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  1. Google Finds iPhone Attack Lasting Years
  2. Working for Facebook
  3. YouTube Liable For Copyright Infringing Videos? EU Court Decides
  4. Google DEMANDS Aussie Shop Change Name
  5. How Powerful is Google Worldwide ?
  6. How One Ransomware Attack Cost £45m to Fix - BBC News
  7. Top 10 Richest YouTubers
  8. Smartphones Hear You
  9. Google/YouTube Share Price Plunges >$70bn Loss
  10. Facebook Security Lapse Affects Millions More Users Than First Stated
  11. Twitter Flags TRUMP for MANY Copyright Infringements
  12. Britain To POLICE Wild West Web >Laws To Be TOUGHEST in World
  13. Native Hawaiians Battle Zuckerberg Over Hawaiian Estate
  14. Snapchat REFUSES to Give Police Info on Pedo Murderer
  15. Google Global Outages/Staff Rebel + Google's Tax Evasion
  16. Uploaded.net Criminal Investigation
  17. Facebook Held Liable for Copyright Infringing
  18. Witches of Instagram
  19. Social Media Addicts Behave Like Drunks & Druggies
  20. YouTube Sued AGAIN
  21. Flip a YouTube Video to Circumvent Copyright Infringements
  22. The Death of Facebook: Experts Warn
  23. GMAIL DOWN >YouTube DOWN Days Ago & SKYPE Probs
  24. Facebook Exec's Brother Killed by Police
  25. Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen Has Died
  26. Rapidshare’s Founder, Wife and Lawyer Stand Trial
  27. FBI Warns Cash Machines Could be Hacked in Global Cyber Attack
  28. IMPORTANT > Bugged, Tracked, Hacked
  29. NYC.com Secretly Hosts a Pirate Torrent Site
  30. Important Consumer Guru Sues Facebook
  31. Shocking Amount of Data Facebook & Google Keep on You
  32. Online Piracy More Rampart Than Ever >List of Countries
  33. Zuckerberg Detained in UK & Confidential Emails Leaked Online
  34. VIDEO > How Does the Internet Work?
  35. Fake Spectre-Meltdown patch infects your computer with more malware
  36. Tax on Terror: Internet Giants WARNED to Fight Against Extremism or Be Penalised
  37. Prince William Takes on Cyberbullying >Meets With Google/Facebook/Snapchat etc.
  38. Facebook Give US Thousands of Ads Bought by Russians During Election
  39. Narcos’ Cartel Threatens to Kill Illegal Downloaders
  40. Briton Who Stopped WannaCry Attack Arrested in US
  41. Zuckerberg to Run for President? as His Workers Struggle to Make Ends Meet
  42. Who Invented the Internet/WWW & 1st Search Engines
  43. Google Docs Users Hit With Phishing Attack
  44. Spammers HIT Google Maps With Pirate Links
  45. Growing List of Advertisers Boycotting YouTube/Google
  46. Piracy? RIAA Labels Asked us to Promote Their Music
  47. Canada Rejects Flawed and One-Sided “Piracy” Claims From US
  48. Court >Hosting Pirate Site Doesn’t Equal Copyright Infringement
  49. Netflix Downloader Pulled Offline Following Trademark Complaint
  50. High Court orders Austalian ISPs to block P2P sites and streaming sites.
  51. UK Police Arrest Man Selling Brotherhood on DARK WEB
  52. Surprise! Aussie Internet Pirates Are The Best
  53. The Real Fake News List
  54. What Is the DARK WEB? >VERY Dangerous -Do NOT USE!!!
  55. Massive Cyber Hack on Millions of Sites-Inc. Paypal/Amazon/Twitter and Reddit
  56. Russian Anti-Piracy Chief Arrested in ‘Fraud’ Investigation
  57. Judge: Vague IP-Addy Evidence Not Enough to Expose ‘Pirates’
  58. EU Commission >Watching Pirate Streams Isn’t Illegal
  59. YouTube-MP3 Ripping Site Sued By IFPI, RIAA and BPI
  60. FBI-Controlled Megaupload Now Features Soft Porn
  61. US.Govt Sued AGAIN for PIRACY >Latest =$600m >Software Piracy
  62. TeamViewer hack, PayPal accounts drained
  63. Draft Law Orders Google to Remove Pirate Site Unblocking Advice
  64. Australia Officially Abandons Three Strikes Anti-Piracy Scheme
  65. Music Industry Wants More $$ From YouTube
  66. Dvdfab Has Ignored Court’s Shut Down Order, aacs Says
  67. In the network "leaked" base of 57 million users of Mail.Ru
  68. Microsoft wants personal data of Comcast subscriber
  69. Uninstall QuickTime for Windows - NOW!
  70. Internet Freedom Day: Massive Blackout Protests Killed 2 Anti-Piracy Bills
  71. Prince’s Death Prompts ‘Awkward’ Piracy Surge
  72. YouTube is Running a DMCA Protection Racket
  73. Panama Papers: Pirates Prepare to Takeover Iceland
  74. Facebook/Google to Pay £Millions More Back-Tax to UK
  75. Paedophiles Continue to Use Facebook to Swap Images
  76. Judge Orders HACKING of Terrorist Killer's iPhone>Apple REFUSES
  77. 82-Year-Old Great-Grandmother is a Pirate
  78. Court Orders Web-Blocking Site To Be Blocked
  79. US Military Bases Exempted From Copyright Geo-Blocks
  80. Google Targets Fake ‘Download’ & ‘Play’ Buttons
  81. BT's Broadband/Website/Phone Network Has Crashed
  83. 10 Movies to Watch Out For in 2016
  84. Yahoo Could Soon Become Internet History
  85. FBook:New Dad Zuckerberg to Give Away 99% of His Fortune
  86. Foiling Electronic Snoops in Email
  87. MSoft is Trying Hard to Shoot Themselves in the Foot
  88. Pirate Told to Get 200K YouTube Hits or Face Huge Fine
  89. Stop Your Smart TV/Phones From Spying on You
  90. MPAA Plans For Site Blocking in the US Dealt a Blow
  91. Google Maps Updated to Work Offline
  92. Fake Windows 10 Update Leading to Ransomware Attack
  93. Twitter HAS BEEN HACKED =More SECURE Passwords
  94. Android Has Big Security Problem >Antivirus Apps Can't Help
  95. Inventor Files “First Run” Movie Patent to Beat Piracy
  96. TalkTalk Hit By Massive Cyber Attack>Ransom Demanded
  97. Rapidgator has started to ban Debird or similar services
  98. It's WAR...as Amazon Bars Apple & Google TV Devices
  99. Jeb Bush Proudly Promises To Axe Net Neutrality If Elected
  100. Adobe releases Flash updates to fix 23 flaws
  101. Sony Pictures Considered Buying BitTorrent
  102. CNN & CBC Sued For Pirating YouTube Video
  103. MPAA Emails Expose Dirty Media Attack Against Google
  104. Aussie Pirates Are Industry’s Best Customers
  105. Mozilla Launches A New Firefox Version Without DRM Support
  106. MalwareBytes Blocked Torrent Sites >Now Helps PIRATES
  107. TPP> US. NOT PERMITTED >Force DMCA on Other Countries
  108. Reddit Closes as Staff REVOLT & Shut Down Forums
  109. UK High Court has blocked a lot of sites
  110. Google Sues US Attorney General/Falls Out with MPAA
  111. MSoft. W7/8/10 SPYING On Pirates =FIX/ RESOLUTION
  112. Webmail password reset scam
  113. Australia's site blocking Bill - Australia oks VPN use
  114. New computer virus causes havoc
  115. US Govt/Feds Computers Hacked >30yrs of Info Stolen
  116. YouTuber Sues Google/Viacom Over Content ID Takedowns
  117. BBC Asks Google to Remove Top Gear’s IMDb Page
  118. Web/Net May Reach Limit/Collapse in 8Yrs >Scientists Warn
  119. PhOtOs-Leaked Piracy Report Reveals Hidden Spies/Cameras in Cinemas
  120. VIDEO:Google Fights MPAA/SOPA >Judge Agrees +Surveillance Reform
  121. Staff Caught Pirating at US Prisons
  122. MSoft Takes Pirated W. NT 4.0 Source Code Offline
  123. How Attackers Can Bypass Your Two-Factor Authentication
  124. Pirate Blockade Foiled By Simple DNS Trick
  125. Court Rules-Hollywood’s Anti-Piracy Secrets Must Be Revealed
  126. WARNING>US Govt Lists Filehosts on Watchlist
  127. Google Slams MPAA -After Court ‘Victory
  128. VIDEO-Half Mill Porno Pics Posted Daily-Twitter Refuse to Protect Kids
  129. Your Neighbors Are Making Your Wi-Fi Worse >What to Do About it
  130. File-Sharing Icon RapidShare Shuts Down
  131. Pirate Bay Won’t Make Full Comeback-Staff Revolt
  132. Men Tried for Extortion After Porn Download Threats
  133. Bomber Tries Copyright Troll Argument in Court Case
  134. Facebook To Start Missing Children Amber Alerts
  135. MPAA Links Online Piracy to Obama’s Cybersecurity Plan
  136. Google & MPAA Publicly 'Fall Out' Over Piracy
  137. VIDEO-Men Fall Victim to Online 'Sextortion' & Blackmail
  138. MPAA wants to Delete DNS Records
  139. Furious Google Ends Anti-Piracy Cooperation with MPAA
  140. FBI Warns of Destructive Malware
  141. European Commission Want Google Break-Up-Court Will Decide
  142. VIDEO-UK's NCA Arrest Many Hackers=Trojans on PCs
  143. Anti-Piracy Boss Spent $50K in Brothels to ‘Protect Copyright’
  144. Secret Codes that Programmers Hide in Your PC
  145. Obama is Scared to Push Google/ISPs on Piracy
  146. VIDEOs-Huge Raids Shut Down 400+'Dark Net' Sites
  147. UK Museums/Libraries Protest Outdated Copyright Laws
  148. Hungary Tried to Tax Internet-Prime Minister Attacked
  149. “Seals of Approval” on Websites Don’t Mean Anything
  150. Embedding Is Not Copyright Infringement, EU Court Rules
  151. End of Cable TV?=CBS/HBO Start Streaming
  152. Uploaded.net Liable For Failing to Delete Copyright Content
  153. Megaupload’s Crimes Should be Dismissed”
  154. Popcorn Time Under “Legal Investigation”
  155. Celebs May Sue Google over Nude-Images
  156. Court Orders Warner Bros>Reveal Flawed Anti-Piracy Tech
  157. WARNING=EBay Attack-You & Your Info at Risk
  158. Windows Store is Cesspool of Scams-Why Doesn't MS Care?
  159. MAP-Fake Cell Towers Across US are SPYING on You
  160. Credit Card Cloning Lab Raided in Caribbean
  161. Police Freeze MEGA-Money Laundering Investigation
  162. Hollywood Controls US Govt =Wipe Piracy From Net
  163. WWE Asked Google to Hit Live Piracy
  164. LEAKED PhOtOs -Apple's NEW iPhone 6
  165. UK Domains Refuse to Suspend Pirate Sites
  166. Russian Criminals Steal 1.2 Billion Passwords
  167. Latest Craze-Burning Kids>Posting Videos on Line
  168. Scam alert
  169. Anti Piracy Downunder
  170. Expendables 3 Leaked- Posted on This Site-Before Release Date
  171. With new hack, cellphone can get data out of computers. Internet isn't necessary
  172. 30,000 ‘Pirates’ Receive Fake ‘Fines’ With Trojans
  173. Police issue warning over abusive email
  174. Australia Revolts Against Hollywood +Wins Court Case
  175. Hackers/New Virus Targeting UK/US/Australia
  176. PhOtOs-CIA Launch Official Twitter Account
  177. Google Searches Restricted in Europe-Court Rules
  178. “U.S. Prisons Play PIRATED Movies to Inmates”
  179. How to Deal With Internet Bandwidth Caps
  180. The Pirate Parties that Plan to Enter The European Parliament
  181. Google Blocks Demonoid=Spreading Malicious Software
  182. Pirate Bay Founder Launches Election Campaign =European Parliament
  183. Apple to Dump Google?
  184. Facebook to Shut Down Chat Function Forcing Users to Download Messenger App
  185. Android Pirate Agrees To Work Undercover For FBI
  186. 39% of Film Industry Professionals are Pirates
  187. Pirate Party Cleared By EU Court-Killing Mass Surveillance
  188. Upload Xbox One Gamplay Footage to YouTube Directly
  189. RIAA Responds to Google's Piracy Refusal on YouTube
  190. Netflix Blasts Internet Providers: 'Consumers Deserve Better'
  191. Google Warns Aussie Govt NOT to Be Strong on Piracy
  192. Hotfile Sued Warner Bros & WON
  193. BREIN Ends Pirate, & ISP/Proxy Lawsuits
  194. Malware Threats Making Anti-Virus Software ‘Totally Useless’
  195. 5 Serious Problems with HTTPS & SSL Security on the Web
  196. Canada is Magnet for Pirates & “Rogue” Sites
  197. Copyright Monopoly Legislation Is A Lie!
  198. Crowdfunding Site Kickstarter Hacked, User Info Accessed
  199. Comcast Takeover of Time Warner Cable to Reshape U.S. Pay TV
  200. Gmail Tells Users: Don’t Expect Privacy!
  201. Can You Smell Something Phishy?
  202. The Copyright Industry Is Doomed
  203. Movie Studio Wants $869,000 From FileServe
  204. Court Rules=No Prosecution for Pirate Uploade
  205. Wages For Facebook? - Crazy & Unfair
  206. Censors Came For TorrentFreak-Owner is Angry
  207. Court Rules-Regs Cant Hold Domain W.O Order
  208. BBC Fights Piracy-Moves Sherlock Holmes to East
  209. Iron Maiden Gives Concerts to Pirates
  210. RapidGator Wiped From Google
  211. US Army Fined $50 Million for Piracy-Illegal W7
  212. DDoS Attacks on Warez & Torrent Sites
  213. *MALWARE* warning about bdstudiogames.com
  214. Please Read This BEFORE Posting!
  215. Samsung Accused of Trying to Silence Report of GS4 Fire
  216. “Spotify Was Designed from the Ground Up to Combat Piracy”
  217. Hotfile Shuts Down and Takes User Files With It
  218. Ransomware – Possibly the no. 1 threat for 2013
  219. Winamp Shutting Down
  220. Court Orders ISPs to Block Rapidgator File Host
  221. Warez Group Exposed for Collecting Information on Pirates
  222. Nasty New Malware Locks Your Files Forever, Unless You Pay Ransom
  223. ISP Providers Want Piracy Lawsuits Stopped
  224. UK Man Hacked US Army/Nasa Computer Systems
  225. WARNING-FileHosts/Torrent Sites NOT To Use
  226. How To Go Back To Old Gmail Interface
  227. Demonoid Admin Attacks TorrentFreak
  228. Movie Outfit Asks Google to Censor Its Own Trailer
  229. Copyright Monopoly Must Be Torpedoed
  230. Huge Software Piracy Group Calls it Quits After 30,000 Cracked Titles
  231. Anonymous Members Indicted for DDoSing
  232. Hackers Deface LeaseWeb Host-Sites Affected
  233. Piracy Isn’t Killing The Entertainment Industry
  234. Samsung Exposed as Top Advertiser on Pirate Sites
  235. Microsoft Ditches Anti-Piracy Partner
  236. Breaking Bad Finale>500,000 Pirate Downloads
  237. Google Removes ‘BitTorrent’ From Piracy Search Filter
  238. Mega Relives Megaupload Fame-Overtakes RapidShare
  239. Warner Bros.DMCA Fraud/Abuse Case Goes to Jury
  240. Scammers Flood The Internet With Pirated Movies
  241. Facebook Added to Russian Website Blocklist
  242. MPAA Accuses Google of Breeding Pirates
  243. 432 Million Internet Pirates Transfer 9,567 Petabytes of Data a Month
  244. RIAA Wants Browsers to Block Pirate Sites
  245. Best Way to Organize Your Gmail Inbox
  246. Police Arrest Alleged Movie Pirate Again+ His Family
  247. The NSA/GCHQ/FRA 'Subvert' World's Crypto
  248. Pirates Plan to Beat Up Amazon/Disrupt the Ebook Market
  249. UK Internet Filter Blocks VPNs, Australia to Follow?
  250. Journalists Face Criminal Complaint For Mentioning Name of Pirate Site