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Update PhOtOs-Who Invited Hurricane Bertha to Our Wedding?

Who Invited Bertha? Wedding Descends From Perfect Day into Stormy Chaos as Tail-End of Hurricane
-That Battered the Caribbean -Causes Flooding During Ceremony

Daily Mail UK, 11 August 2014

As the old saying goes, it's not about waiting for the storm to pass.
And for Katy Lomas and her groom Richard Owen, that adage really hit home - when they spent their wedding day literally dancing in the rain.

The newly-weds, from Sheffield, were walking down the aisle in the conservatory at Wentworth Castle, Barnsley, when the tail-end of ex-hurricane Bertha, which had swept in from across the Atlantic, brought rain pelting down on the venue roof.

Not only was the torrential downpour enough to drown out the couple's voices as they exchanged vows, but it also proved too much for the conservatory roof - which started leaking.

Scroll down for video

The calm before the storm:
Katy Lomas, 28, and Richard Owen, 34, both from Sheffield, arranged their wedding at Wentworth Castle, Barnsley

The ceremony was due to take place in a conservatory on the estate, while the
reception, including a sit-down meal which was set up in a £6,000 tipi on the site, pictured above

Around 100 guests were invited along to the celebration, to watch the couple, who
have been together for two years, tie the knot in beautiful surroundings

But, during the ceremony, drops of rain started to fall on the conservatory roof,
-as Britain was hit by weather from the tail end of ex-Hurricane Bertha

Soon, the heavens opened and the torrential rain started hammering down on the conservatory roof.
Not only did it drown out the couple who were saying their vows, but the rain soon proved too much for the building to handle

Katy and Richard's Tipi Unique Stormy Wedding Day:

Katy Lomas, 28 and her husband Richard Owen, 34, from Sheffield, were walking down the aisle in the conservatory
at Wentworth Castle, Barnsley, when rain from the tail-end of the Atlantic storm started pelting down on the roof.

Not only did the torrential downpour drown out the couple's voices as they exchanged vows, but it also proved too much for the conservatory roof - which started leaking. If that wasn't enough, the couple realised their reception venue - a £6,000 tipi which was set up for a lavish sit-down dinner - was completely flooded. But, with a bit of old-fashioned British stoicism, guests banded together to ensure the day could go ahead as planned.

Within seconds, the rain was pouring down through the roof - and guests were soon stood in a foot of water.
If that wasn't enough, the couple soon realised that their reception venue - a £6,000 tipi which was set up for a lavish sit-down dinner - was completely flooded.

But, with a bit of old-fashioned British stoicism, guests banded together to ensure the day could go ahead as planned.
Shunning their shoes, hitching up their dresses and braving the storm, family, friends and staff moved the entire reception back into the conservatory for a magical day - with these incredible photos as the result.

Hours later, the drenched couple ended the night dancing bare-foot in the rain, surrounded by their loved ones.

Katy said that, as the rain started to fall, accompanied by strong gusts of winds, she started to worry about what the rest of the day would entail

Suddenly, the heavy rain caused a leak in the conservatory, and water flooded into the
room. Shrieking guests were soon left standing in a foot of flood water

Katy - still with a smile on her face - did not worry too much, because she knew they
could leave the conservatory and go and enjoy the their reception in the nearby tipi

Their photographer Jon Dennis soon revealed that the tipi had been completely flooded -and was also covered in at least a foot of water

Bertha had swept across the north of England, bringing with it strong winds which knocked over their flower pots,
-shattered their candle holders and ruined the entire set up of the couple's reception

The rain kept on coming and showed no signs of easing up. The couple realised the weather would not change
-and so they just had to make the most of it

Katy, an architect, said: 'I look back on those photo now and I would not change a thing. Of course, we would always have remembered the day regardless of what happened - but the pictures and the weather and everything about it just means no-one will ever forget this day. It was perfect.'

The day began as usual, with the bridal party getting ready at Katy's house, taking hours over their hair, make-up and outfits.

The weather even looked as though it might hold up, despite forecasters warning that the storm from across the Atlantic was heading towards Britain.
But, as the couple started walking down the aisle, the heavens opened. Soon, the rain was so loud on the glass roof that guests could not hear the pair saying their vows.

But that was the least of their concerns - as they realised moments later that the rain had caused a crack in the roof.

Richard, a primary school teacher, said: 'We were just stood laughing about the rain and then we saw the roof was leaking. Soon, our guests were drenched. We could not believe it.'

The groom took to the floor to announce to guests that the reception was being moved - back into the leaking conservatory.
Luckily, hardworking staff at the venue managed to patch up the leak so it could be used

Family, friends and staff quickly got to work, rallying around to ensure the reception could continue
-despite a frightening storm whipping up outside

As the rain relentlessly came down, some guests even took to taking off their shoes and socks to cope with the flood water

Meanwhile, the rain grew heavier and soon, the thought of having the reception in the tipi was a distant memory.
Katy said she was so relieved that the reception was able to be held in the conservatory that she forgot all about the rain

Soon, guests started to embrace the weather, with many wading bare-feet through the flooding.
Richard said: 'We knew the weather wasn't going anywhere - so we had to embrace it'

Staff at the venue were soaked to the bone as they shuffled the entire reception set up from the flooded tipi to the conservatory
- but it did stop them sharing Katy and Richard's happiness

Staff pulled out all the stops to make sure the wedding could continue - even moving
the entire bar from one room to another, as they waded through the flood

All the tables - complete with table settings and table decorations - were moved from the tipi to the conservatory.
Some were lucky enough to have wellies with them pictured above

For some couples, it would have been enough to ruin the entire day. But, helped by the staff, Katy and Richard took it all in their stride.

Speaking from Oman, where the couple are now on holiday, Richard told MailOnline: 'We had got the weather and of course, we could not really change it. We knew it wasn't going anywhere - so we just got on with it. It was the only thing we could have done.
'It actually made the day everything it should have been and more. A lot of people have said our wedding takes you back to what weddings are all about.
'It's not about the perfect venue and the perfect flowers, or even the perfect weather. It's about Katy and I getting married - and that's what we did.'

As the rain continued, the photographer, Jon Dennis, began to realise he was part of something special.
Katy said: 'He was running around as the rain was falling, getting so excited about how it looked. He kept saying: "I think this will go viral". It has definitely surprised me how much people seem to like the photos - I had no idea how good they would be.'

Katy admits there was a part of her that was anxious when the weather took a turn for the worse.

The tables had been set up hours before the storm arrived, including with candles, favours and other table decorations
- but they all had to be shifted

Two men had to carefully lift the wedding cake from the flooded tipi,
-through the pouring rain and into the safety of the previously-leaking conservatory

Stoic bar staff and caterers ploughed through the puddles to ensure guests got their food and drink.
-The caterers even had to prepare the food in front of the guests

The bar was moved from the flooded tipi to the conservatory. A cheer echoed around the
room when Katy's father was served the first pint of beer, after the chaos of reorganising the venue

The 100 guests were treated to a sit-down meal in the conservatory as the heavy rain poured down onto the roof above them.
Katy said: 'I think I thanked the staff 40,000 times'

She said: 'I had a moment where I just thought everything would go wrong. Just as we finished the ceremony, the roof was seriously leaking and all the seats were getting ruined. The guests were getting wet.

'I was thinking "oh no, what are we going to do?" But I can't believe it - they managed to fix the roof of the conservatory and we just moved everything there. I was so pleased we had got it sorted, I just forgot about the rain.'

As soon as the roof was fixed, the staff - who were soaked to the bone - began moving the chairs, table and place mats from the flooded tipi, through the torrential rain and into the safety of the conservatory.
They even had to shift the wedding cake and the entire bar form one room to the next.

Katy said: 'The staff were just amazing. I think I said thank you about 40,000 times. They couldn't have done more.'

After more than an hour of rearranging the venue, Katy's father went up for the first pint of beer at the newly-created bar, which was met with a loud cheer from the guests.

It might have been a torrential storm - but Katy and Richard were still smiling throughout their special day

The couple, who are now on their honeymoon in Oman, said they would not have changed the day for anything
- and that the horrendous weather actually helped to make the day more special

The rain did not stop the musicians from performing at the wedding after party
- which caused some of the guests to come outside and dance

The photographer, who said he had never seen conditions like that despite photographing 250 weddings,
-knew the rain would make for incredible images - and encouraged the pair to take a dance outside

It wasn't the most conventional first dance... but the couple kicked their feet in unison as they danced together in the rain

Richard said: 'We were faced with it and had to react on the spot. But the caterers, the venue and everyone just leapt into action.
'There were no wellies available so it was a case of rolling up trouser legs, ladies picking up the bottom of the dresses, shoes being flung here there and everywhere.
'Everyone was lifting tables, carrying them into the conservatory. Even the cake came through on a wobbly table.'

The caterers got to work, preparing the couple's three-course meal in front of guests. But there were further complications when the electricity went out, cutting off the DJ - which provided nother chance for the photographer to take some incredible photos.

Richard said: 'The photographer could clearly see that something special was developing. At the end, he said: "Come on let's get some photos. Shoes off, socks off".
'So we went outside and just embraced it. We went out into the rain, and we were just paddling around having a great time. It's not exactly what we expected on our wedding day. Soon the bridesmaids had joined in too.

'I think the guests were concerned for us to start with, but when they saw we had embraced it, they did the same.'

They must have been standing in inches of water - but it didn't stop the pair sharing
a moment together as the blue skies started to appear above them

Soon, the bridesmaids wanted in on the action and were jumping bare-foot in the muddy water outside the flooded tipi.
Richard said Katy's dress is 'a bit shabby' at the bottom

The bridesmaids hitched up their skirts and waved around their bouquets as they danced with other guests in the water.
Richard said: 'We were just paddling around having a great time'

The couple stand in a muddy puddle to share a kiss in the empty tipi and as the rain eased off towards the end of their day.
Richard said: 'It's not what we expected to do on our wedding day'

For Mr Dennis, who has taken photos at more than 250 weddings, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
He said: 'I've never seen anything like it and I doubt I will do again. How well it went is testament not just to the staff, but also to Katy and Richard. They took it in their stride. It showed Yorkshire people at their very best.
'They just had to go with it and they did. It was all kind of crazy.'

The couple are now enjoying their honeymoon in Oman and are still buzzing from their special day.
But they intend on trying to save Katy's wedding dress when they return, so they can take some photos in sunnier climes.

Richard said: 'The dress is a bit shabby at the bottom, but I think we will have a go cleaning it up so we can have another set done. By, even if it's the brightest sunshine, I don't think any photos can out-do the ones we have now.

First Video, who recorded the couple on the day, said: 'We were really privileged to have met these two and been a part of their day.
'They gave a great reminder to everyone, that it really doesn't matter if things don't go quite to plan on the day, and that its impossible to be in control of everything.
'It isn't the details that make a great wedding, it's great people, and Katy and Richard's wedding was full of them.'

After getting a drenching during their al fresco dance, Richard carried his soaking bride into the conservatory,
-among showers of confetti, where they carried on the rest of their evening

After their spontaneous dance outside, the couple performed their first dance inside the conservatory, surrounded by family and friends

The heavy rain created a faux lake at the venue, which guests gathered around at the end of the night to enjoy the calm-after-the-storm sky

The couple said the whole day was even more special than they could have imagined. Richard said:
'It reminded us what weddings are all about - it's not about the perfect anything. It's about getting married'

It's always a job to clear up after a wedding - but this one required a little more of a clean-up operation than usual

Get Ready for a Week of Rain! Tail End of Hurricane Bertha Lashes Britain as Forecasters Warn Wet Weather will Last Until the Weekend...

Stormy conditions continued today in northern England and Scotland as the effects of ex-Hurricane Bertha carried on moving across the country.
Most of Britain was left drenched on Sunday as the storm, which started in the Caribbean, swept in from the Atlantic.

Today, five flood warnings and 33 flood alerts were put in place by the Environment Agency as more heavy rain was expected.

Flooding has caused chaos in parts of Scotland as the effects of ex-Hurricane Bertha continue to move across Britain. Pictured: A car becomes stuck on a flooded road in Aberdeenshire. A spokesman for Aberdeenshire council said the River Carron and Rriver Deveron were being closely monitored

Morayshire, Scotland, was heavily flooded today after 99mm fell in the space of just 12 hours in the town of Lossiemouth.
The usual average rainfall for August in the town is 80mm

Women in Elgin were forced to wade to work through flooded roads and pavements in Elgin, as flooding in Scotland caused chaos

In Aberdeenshire, where the rivers were being closely monitored in case of flooding, there was travel chaos, as cars were stranded in flood water and services on the Aberdeen to Inverness railway line could not run.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) issued 12 flood alerts, while the Met Office issued an amber 'be prepared' warning for the Grampian and Highlands and Islands regions.

A yellow 'be aware' warning was put in place across eastern and northern Scotland and north-east England.

In Scotland, motorists were warned to expect disruption as flood warnings were put in place across the country.
The warnings cover Aberdeenshire, Caithness and Sutherland, Findhorn and Nairn, Moray, Tayside and Spayside. Pictured: A car trapped in flood water in Elgin

Flooding at railway stations across the country, including at Elgin, mean that many train services were cancelled today

Farmer Brian Mutch looks at a huge sink hole which has opened up on his farm road at Delnies, near Nairn, since the start of the storm

Hurricane Bertha formed in the Caribbean last week, causing widespread damage and flooding amid winds of up to 90mph.

By early this morning, Lossiemouth in Moray, Scotland had recorded 99mm of rain in 12 hours - more than the town usually gets in one month. Its average for August is usually 80mm.

Several parts of south Wales, north east England and the south east also recorded more than 20mm of rain in just one hour during the storm.

Today, a flypast in Kent involving First World War-era planes and modern-day fast jets has had to be postponed because of the bad weather.

The full aftermath of the storm was seen in Hull, where trees crashed onto houses and cars as they were torn down by the stormy weather

Waves crash into the seafront of Weston Super Mare, as flood warnings remain in place
across many parts of the UK, including in the south west

Forecasters say a return to the hot summer weather any time soon is looking unlikely,
-as rain and wind is expected to batter Britain for the rest of the week

A Met Office spokesman said a return to the sunshine and heat of earlier this summer does not look likely any time soon.
Forecasters predict more rain this week, with an 'unsettled' pictured emerging in most parts of the country.

A spokesman for the Met Office said there would be sunny spells mixed with heavy showers until Thursday. As the low pressure system that formed from the remnants of Bertha sits in the North Sea, the Met Office also said it would also be 'unseasonably breezy' over the next few days.
The high winds will also bring a dip in temperature, expected to be at least one or two degrees below the 19C average for August.

Emma Corrigan said: 'Towards the end of the week we will see calmer, more settled conditions but temperatures will on average stay on the cooler side.
'There is no real indication of a return to the hot conditions we’ve seen.'

Katy and Richard's Tipi Unique Stormy Wedding Day:

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