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  1. 2,100 Year Old 'iPhone' Found in Young Woman's Grave
  2. New Vaping Lung Disease Epidemic Causes DEATH
  3. IMPORTANT Signs You've Had Too Much Sugar
  4. Iceland Holds Funeral For Melting Glacier
  5. Cache of Ancient Diamonds Discovered Near Earth’s Core
  6. Headaches Were Caused By SPIDER Living In Woman's Ear
  7. Black Market Trade for War Planes/Bombers & Fighters
  8. Komodo Dragon Eats WHOLE LIVE Monkey in 6 Gulps
  9. Collapse of MASSIVE Antarctic Glacier Could Raise Sea Levels
  10. One Climate Crisis/Disaster Happening Every Week in Our World
  11. The Biggest Infection Killer You May Not Know
  12. UK to Host Europe's First Spaceport -Could Cut Flight to Oz to 90 Minutes
  13. Magnetic Reasons Behind the Northern Lights
  14. Rhinos' Journey to Freedom & Elephants Rescued by Helicopter
  15. SeaWorld's Cruelty > Killing Orcas & Trainers
  16. Chase of Illegal Loggers Who are Destroying the World's Environment
  17. Evidence of Britain’s Atlantis Found Under North Sea
  18. Meet Koko > The Talking Gorilla
  19. Spectacular Kung Fu Display Caught From Space
  20. END of AIDS >UK Scientists Find Drugs to Stop HIV Transmission
  21. Elephant Population is DYING > FULL Documentary
  22. Is This Whale a Russian Spy?
  23. Nepal's Hidden Leprosy
  24. Trump Stops Funding For US Conservation >Scientists Fear The Worst
  25. UK Scientists' Can Predict WHEN You are Going to DIE >95% Accuracy
  26. Severe Measles Outbreak in New York >State of Emergency Declared
  27. Another WARNING >GIANT Sunfish Washed Up on Beach
  28. HIV-Positive Man in UK Second EVER to be CLEARED of Aids
  29. SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Launches >1 Step Closer to Human Spaceflight
  30. Awww- Cute New Baby For Mama Polar Bear
  31. New PLAGUE >Disease X Virus Could Kill Millions
  32. Venezuela Crisis Threatens Disease Epidemic Across Continent
  33. WARNING -This Everyday Vegetable Can KILL You
  34. Lost City Found Under Cuban Sea >Discoveries That Rewrite History
  35. Meet The New Neighbours > Polar Bears
  36. 5 CREEPY Deep Sea Creatures
  37. Canadian Left Note He was Leaving Earth >Then Disappeared
  38. Great Barrier Reef in Danger of More Coral Bleaching
  39. Blood Moon Turns Skies Red
  40. Astronomers Glimpse at The Beginning of Time
  41. Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space ‘Could be Aliens’
  42. Aussie Flu Spreading Across The World -AGAIN
  43. China is First to Land on Far Side of Moon
  44. VIDEO-Story of 'Oumuamua -First Visitor From Another Star System
  45. VIDEO - Gorillas of the Congo - BBC News
  46. Nasa's Mars Mission Heads for '7 Minutes of Terror'
  47. TIME TRAVEL/ALIENS > SECRET Tests & Mysteries >2036
  48. Aliens May Have Arrived >This is Their Ship
  49. VIDEO-Breakthrough Medicine >Paralysed Patients Able to Walk Again
  50. Only 70% of Our World’s Wilderness is Left Thanks to Fracking/Mining etc
  51. DANGER! Report UFOs >Men in Black WILL Come After You
  52. Nasa Spots Another Huge 'Monolith' Iceberg in The Sea
  53. Halloween Special-Most Haunted House in England
  54. Ireland’s Loch Ness Monster Mystery >After 147 Years
  55. Orca 'Apocalypse': Half of Killer Whales Will Die From Pollution
  56. September Equinox
  57. Stars in Milky Way in Near Collision With Another Galaxy
  58. Ancient Village That Predates Pharaohs Discovered in Egypt
  59. Weedkiller Found in Wide Range of US Breakfast Foods
  60. Whale Mother Finally Lets Dead Newborn Calf Go
  61. China Locks Down Province “No Cracks, No Blind Spots, No Gaps” Orwellian Horror Utopi
  62. ‘US Navy sailors FUSED to USS Eldridge warship during Navy stealth trials’
  63. Woman Sues NASA for Right to Own Moon Dust
  64. MIRACLE Cancer Drug Will be Made in Ireland
  65. VIDEO: The Welsh Amityville -Heol Fanog>What Really Happened?
  66. SPACE Experiment: Astronaut Twins Mark & Scott Kelly No Longer Identical
  67. Dinner is Served >Magnificent Eagle Spreads His Wings Before Tucking into Fallen Stag
  68. Three Dozen UK Military Dogs Put Down in Past Year
  69. First Modern Briton had 'Dark to Black' Skin Research Reveals
  70. Mysterious Origin of Horses Turned Upside Down by DNA Analysis
  71. Don't Worry, Deer... I Won't Bite!
  72. Scientists Create First Human-Sheep Hybrids -Paving Way for Diabetes Cure
  73. Tonight >Super Blue Blood Moon Seen Once Every 150 Years
  74. Robot Finds Potential Malaria Life-Saver Inside Toothpaste
  75. NEW Blood Test Detects Tumors in 98% of Patients BEFORE They Develop Symptoms
  76. Deadly "Aussie Flu" Hits Ireland in Dangerous Outbreak
  77. First Dementia Village Planned to Open in Ireland in 2018
  78. Underwater Discoveries in Greece Reveal Ancient Roman Engineering
  79. Is ‘Oumuamua an Alien Spacecraft?
  80. Nasa Finds Solar System Filled With Many Planets
  81. Extremely weird incoming radar signal
  82. 2nd Earth Found & Moving Towards Us >Named Ross 128b
  83. Monster Planet Found >Could Challenge Scientists Understanding of Astronomy
  84. Stephen Hawking's Expanding Universes Thesis CRASHES Cambridge's Website
  85. Gene Editing Breakthrough Could Destroy Thousands of Most Deadly Diseases
  86. PhOtO: UK Scientist Launched ‘Terry’ The Teacake into Space
  87. GOLD! Amateur Treasure Hunters Discover Britain’s Oldest Iron Age Bling
  88. French Doctors Nerve Therapy Wakes Man After 15 yrs in Coma
  89. The World Will End on 23 Sept > Exorcist Claims YES
  90. VIDEOs >Diver’s Death Casts Shadow Over Beauty of The Blue Hole
  91. 116 World Experts WARN of DANGER & Call For BAN of Killer Robots
  92. Japanese Fungus Spreading Through British Hospitals
  93. The August 21, 2017 Eclipse – 33+ Fascinating Facts
  94. Minor' NUCLEAR WAR Would Spur Worldwide Ecological Disaster
  95. Human Brains Grown in Lab by British Scientists Could Repair Alzheimer’s Disease
  96. British Scientists Create Sieve Capable of Making Seawater Drinkable
  97. Nasa Offers Six-Figure Salary for Planetary Protection Officer to Defend Earth
  98. 8 Ways Marmite Keeps You Healthy, inc. Brain, Heart, Eyes and Sleep
  99. Trump Regrets 'Bizarre Mistake' of Paris Climate Pullout
  100. Has Nasa Found Aliens? >YES Claims Hacker Group Anonymous
  101. Find ALIENS? Euro Space Agency Launch Telescope 930,000 Miles into Space
  102. Nasa Discovers 10 New 'Rocky' Planets Like Earth
  103. The Ark Encounter
  104. 'We've Left Junk Everywhere in Space'
  105. World's Largest Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Australia
  106. Irish DNA Could Crack Some of the World’s Worst Diseases
  107. Italian Doctor Finds Cure for Parkinson's Disease in Irish Dancing
  108. £400bn Plan to Refreeze Arctic Before Ice Melts
  109. PhOtOs-3 miles of 650 Whales Stranded on New Zealand Beach
  110. Devastating Disease Many Men Are Hiding
  111. Deep Space Radio Bursts Discovered From Dwarf Galaxy >3bn Light Years From Earth
  112. Are you an EMPATH??
  113. CRUEL Japanese Skating Rink Freezes Fish into Ice as Gimmick
  114. PhOtOs > 'World's Saddest Polar Bear' + Other Sad Animals
  115. "Disturbing" Mystery Sound In Arctic Ocean Stumps Military (Video)
  116. PHOTOs- Slab Uncovered That Held Body of Jesus Christ
  117. The Black Sea's 'Dead Zone' Reveals 40 Ottoman and Byzantine Shipwrecks
  118. Planet X Timeline: Huge Intel Leak
  119. Meteorites pummel the Moon
  120. US Rocket EXPLODES >Costs Billions >FACKBOOK Zuckerberg To Blame?
  121. Confessions Of An FBI "X-File" Agent on UFOs/Aliens
  122. Injectable Oxygen Particle
  123. PhOtO-Russia Unveils World's Biggest Nuclear Icebreaker
  124. 1st UK Astronaut Back on Earth With a 'BUMP' =HISTORY is MADE
  125. PhOtOts-Was Zoo's Silverback Gorilla Killed Unnecessarily?
  126. PhOtOs-Amazing Discovery About Woman in This Iconic Image
  127. UK Scientists/Docs Test LESS PAIN/MORE Air For Lung Disease Patients
  128. VIDEO- Hungry Shark Eats Another Live Shark
  129. Stephen Hawking Warns >'Leaving Earth is Our Only Hope'
  130. VIDEO-Secrets of 5,200-Year-Old Irish Woman
  131. Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights
  132. PHOTOS - Winter in Norway
  133. VIDEO>Giant Comet Danger Could Wipe All Life on Earth
  134. VIDEO-Magic of 5000yr Old Tomb Never Fails to Astound
  135. PhOtOs-World Rivers/Lakes/Seas/Rain Turn RED
  136. PhOtOs- White Rhino Will Soon Be Extinct
  137. UK Doctors to Go on STRIKE=Caused By 'Clumsy' MP
  138. PHOTO > Furthest Solar System Found
  139. VIDEOs/PHOTOs>Secret Passages Found in King Tutankhamun's Tomb
  140. “Conspiracy Theorists” are Vindicated
  141. New Species Found >Walking Fish/Sneezing Monkies erc..
  142. PhOtOs -HUGE Hognose Rats Discovered in Indonesia
  143. Northern Lights Seen in the UK >Do They Come From Space?
  144. PHOTOs > First Human Found in S.African Cave
  145. PhOtOs -Chimp Attacks Drone & Brings it Down
  146. PhOtOs - 4 Legged SNAKE Discovered
  147. Stunning PhOtOs/VIDEOs >Historic Encounter with Pluto
  148. “Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity via Geoengineering”
  149. Barrier Reef Outlook Poor-But Spared Danger Listing
  150. VIDEOs>NASA Cuts Live Stream When ALIENS Appeared
  151. Sleeping Pills TREBLE Risk of Lung Cancer/Other Meds Increase Risk of Disease
  152. VIDEOs/PhOtOs -Comet Philae Wakes Up From Hiberation
  153. PhOtOs-REAL DRAGON Found in Wales, UK !
  154. UK Scientists Discover Cure for Skin Cancer
  155. 13 Mile Long Crop Circle
  156. PhOtOs-UFO Expert Spots Craft Above Australia
  157. Russia Orders US: Tell The World About Aliens, Or We Will
  158. FULL VIDEO-Wild Lynx to Return to Britain to Curb Deer
  159. VIDEO-Terrifying >Great White Shark Attacks Boat in NZ
  160. What You Need to Know Before Flying a Drone
  161. VIDEO - Stand on the Surface of Mars
  162. Cyborgs, Robots, and Drones, Oh My
  163. Kids and More Kids
  164. Our Two Jennies
  165. Stray Dogs Show Up for Funeral of Woman Who Used to Feed Them
  166. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Humans Destroying Earth+Glaciers Melting Faster
  167. Thousands of Snow Geese Fall Dead From Sky in Idaho
  168. Robert Downey Jr. Presents Child with his Own 'Iron Man' Robotic Arm
  169. PhOtOs-Egypt Gets New Pyramid:656ft Skyscraper
  170. Australian Scientists Major Breakthrough to Treat Alzheimers
  171. PhOtOs-Breached WHALE Kills Canadian-Injures More Tourists
  172. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Lost City of Monkey God Found After 500 Yrs
  173. NEW Skin Test Could Diagnose DEMENTIA/Parkinson’s/Alzheimer’s
  174. Latest UFO Crash Incident In Manitoba
  175. Decorah Eagle Cam
  176. PhOtOs-Majestic Humpback Whales are BACK
  177. Have More Sex+Good Advice on MS +Canada Scientists Discovery
  178. PhOtOs-'Alien Star' Invaded The Solar System
  179. PhOtOs-Henry VIII's Nearly Had SEVENTH Wife
  180. More Americans Die From Smoking Than Previously Thought
  181. Ontario company Recalls Medical Marijuana; Health Canada Says Pot is Too Strong
  182. US Navy Unveils Firefighting Robot
  183. Australian City Aims to Chill Down by 7 Degrees
  184. A Courageous Chemtrail Pilot Exposes the Global Geoengineering Program
  185. 17 Great-Signs In The Heavens
  186. Incredible 50-ft 'Dragon' Dinosaur Unearthed by Chinese Farmers
  187. Rare Fox Spotted in Yosemite National Park
  188. PhOtOs-Diver Finds 10,000-Year-Old FOREST Under North Sea
  189. Big Asteroid to Fly by Earth Monday
  190. Canada's Earth Alive Ships Organic Products to Dominican Republic
  191. VIDEOs-Solar Plane Takes Off for 1st Flight Across the World
  192. Best Kept Secret!!! Human Animal Hybrids Exist Today! Scary
  193. How Bad is Booze Anyway? 6 Crazy Facts About Drinking
  194. Sugar: Should We Eliminate it From Our Diet?
  195. China Battles Virus That Has Killed Two Pandas & Left Third Critical
  196. NASA Develops Volcano-Exploring Robots
  197. Scientists Tremble As “Asteroid Army” Hurtles Towards Earth
  198. SpaceX rocket nails launch
  199. VIDEO -US Serious Flu Epidemic Killing Many Kids
  200. Planet X “The Destroyer” Cometh: The Kolbrin Bible and the Prophet Jeremiah 12/26/201
  201. Search is on For ‘Rare Earth’ in Caribbean National Park
  202. Winter Solcise-Shortest Day of The Year>Why So Dark?
  203. Jaws of Death! Amazing Pics >Giant Croc Crushing Shell of Sea Turtle
  204. Why I Have Donkeys!!!
  205. Whale of a Story!!!!
  206. VIDEOs-Man 'Eaten Alive' by Snake -FALSE =TV Stunt
  207. VIDEOs-NASA-Mars Test Spaceship Returns to Earth>Makes Splashdown
  208. Milky Way’s Cosmic ‘Fingerprint’ >Stunning Images
  209. Our Lastest Addition to The World-Comforting Pics to Those That are Suffering
  210. Stephen Hawking-AI/Robots>WILL Eventually Kill us All/Destroy Our Earth
  211. VIDEO-NASA Captures Fiery Plasma Dancing on the Sun
  212. VIDEO-Europe's Probe Makes Historic Comet Landing
  213. New 'AIDS' Kissing Bug Disease Hits Many in U.S.
  214. PhOtOs>ORION-The Next Space Frontier=SIGN UP
  215. PhOtOs-Child Paralyzed After Receiving Flu Shot
  216. VIDEOs- Virgin Spaceship Crash-Caused by Pilot Error?
  217. VIDEO-NASA Rocket EXPLODES=Russia Supplies New Rocket Launches
  218. Earth's magnetic field could flip in our lifetime
  219. VIDEO-Paralysed Man Walks Again=Nose Cells Surgery
  220. VIDEO-Giant Squid Attacks Greenpeace Sub
  221. Stunning Pics of Halloween on The SUN
  222. VIDEO- Sinkhole Swallows Car, Kills Six
  223. PHOTOS-Baby Asian Elephant Born at England Zoo
  224. PhOtOs-Treasure Hunt >Ernest Hemingway 'Hidden' Journals
  225. PhOtOs -Meteor Lands in Nicaragua
  226. VIDEO-NASA Decoded SOS Call From Other Galaxy
  227. PhOtOs-Increase Tempests on the Sun Affect the Poles
  228. PhOtOs-Huge Asteroid Collision Could Result in New Earth
  229. Scientists Teach Fish to Walk on Land
  230. PhOtOs-Doomed Sex Island-Founded 1767 by Mutineers
  231. PhOtOs-Man on The Moon Mystery-Nasa's Secrets
  232. Venus/Jupiter Align This Weekend +Galaxy Map of The Stars
  233. PhOtOs-Human Life May End=HUGE Asteroid Hurtling Towards Earth
  234. Treasure Trove of Prehistoric Animal Remains Discovered in U.S.
  235. 'Supermoon,' PHOTOs/VIDEO-Meteor Shower Lights Up Sky Sunday
  236. The Spaceship Reinvented for New Frontiers
  237. VIDEO-Rosetta Space Craft Crash Lands on Comet >12yr Historic Mission Ends
  238. Richard Branson's Daughter to Give Birth in Space?
  239. VIDEO - GIANT Sea Monster Caught
  240. PhOtOs-Fountain of Youth Found in Irish BOG
  241. NEW ZIKA Virus +Plaque/Dengue/Chikungunya Spreading Around The World
  242. PhOtOs-Tribe That Drinks Cow's BLOOD for Breakfast
  243. 262ft UFO Hole/Meteor? Appears @'End of The World'
  244. Fossilised ‘Four-Winged’ Dinosaur Discovered
  245. UK Scientists Discover Blood Test for Alzheimers
  246. VIDEO-FireBall Meteorite Explodes Over UK
  247. VIDEO-Nasa Unveils Futuristic Designs>Explore New Worlds
  248. How NASA might build its very first warp drive
  249. 1,000 Foot Wide Asteroid Came Close to Earth Yesterday-Could Have Wiped out City
  250. Astronaut Films Earth's Orbit Flash by in Seconds