of Emergency=Apocalyptic Storms/Floods/Tornedos
  226. VIDEO-Landslide in Afganistan Kills Thousands
  227. Rains Too Much Even for Weather-Toughened Gulf Coast
  228. 'Chaos' Reigns as Deadly Tornadoes Slam Several States
  229. Powerful 7.2 Earthquake In Mexico
  230. Severe SnowStorm Hits N.E/WI-Great Lakes Freeze
  231. VIDEOs-Massive 8.2 Earthquake & Tsunami Hits Chile
  232. 7.5/5.1/4.1 Quakes on California Fault could Kill Many/Cost $Billions
  233. Top 7 Coldest Cities in March for Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, Northern New England
  234. Snow Expected For Northeast; Blizzard Conditions Possible
  235. 4.4. Earthquake Hits L.A. California, USA
  236. 6.9 Earthquake Hits CALIFORNIA, USA
  237. Great Lakes Mostly Frozen, Nearing Record Coverage
  238. Earthquake M6.7 - EAST OF MARTINIQUE
  239. The Coldest City In The World
  240. Not Done Yet: Winter Storm Takes Aim at Northeast
  241. Southeast Shivers, Slides Under Winter Storm
  242. More Than 1,000 Flights Canceled as Winter Storm Takes Aim at South
  243. More Snow, Cold For Midwest, Northeast
  244. Snow, Ice Could Turn Deep South into Big Slip & Slide
  245. Eastern Half of the United States Will be An Icebox
  246. New Zealand Rattled by 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake
  247. Record Highs in California as Drought Worsens
  248. 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Cuba
  249. Stunning Pics-Polar Voltex Freezes Niagra Falls
  250. Canada Frost Quakes Sound like Explosions