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  1. Girl, Who Was Raped by More Than 100 Men Tells How SHE was Arrested by Police
  2. Girl Tourist Kidnapped/Raped/Tortured For Mths in Australia
  3. Bodies of 2 Women Found in Freezer in London UK House
  4. Business is BOOMING of People Smuggling into US >Thanks to Trump
  5. Mummy & Mummy Abuse & MURDER Their 6 Children
  6. Has Russia infiltrated the German Parliament?
  7. Firefighters Battle Towering Inferno in UK Church
  8. British PSYCHOPATH Killers Who Will DIE in Prison
  9. Britain's Ancient Laws That Could Get You Decapitated
  10. Stolen & Abused Babies of Australia
  11. Factory Worker Wins £71m Lottery-BUT Hasnt Got a Girlfriend
  12. New Zealand Mass Shooting > 4 Suspects Arrested
  13. Dems Start from Scratch with Kitten Act
  14. The Killing Times: Massacres of Aboriginal People Across Australia
  15. Pensioners Pull Off Biggest Jewellery Heist in History
  16. PEDO Cardinal >Vatican Treasurer Found GUILTY In Australia
  17. Torture/Sexual Abuse of Children in Canada's St. Anne's Residential School
  18. US Man Doused Girlfriend With Acid & Cops Did Nothing
  19. The Whistleblower Who Exposed EU 'Fraud'
  20. Meet The New El Chapo –An Evil Billionaire Ex-Cop
  21. Where is The Missing Wife of Scientology's Cruel Bullying Leader?
  22. Australian Security Services Investigate Parliament Cyber Attack
  23. Towering Inferno in Paris Appartment Block
  24. Australia's Most Dangerous Killer > Mark 'Chopper'
  25. Australian Law Graduate Held Captive/Starved/Raped After Being Lured to Pakistan
  26. Americas Biggest Serial BABY Killer >Pure EVIL
  27. Deadly Sex-Trafficking Cycle in American Prisons
  28. Canadian Sentenced to Death in China
  29. Why Meds in Canada are So Expensive >CORRUPTION
  30. Australian Teen Arrested After Writing 'I Have a Bomb' Message on Plane
  31. Royal Navy Sent To Stop Multiple Migrant Crossings to UK
  32. 3Yr Old Girl Struggling for Life After Brutal Rape
  33. Inside Secret MI5 (British Spy Agency Opens Its Files)
  34. Google/Facebook/VPNs & Others Face Huge Fines From Russia
  35. Most SHOCKING & Sickening Video EVER
  36. Merkel/Macron & Pals Got Drunk in a Pub After Listening to PM May's Appeals on BREXIT
  37. CANADA-Mounties Allow Hijabs & Military Will Allow Beards
  38. Someone Cry For The Children -Girl Scout Murders
  39. Britain’s Escobar, Giant of Colombian Cocaine Racket >Arrested
  40. Dozens Dead in Huge Italian Bridge Collapse
  41. US Police Find Starving Children in Desert
  42. Baby Found Buried ALIVE Survives >Man Charged
  43. VIDEO Brainwashed: Secret CIA Experiments in Canada
  44. Canada & US Disgraceful SECRET PACT on FORCED Adoption Prog >1 Court's Decision
  45. Stephen Hawking/Leading Doctors to Sue UK Health Minister >Privatisation of NHS
  46. House of Horrors Couple JAILED 25yrs >LIFE & Where Their Children Are Now
  47. ‘Creeping Stalinism’: Australia’s Official Secrecy Laws
  48. Welcome to America >Land of Extreme Poverty
  49. Charles Manson: Serial Killer/Cult Leader Hospitalised
  50. Only Good Thing Hitler Did was Kill Gay People: Horrific Abuse at Gay Australians
  51. MI5 Fantasist Tortured/Sadistically Killed Man in Fake-Cop Sex Game>Jailed For Life
  52. 'First Wild Bison Spotted in 250 years’ Shot Dead by German Authorities
  53. PHOTOs-Royal Navy's £3Billion Flagship Aircraft Carrier Arrives at Base
  54. Indigenous Australia Doesn’t Accept Symbolic Recognition
  55. Russians Hacked UK Companies on Election Day, GCHQ Claims
  56. Islamist Linda Sarsour calls for 'jihad' against Trump
  57. VIDEO-Towering Inferno: HUGE Fire Engulfs London Tower Block
  58. Australian Psychotic Mother Killed Eight Children
  59. VIDEO-HMS Ocean-Cool/Quiet & DEADLY >Inside a British Warship
  60. State Funeral For HERO Police Officer Killed by Terrorist
  61. PhOtOs >US Town Up For Sale For $3.8m
  62. Damaged US Dam May Cause 'Tsunami' Tidal Wave >Race to Save DAM
  63. 6yrs of Child SEX Abuse in Australia's Catholic Church
  64. TRUMP-Jared Kushner MORE Dangerous Than Him >Mueller Inquiry
  65. Is America Cursed Again????
  66. B.A Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Vancouver-Crew/Passengers Rushed to Hospital
  67. Tragedy: Four Dead at Australia's Gold Coast Theme Park
  68. Over a Million Americans to Lose ObamaCare Coverage Next Year
  69. The Great Wall of Calais >Work Begins to Stop Migrant Thugs Sneaking onto Lorries
  70. UK MEP Fighting For His Life After Being PUNCHED by Another MEP
  71. FURY at UK Govt's Plan >Travellers Pay £17.50 to Beat Airport Security Queues
  72. Bad Storms Hit Australia >No Power in 1 Entire State
  73. US Dallas Multi Police Killed/Injured >More to Come
  74. PhOtOs-Sadistic Lesbos Beat Baby to Death/Tortured Others >Jailed for Life
  75. UK MP Brutally Shot/Stabbed To Death >Killer in Court Today
  76. UK History is Made:INTERNATIONAL Aussie Pedo Gets 27 Life Sentences..
  77. US Woman's Quest Uncovers Hundreds of Irish Famine Graves
  78. PhOtOs>Pro-Whites Anti-KKK Protesters Arrested After Violent Clash With Police
  79. 1st PhOtOs>Inside Infamous Grisly Murder Mansion
  80. Scientology=Travolta/Cruise Coach>3YRS Jail>For Kissing Girl
  81. VIDEOs-ALL Dead in Russia Plane Crash>Pilot's LAST Words
  82. VIDEO-Secret of Bermuda Triangle Finally Been Discovered?
  83. VIDEOs>Vicious Brawl Erupts Between 5 Women on US Flight>MID-AIR
  84. VIDEOS-Judge Inquiry>How Police Investigated VIP PEDO Rings
  85. PhOtOs>Aussie Creeps Pd $31,594 to Beat Gang-Rape Trial
  86. PhOtO >PRO-RAPE American May be Banned From UK
  87. Hero BA Pilot Makes Emergency Landing-Despite Failed Landing Gear
  88. Russia Plans >Blow Up Asteroids With NUCLEAR BOMBS to Save Earth
  89. For 1yr Govt Hid Water was Poisoned in Poor Majority-Black city
  90. PhOtOs -UK Goes Green = Electric Buses
  91. VIDEO-Letters That Santa Forgot 90yrs Ago >Found in Chimney
  92. PHOTOs-US Flight Makes Emergency Landing>139 on Board
  93. PHOTOs-Demolish Your English Castle OR >Go To Jail
  94. Baffling 'Odd' Gaps In California Terror Attack
  95. Australian Arrests Stop Planned Terror Attack
  96. PhOtOs-Muslim Massacre in US >Many Dead/Injured
  97. VIDEO>FBI LOSES TRACK of Heavily-Armed Terrorist En Route to New York
  98. PhOtOs-StepBrother & Girlfriend Jailed for Kidnap/Torture/Murder of Sister
  99. Aussies & Britons Feared Dead In NZ Helicopter Crash
  100. PHOTOs> Lest We Forget the Heros > Remembrance Day
  101. PhOtOs -Whale Watching Boat Capsizes in Canada
  102. PhOtOs>France's Worst Fireball Road Accident -Kills 43+
  103. Court Stops Facebook Handing Over Yr Data to US Spies>Could Affect Google/Apple
  104. World Anger >US Rich Man Stops POOR AIDS/Infection Sufferers Buying MEDs
  105. PhOtOs -Starving/Dirty 4 & 6yr old Kids Found in Crate in Cave
  106. UK NHS Buys Holidays/Trip & Summer Home for Patients
  107. Greedy Duty Free Shops at Airports CHARGE Tax
  108. Italian Police Raid Mafia Empire>US$2.2 Bil Seized/41 Arrest Warrants
  109. PhOtO-Vatican PEDO-Priest Sex Abuse Trial Postponed
  110. Exam Cheating VIDEOs >High Tech Vests/Watches/Drones
  111. Grexit imminent
  112. Austria Files Legal Complaint Against UK Nuclear Plant
  113. PhOtOs - US Church Massacre Killer Caught
  114. Australia Paid Migrant Smugglers $30,000 to Turn Boat Around
  115. VIDEO-White Cop Suspended>Pulling Gun on Unarmed Innocent Black Kids
  116. PhOtOs-Escaped Killers-1 Dead 2nd Shot >Had Bag of Maps/Tools/POP TARTS
  117. PhOtOs-Soldiers Die in SAS Gruelling Selection Training
  118. PhOtOs-Woman Locked in BOX for 4 MONTHS by US Marine
  119. PhOtOs-US Billionaire/Millionaires>Whilst Many Americans Struggle
  120. PhOtOs-Trains'Shot At' Before US Train Disaster>Officials Reveal
  121. PhOtOs-Johnny Depp's Illegal Dogs May Be Killed> Australia
  122. PhOtOs-Boy Smuggled to Spain in Suitcase
  123. ‘We Will Not Obey’ -Civil Disobedience in US?
  124. VIDEOs-Baltimore-MURDER of Innocent Man-6 Cops Face Charges=Murder >Assault
  125. PhOtOs-Mad Torturer/Killer Pedo Writes Crazy Letters From Jail Hospital
  126. PhOtOs-Too Late to Prosecute a Lord MP Pedo for Sex Offences
  127. VIDEO-'US are Cowards>Drone Attacks Kill Innocents'
  128. VIDEO/PhOtOs-JEWELS/Splendour>Sultan of Brunei Son's Wedding
  129. PhOtO-Judge Fell Asleep During Trial of Pedo Who Raped Child
  130. PhOtOs- HUGE UK Jewel Heist-GANG Jailed> £14m STILL Missing
  131. STUNNER! Massive Power Outage Hits Turkey As Erdogan Is Declared God By Muslims! (Vid
  132. PhOtOs-Masked Gang Attacks Fetish Swingers Club>Forces Naked Clients Out
  133. Obama Now Calling For Mandatory Voting in the U.S.
  134. Red Alert! America on DEFCON 3 Due to Russia!
  135. VIDEO-Guy Charges Plane ****pit Shouting Jihad
  136. Russia’s Seven-Pronged Strategy Designed to Conquer America
  137. VIDEO-RICH Heir Durst Acquitted of 3>SUSPECTED of 5 Murders
  138. Drunk Secret Service Agents Crashed into White House Barricade
  139. US-Russian Crisis-Kremlin Jails Cop>Spying for CIA
  140. Coast Guard Rescue on Frozen Lake St.Clair
  141. VIDEOs-Asian Pedos in UK Rape Hundreds of Young White Girls/Boys
  142. PhOtOs/VIDEO-Napoleon Prison Escape +His Home For Sale
  143. PhOtOs-Canada Terror-Mystery Tunnel Found Near BIG Sports Stadium
  144. Kentucky Community Struggles With Family Slaying
  145. VIDEOs/PhOtOs-Horror at Haiti Carnival-Many Dead/Injured
  146. '60 Minutes' Correspondent Bob Simon Dies in Car Accident
  147. UK/France/US Prep for Civil War in Yemen>Close Embassies
  148. Russian Spy Cell in New York>Plotted Wall Street Meltdown
  149. Ontario Waste Blamed for Tainted Ohio Drinking Water
  150. VIDEO-Italy Recovers S58 Mil Stolen Treasure Trove
  151. VIDEO-Anti-Terrorism Raids Across Australia
  152. VIDEOs-2nd Botched Execution Leaves Inmate Paralyzed & in Agony
  153. Corrections Officer Used Strippers, Inmate Work Crew to Smuggle Contraband
  154. VIDEOs-Firework Truck Explodes>Causes 150 Vehicle Pile Up
  155. VIDEO-Bloodied Child Crawls From Plane Crash Which Killed Her Family
  156. VIDEO/Photos-Prince Andrew's EX Defends Him on SexSlave Allegations+FBI Have Tapes
  157. Gunman Shot Wife in Her Hospital Room, Killed Himself 'Out of Love'
  158. PhOtOs-Italy Saved 970 Migrants from Armed Men on Hijacked Ship
  159. PhOtOs-EMERGENCY for Virgin 747 > Plane Landed Safely
  160. PhOtOs-Obama Driver 24, Admits No Security Training +Never Driven a Van
  161. VIDEO/PhOtOs>Brutal Revenge Murders of US Cops
  162. Companies Face Bloodbath in Russia
  163. PhOtOs-Judge Forced Aide to Pick up his Soiled Underwear-Then Fired Her
  164. UK Airspace Closed-EXPLOSION on Flight May Have Caused Closure
  165. VIDEOs-250 Firefighters Tackle HUGE Fire in LA-Roads are Closed
  166. Hostages Die During Failed Rescue by US Commandos
  167. VIDEO-Explosions in Sky Stump ALL Experts>Heard Across The World
  168. PhOtOs- Bomb Hits UK Diplomats - Six Dead
  169. PhOtOs-Americans Caught Shipping Baby Body Parts>Flee Thailand
  170. China CYBERATTACK on US Could Disrupt Chemical/other Critical Networks
  171. Shocking VIDEO>Cop Knocked out Teen Girl at School Fight
  172. PhOtOs-Man Kept in Asylum 43Yrs >Stole $20 Necklace
  173. VIDEO-2 US Workers DANGLING in Peril on Wires >69 Stories High
  174. PhOtOs-Psycho Trader Murderer Must Die By Knife
  175. PhOtOs-200 Kidnapped Girls Forced to Marry Terrorists
  176. PhOtOs-Canada Finds DEAD Babies in Storage Locker
  177. VIDEO-UK Prime Minister Attacked=Security Scare
  178. PhOtOs-Top Secret 'Space' Plane Lands>2 Yrs in Orbit
  179. Haiti Earthquake Prison Escapees Still on the Run
  180. US Soldiers Killed in Korean War To Be Moved >'Construction Projects'
  181. PhOtOs-Pair Fed Baby Coke/Brandy-Nearly Killed Him
  182. Lawyer Catches Cop Arresting Innocent Black Man
  183. PhOtOs-Mass Grave Found After Student Massacre
  184. PhOtOs-Australian PM Responds to Burqa Ban Call
  185. PhOtOs-Kidnapper Brags-'I've Got a Girl in a Cage''
  186. Alaska National Guard General Resigns=Sex Assaults
  187. PhOtOs-Ex-Navy SEAL Charged=Lied About Being Shot
  188. Armed Threat to President Obama-Secret Service Searching for Car
  189. PhOtOs-Fire on Plane Emergency=Phone Ban
  190. PhOtOs-Federal Judge Arrested=Wife Abuse
  191. VIDEOs-Military Move into US Town>Cop Murdered Teenager=Autopsy Proof
  192. UK Destroys Tons of Syrian Chemicals
  193. Feds: Afghan Doctor in Philly Tied to Anti-Western Insurgents
  194. New Dad is Evil Pedo>Abandoned Baby in Thailand
  195. PhOtOs-Beaten so Badly>Husband Didnt Recognize Her
  196. UK Stops Sexual Mutilation/Forced Marriages-(FGM)
  197. PhOTOs-'Dad Killed MUM-Then Sold ME When I was 13yrs
  198. PhOtOs-Abused Children Rescued in Mexico
  199. Mother’s Lucky Escape>LIVE GRENADE Deliberately Left on Beach
  200. Bahrain:US Diplomat Not Welcome, Asked to Leave
  201. VIDEO-Cop Killed 2 Women During Bondage Sex
  202. Airline Cancels ALL Flights -ALL Pilots Call in Sick
  203. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Terrorists Attack Karachi Airport
  204. PhOtOs-Notorious Ku Klux Klan Open their Doors
  205. VIDEOs-Canada Hunts Rambo-3 Police Shot Dead
  206. Ohio Woman Dies After Accidentally Walking into Plane Propeller
  207. PhOtOs-Scandal Causes Spain's King to Abdicate
  208. PhOtOs-India's Outrage over Rapes/Hanged Girls
  209. PhOtOs- Thailand Military Coup- Bangkok Erupts
  210. VIDEO-Wildfires 'Like Scene From Armagedon'
  211. Pregnant Girl Sentenced to Death-For Being a Christian
  212. Fast-Moving Wildfire Kills 1, Burns at Least 20 Homes in Oklahoma
  213. Police Prevent Tragedy by Foiling Teen's Plot to Bomb Schools
  214. Killer's 40mins of Agony as Execution goes Wrong
  215. PhOtOs=Torrid Pedo Sex Ring Abuse in Hollywood
  216. Tragedy on Mount Everest-HUGE Avalance
  217. 'Most Dangerous Psychopath' Convicted of Murder
  218. PhOtOs-Boston Bomber Smiles in Court-Supporter Screams 'Don't Kill Him'
  219. N & S.Korea Exchange Fire + N.K Steals NASA Logo
  220. Suspect in Mom-Son Slayings Surrenders After Making FBI's Top 10 List
  221. VIDEO-Dangling Man Rescued from Ledge in Huge Fire
  222. Many Still Missing after Massive US Mudslide
  223. Teenager Charged With Killing NY Bus Rider Who Was Not Target
  224. Military Fugitive Who Escaped Federal Prison in 1977 Arrested in Florida
  225. 2 Killed When Intoxicated Driver Plows Car Into Crowd in Texas
  226. Massive Fake Health and Beauty Supplies Ring Busted
  227. Four Stranded Hikers Rescued from Rising Floodwaters in California
  228. Russia Warns RAF of Dangerous Interceptions & HMS Warship to Keep its Distance
  229. Newlywed Cited After Wife Dies Base Jumping
  230. After Decades in Prison Over Murders, DNA Evidence Frees 2 New York Men
  231. Cop Filmed Arresting FIREFIGHTER as he was Rescuing Victims
  232. Woman Abducted by Michigan Escapee Tells Harrowing Tale
  233. Man Wanted Romance With George W. Bush's Daughter
  234. Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Headed Home -- With a Sickness Record
  235. Indiana Woman Gets 2-Day Sentence, Serves 5 Months
  236. Russian Man Faces Weapon of Mass Destruction Charges in Pennsylvania
  237. Australian Navy Illegally Deploys in Indonesian Waters
  238. 8-Year-Old Boy Rescues 6 Relatives From Fire, Dies Trying to Save 7th
  239. Oregon Fugitive Arrested in Montana After 15-Year Manhunt
  240. J.C. Penney to Close 33 Stores Across The U.S.
  241. Bali Police Refuse to Hand Over Bodies of Mum & Child
  242. Wreckage of Downed Plane Carrying Software President Found in Idaho
  243. Woman Tries to Sneak Into U.S. at Arizona Border Inside Suitcase
  244. US Jihad Jane Terrorist gets 10 years in Prison
  245. ‘Dead’ Banker, Aubrey Lee Price, Arrested on $21M Fraud Charges
  246. Man Shot Dead After Bank Robbery Convicted of Threatening Obama in 2010
  247. Manhunt Intensifies for Mississippi Bank Robber Suspected in Cop's Death
  248. Three Men Killed, Two Wounded in Bar Shooting on Christmas Morning
  249. Vigil For Teen Who Died in Police Custody Turns Violent
  250. Target Says 40 Million Credit, Debit Card Accounts May be Affected by Data Breach