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  1. WOW-Man Strips Tries to Start Fire & Threatens to Kill Passengers on 11-Hr Flight
  2. Britain Makes History AGAIN-1st Flight Using COOKING OIL Flies From London to US
  3. Who‘s Robbing Millions From Bank of Canada? -$1.1Bil Identified in Frauds
  4. King Charles & His Consort Secretly Profiting From Assets of Dead Citizens
  5. Pilot Banned From Flying For Decapitating Skydiver
  6. US Carries Out Airstrikes Iran-Linked Sites in Syria For Third Time
  7. EU Launches First-EVER Rapid Military Deployment & Global Security Defense Provider
  8. 55 Chinese Sailors Dead After Sub Caught in Ambush TRAP For US & UK Vessels
  9. The Dark Side -Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Exploited Men For Sex
  10. Turkey Carries Out Air Strikes in North Iraq After Ankara Terrorist Attack
  11. DISASTEROUS Fire at Wedding Kills Over 100 & Injures 150
  12. MASS SHOOTING in Rotterdam -Number of People Killed
  13. Five Bulgarians Arrested in UK Accused of Spying For Russia
  14. Rogue Russian Jet Pilot Tried to Shoot Down RAF Plane by Firing Two Missiles
  15. UK Air Traffic Control DOWN Yesterday -CHAOS Continues Into 2nd Day
  16. ANOTHER v-22 Osprey Helicopter Crashes In Australia-20 US Marines-NO Fatalities
  17. Superyacht Bursts Into Flames as Passengers & Crew Flee For Their Lives
  18. Woman Arrested in Russian Plot to KILL Ukrainian President Zelensky
  19. WOW Ukraines' DEADLIEST Female Sniper-Lady Death -Russians Call Her The Punisher
  20. HORROR: Outrage as Naked Women Paraded Through Crowd of Groping Men
  21. INDO PACIFIC 12 Members Trade Deal: Britain Signs Historic £12 TRIL Deal W.O.US
  22. China; Six Dead, Including Three Children in Kindergarten Stabbing
  23. ELONROAD: Sweden Designs Electric Roads to RECHARGE Vehicles as They Move
  24. The Original SAS (SAS ROGUE Heroes) -MUST Watch
  25. Dmitry Mishov-Russian Airman Who Defected, Talks to The BBC
  26. 280 Dead and at Least 800 Injured in Indian Train Crash
  27. Police Open Fire as Man RAMS Car Through Gates of Vatican
  28. Israel BOMBS Lebanon and Gaza Strip After Biggest Rocket Salvo Since 2006
  29. The Guardian NEWSPAPERs' Historical Links to Slavery
  30. Migrants Start Fire at Mexico Detention Center as Protest Against Deportation-40 DEAD
  31. Iran Test Launched Ballistic Missile With Potential 2,000km Range
  32. Gangs Sow Terror in Brazil Cities-Police Seized Firearms Explosive Devices & Drugs
  33. Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: Affects Tech Startups & ALL Banks
  34. NO PUTIN In Georgia-Thousands Protest Against Foreign Agent Bill
  35. Laughing Gas The New Drug CRAZE & So Easy to Buy
  36. Carnage After Trains Collide Near Greek City
  37. Mexicos' Ex-Security Minister Convicted of Drug Trafficking by US
  38. Australian Mining Giant Lost Radioactive Capsule-Now Found
  39. Japan Hunts For Person Who Sent Bomb Threats to Schools
  40. HORRIFIC WW2 Execution of an American General by Japanese
  41. Antwerp -The Port Flooding Europe With Cocaine
  42. India & China Troops Clash on Arunachal Pradesh Border
  43. UK Italy & Japan Collaborate to Develope New Fighter Jet That Uses Artificial Intel
  44. World War Two HERO DAMBUSTER Dies at 101yrs
  45. Canada Helping China Hunt For Fugitives & SECRET Chinese Police OPS
  46. Tanzanian Plane Crashes i9 People.DEAD
  47. Imran Khan: Pakistans' Supreme Court Rules Arrest Was ILLEGAL
  48. Brazil Politician Throws Grenades at Police in Rio de Janeiro
  49. MASS Shooting: Ex-Police Officer Kills 37+ in Thailand Pre-School
  50. Can People Smugglers Be Stopped?
  51. 10 Prisoners of WAR FREED by Putin After Saudis & PM Liz Mediation
  52. Xi and Putin to Discuss Ukraine WAR at Meeting
  53. Woman Condemned to Hang Has Heart Attack Watching 16 Executed Before Her
  54. Malaysian Businessman Linked to US Navy Scandal Escapes
  55. Canada MASS Stabbings: Second Suspect Died After Arrest
  56. Hijacker Who Threatened to Crash US Plane -Arrested
  57. Chinas' Torture of Uyghur Community Constitute Crimes Against Humanity
  58. WW2: BRUTAL Executions Of 30 Captured SAS That Americans Failed to Relieve
  59. The Cold WAR Peacemaker Gorbachev Has Died
  60. 1300mph Supersonic Jet May Go Anywhere in World in 4 Hrs
  61. Rescue For Trapped Mexico Miners Could Take a Year
  62. New Zulu King Crowned in South Africa
  63. Woman Whose Accusation Led to Lynching Will Not Be Charged
  64. Iraq: Protesters Storm Baghdad Parliament
  65. MASS Shooting at Philippines University Graduation
  66. Cargo Plane Carrying 11 Tonnes of Weapons Crashes in Greece
  67. Mexican Navy Arrested Drug Lord For Killing US Agent
  68. Sri Lanka President Flees Country on Miltary Jet
  69. Submarine & Underwater Drones Used to Smuggle Drugs
  70. Australia Could Face First Military Threat Since World WAR II
  71. 46 Migrants Found Dead in Abandoned TexanTruck
  72. G7 Summit: Leaders Detail $600bn Plan to Rival China's Belt & Road Initiative
  73. UN Whistleblowing Sexual Abuse Complaints Dismissed
  74. Life After Guantanamo: 'We Are Still in Jail'
  75. MI5 Agent Used Secret Status to Terrorise Girlfriend
  76. Indian Dr.in UK Ran TERROR Group Behind Bombings & Executions
  77. The Killing Fields of Cape Town
  78. Colombias Most Dangerous Drug Kingpin Extradited to US
  79. Plane Crashes Into English Channel-No Occupants Found
  80. China: Boeing 737 Carrying 132 People Crashes into Mountains
  81. Banking Crisis: Emergency Rescue of Credit Suisse/Banks Boost Flow of USD
  82. US Citizens to be Evacuated From Taiwan as Tensions Grow With China
  83. RAF Fighter Jets Scrambled AGAIN to Stop Russian Plane Flying Near Royal Navy Ships
  84. UK Govt Tries to Gag BBC on Spycatcher Affair
  85. Govt Tries to Gag BBC on Spycatcher Affair
  86. Worlds' Richest Mens' Wealth Doubled in Pandemic
  87. Baby Declared DEAD by Doc Found ALIVE & in Forest With Worms Crawling Over Her.
  88. Strip WAR CRIMINAL Blair of Knighthood-Petition Passes 1 Mil Signatures
  89. HUGE Explosion After Learjet 35A Crashed Killing All on Board
  90. Blenheim Palace -The Great WAR House Covered Shocking Secret
  91. Myanmar Mine Disaster: At Least 1OO DEAD, 70 Missing
  92. Dubai Leader-Sheikh Mohammed Forced to Pay Ex-Wife £554 MIL
  93. Australian Adviser to Suu Kyi Gets Three Years Jail in Myanmar
  94. Manager Disappears With $313m From Chinese Builder
  95. US GUN Attacks Become Deadlier-Compare Gun Culture With Other Countries
  96. CHINA Plans to EXIT App Giant From US Stock Market
  97. Barbados Becomes Republic-Cuts Ties With The Queen
  98. Vicious African Tyrant Living in Luxury While His People Starve
  99. Russian Coal Mine Disaster: Death Toll Soars to 52
  100. Europe on RED Alert: Britain Sends MORE Troops to Polish Border to Reinforce Frontier
  101. Astronauts Discuss Evacuation After Russian Missile Fiasco
  102. Complicated Launching of a Nuclear Missile
  103. HORROR-Man Dressed as JOKER Stabs 10 People in Acid Attack
  104. While the Rest of Us Die-Secrets of US Shadow Govt/Hidden Underground Cities
  105. Pres. Biden Opens US to Vaccinated Travellers
  106. Worlds' Most Wanted Drug Lord Captured
  107. FATE of Russian Inmate Who Leaked Torture Videos
  108. Wales May Become independent From UK
  109. Belarus: Minsk Expels French Ambassador
  110. DRUG Smuggling Gran Dies in Agony in Portuguese Prison >£1m of Cocaine
  111. Global Markets Crash is Coming.....
  112. PANDORA PAPERS:GREED/CORRUPTION/POWER & Secret Wealth of World Leaders Exposed
  113. Candidate Villavicencio Shot Dead in Ecuadors' Presidential Election
  114. 9/11: Al Qaeda 'Plot' Was an FBI SCAM-7 Innocent Black Men Were JAILED
  115. Descendants of Cortés’ Allies Defend Toppling AZTEC Empire
  116. Saudi Prince v SPY-INTEL Official Accuses Him of Multiple Murders/Kidnappings
  117. PEGASUS Project -US ALLIES' Officials Among Targets of NSO Malware
  118. MSoft Exec Reveals SECRECY Orders From US Govt Investigators
  119. Boeing 737 Plane Crashes in Hawaii : Plunges into Ocean After Engine Trouble
  120. Hostile Foreign Govts Weapon Targeting U.S Diplomats' Brains?
  121. Lords' Daughter-in-Law With Blood on Hands Arrested After Top Cop Shot Dead
  122. 5th Day-WAR Escalates- Israel Ground Forces Join Attack
  123. German BOYS That Helped The West WIN WWII
  124. If Killer Had Been Kept in Australia My Daughter Would be Alive
  125. UKs' Biggest Supergrass Hunted For Life After 29 Gangland Villains Jailed
  126. Shocking Secrets of WAR Crimes by Australiamn Military
  127. Google Maps Captures Freshly Buried Bodies in Chilling Shot
  128. Putins KILL Llist-Russian Diplomats Expulsed From UK After Salisbury Spy Attack.
  129. Chinas' SECRET Trial of Canadian "SPY"
  130. The 'Saudi Prince' Who was an Orphan From Columbia
  131. Canada Classes Trumps' Proud Boys as Terrorist Entity
  132. Jewish Man Leaves £2m to Village That Saved Him From Nazis as a Child
  133. TRUMPS' Final PETTY Act to Pres Biden -He Cancelled White House Staff
  134. Cuba Protesters Jailed For Up to 25 Years
  135. Plane Crashes Into Sea-60 People on Board
  136. Extraterrestrial Encounters Reported by Russian Military
  137. The Biggest HACK of the US Government in Years
  138. China Spying on Americans via Caribbean Phone Networks
  139. Aussies Squeezed OFF Island by Chinese Developer
  140. CIA Removes Vienna Boss Over Havana Syndrome
  141. Australian Women Abused at Qatar Airport Hell
  142. American Man to Lead Titanic Expeditions Next Year
  143. Mystery as Unmanned SPY Ship Washes Up Off UK
  144. PUTINs' POISONED ENEMY Jail Term Extended by 19ys-TRUMP Defended PUTIN
  145. Come On Sleepy Joe!!!
  146. Legionella Bacteria Found in Water Supply at UK MoD
  147. Why The Australian SAS is Facing a Crisis
  148. Woman Killed by SAS Husband -Fed to Pigs?
  149. Inside The Bruderhof-Secret Community
  150. Britain Plunges Into RECORD Recession-World's Worst-Hit Major Economy
  151. The White Widow Terrorist Splits From 4th Husband & Flees
  152. Bikers Going to South Dakota Rally BLOCKED at Tribal Land Checkpoints
  153. Air India Plane Crashes-Breaks up on Landing Killing 14 Including Pilot
  154. Apocalyptic Catastrophic Scenes in Beirut, Lebanon After Explosion
  155. Horrifying-Mums' Body Found Without Hair & Eyes
  156. Is Putin Sick - With COVID?
  157. Battle Lines Drawn as UK & Australia Negotiate Free Trade Agreement
  158. Biggest EVER UK GLOBAL OP Find SECRET Torture Chamber/Drugs/Guns
  159. EU May BAN US Travellers Due to HIGH Infection Rates-Welcomes Others-Inc.China
  160. Russia Holds WW2 Victory Parade 75 Years After Defeating NAZIS
  161. Michelle Obama:From Working-Class of Chicago to White House
  162. The lying about Donald Trump is now completely out of control
  163. Merkel Pulls Out of G7-Trump Postpones it to Change Invitation List
  164. Man Claims He Found Entrance to Underground Alien Base
  165. SAS Soldiers Deploy Into Enemy Territory
  166. China Backs Ireland's Request for COVID-19 Investigation at WHA
  167. Japan/China/S.Korea Second Wave WARNING as COVID-19 Cases Jump
  168. US 2nd Great Depression-Needs $3TRIL /UK Worst Crisis in 300 yrs
  169. VE Day 75yrs Around The World & UK Military Wives CHOIRS
  170. US Mercenary Claims He was Ordered by TRUMP to Abduct Venezuela's Maduro
  171. Plandemic Part 1 (720p)
  172. Shocking Images Show Prisoners Crammed In Jail During COVID-19 Lockdown
  173. Chinas' Torture Camps & Forced Organ Harvesting
  174. 10 Strangest Stories From WW1
  175. Spy Wars:The Man Who Saved the World (FULL Video)
  176. US Senators Dumped Millions in Stocks BEFORE Corovirus was Announced
  177. Coronavirus Predicted in 2008>TRUMP Ignores 1918 Pandemic That Killed Millions
  178. Pilots WARNING >Toxic Gases Harming Passengers & Crew
  179. Executed For Their Organs >A Modern Day Genocide
  180. Hell to Pay:The Martensville Satanic Sex Scandal
  181. Navigating Through A Desert Of Bombs On The Front Line
  182. Secret Heroes of Borneo's Prisoner of War Camp
  183. Pleas for Help in Charity Cards Packed by Chinese Prison Slaves
  184. NZ Man Who Killed Brit Girl Backpacker Googled For Flesh Eating Birds
  185. The ORIGINAL SAS of The World >1 Hero Finally Talks
  186. Iraq ERUPTS as Mass Unrest Descends into Violence
  187. 14 Police Killed in Mexico Cartel Ambush
  188. Declassified: Cuba: Traitor on The Inside
  189. Baby Kidnapped And Held Hostage In Mexico
  190. 600,000 Holidaymakers Stranded as World's Oldest Travel Co. Collapses
  191. Royal Navy Warship Points Guns at Iranian Boats
  192. Kim Jong-un Preps for Dialogue & Confrontation With US
  193. World's Largest Plane' Takes to The Air
  194. SAS/SBS/MI6 Ordered to STOP Russian Meddling Around The World
  195. Rescued Migrants Hijack Merchant Ship off Libya
  196. How Hungary Deals With Illegal Migrants>Locking Them Up In Shipping Containers
  197. ‘Jihadi Jack’ Parents Finally Talk
  198. US Coast Guard Officer Arrested in Mass Murder Plot
  199. US Secretly Moving Special Forces Closer to Venezuela
  200. Haiti's Missing Billions >People Short of Food and Drinking Water
  201. Pope Admits Nuns Were Kept as Sex Slaves in The Catholic Church
  202. Canadian Ghost Immigrants Scam by Sunny Wang>Pay for Illegal Citizenship
  203. Fireball Over New Zealand was Russian Satellite
  204. Ukraine Votes to Introduce Martial Law After Clash With Russia
  205. Putin is Now Trying to CONTROL Interpol
  206. UK Invents Computer to Unlock Secrets of the Mind
  207. Royal Navy Sent to Protect Jersey From French Fishing Pirates
  208. Chinese Ship Dangerously Close to Collision With US Destroyer
  209. The Black Panthers Still in Prison After 46 years >W
  210. VIDEO >9/11 HIDDEN Codes in The Bone Collector
  211. Terrorist Crashes Car into UK Parliament
  212. Stephen Hawking Has Died After 55 Years of Suffering of Motor Neurone Disease
  213. Seoul Warns China After Military Plane Skirts S.Korean Air Space
  214. VIDEO: Secret Pigeons Helped Britain Win World War 2
  215. Alert: Eyes on Damascus
  216. Hurricane Irma:US Disaster Relief Fund To Run Out of Cash by Friday
  217. Wreck of USS Indianapolis Found on Sea Bed >72yrs After Being Sunk by Japanese
  218. al-Qaeda Teaches Followers to DERAIL Trains Causing MASS MURDER
  219. WWI: Network of Tunnels/Miles of Trenches Found>Where Tommies Secretly Trained
  220. Dubai's Record-Breaking 1,100ft Tower >Now Towering Inferno >Full of Expats
  221. Australian Police Thwart Terror Plot to BLOW UP Plane
  222. VIDEO/PHOTOs:World's 'Most Useless Airport' Finally Gets Scheduled Flight
  223. TERROR >9/11 Survivors Urge UK PM to Release Saudi Arabia Terror Report
  224. Australian Film-Maker Charged with Espionage in Cambodia
  225. SAS Soldier's Secret Evidence on Torture Resistance Accidentally Released
  226. Australian Woman in Colombian Jail For Trafficking 5.8kg of Cocaine
  227. Marine UNJUSTLY Convicted of Murdering Taliban Has Conviction Reduced to Manslaughter
  228. PhOtOs-US Could Become 'Associate Member' of The Commonwealth
  229. IDF strikes near Damascus
  230. Hitler's Secret 'Treasure Hunter' Arctic Base Found by Russian Scientists
  231. Robert F. Kennedy Believed JFK was Killed Because of Him
  232. PhOtOs-Lost Interviews Reveal Kennedy Clan Secrets
  233. Panama Papers>HUGE Leak Reveals World's Elite's Tax Havens
  234. EX Leader Karadzic-GUILTY of Genocide>Sentenced to 40yrs in Prison.
  235. Europe Closer to Using Nuclear Weapons Since Cold War>Warns Ex-Russian Minister
  236. VIDEOs >Deadly Terror Attack on Beach Resort in Ivory Coast
  237. VIDEOs-Auschwitz Death Camp Price Fixing >Arrests Made
  238. Appeal to Free Kidnapped Australians
  239. Blaze Engulfs Dubai - World's Tallest Skyscraper
  240. PhOtOs-Australia Helps Stressed Santa This Christmas
  241. VIDEO-US B52 Bomber/Ships Spy on China >Beijing Re-Acts
  242. VIDEOs-WAR? Russia Fires at Turkish Ship >After Russian Jet Downed
  243. PhOtOs-Columbus Did NOT Bring Syphilis to Europe
  244. Hundreds of women locked in cages
  245. PhOtOs >China President in Multi Billion £ Deal With UK >US Upset?
  246. Obama Won't Back Down After Chinese Threat
  247. China Joins Russia In Syria Air Raids
  248. VIDEOs >Russia Starts Bomb Attacks on Syria
  249. PhOtO -Tiger Kills Woman ZooKeeper in New Zealand
  250. China Dumps US Debt Holdings