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  1. Former MPAA vice president turns against SOPA
  2. ODDNS: Opens DNS To Defeat Censorship
  3. MPAA Filter Censors Legit Torrent Files on isoHunt
  4. YouTube Lawyer Joins Megaupload Legal Team
  5. Backroom SOPA Negotiations are Ongoing
  6. 5000+ Artists Line Up For Pirate Bay
  7. The Pirate Party is Pirated!! (True)
  8. Court Kicks Out Copyright Troll
  9. ACTA: First EU Parliament Committee Opinion Says “Reject”
  10. We’re No Rogue Site: PutLocker Responds
  11. Pirate Party Refuses to Shutdown Pirate Bay Proxy
  12. Spanish ‘SOPA’: 79 Site Takedown Requests in First Month
  13. If Megaupload Gets Data Back They’ll Relaunch
  14. ‘Privacy Invasion Bill’ Continues to Gain Support
  15. Rick Falkvinge: `I Am a Pirate` [Video]
  16. CCI Tries to Punish Pirates - No Chance
  17. Sports Reporter Demands Return of Megaupload Files
  18. How Adobe DRM Requires People to Pirate Library Books
  19. Batman Set To Pimp The File-Sharing PirateBox
  20. New Xbox Will Not Work Without Internet
  21. The Pirate Bay Buys Greek Airspace for Drones
  22. Euro Court May Stop UK `Spying` On Web & Phones
  23. Murdoch`s Group Accused of Piracy -Smartcards
  24. MPAA Targets Fileserve, MediaFire, Wupload, Putlocker and Depositfiles
  25. BitTorrent Terms & Phrases Inclusion in Famous Dictionaries
  26. UPDATE & Charts on File Hosts Rules on Piracy etc
  27. French ‘Three Strikes’ Law Slashes Piracy
  28. Pirate Bay Damages Rise 60%, Police Hunt For Founder
  29. BTDigg Adds uTorrent Ratings to Search Results
  30. Pirate Party Founder Nominated for TIME 100
  31. Problems with downloadspeed fro Extabit.
  32. Fileserve
  33. Hotfile Researcher Discredits MPAA-Funded Piracy Study
  34. VIDEO= Megaupload Drops Mega Song Lawsuit
  35. RapidShare Declared Legal In Court- Good For Some Other FILEHOSTS
  36. BitTorrent Lawsuits Return to the UK-PORN
  37. Spanish RIAA Sues Blogging Professor for Defamation
  38. International Pirate Conference Takes Place Next Month
  39. Entertainment Ind Worked WITH Megaupload-Evidence
  40. One ISP Wants Other Providers To Disconnect Pirates
  41. BitTorrent Crackdown: Police Raid Private Tracker, Others Shut Down
  42. Looking for a good adsense alternative for a small site
  43. MEPs to vote on Acta before summer & UPDATE
  44. Kim Dotcom's Final Supreme Court Battle to Avoid US Extradition
  45. Australia Stands Alone -Re ACTA
  46. The Inspirational Maniacs Of The Pirate Bay
  47. How SOPA Could Actually Benefit File-Sharers
  48. Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links
  49. Google Strikes Back Re Hotfile Intervention
  50. BitTorrent Pirate Punishments Spark Protest
  51. Vultures Sue Megaupload For Millions
  52. Megaupload Data May Soon Be Destroyed
  53. Dutch Block Pirate Bay Proxies
  54. Anti-BitTorrent Piracy Talks Are Failing
  55. Criminals Target Megaupload Users
  56. Copyright Holders Exploit "Loopholes"-Judge Reacts-Cases Dismissed
  57. PHOTOS-Pirate Bay Founders Will Go Into 3 Separate Jails
  58. Pirate Bay Moving To ‘Space’? + Drones-UPDATES
  59. US Broke Copyright Rules FIRST Yrs AGO >History & Facts
  60. Megaupload Seizure Order “Null and Void” Says High Court
  61. Pirate Bay ‘Financier’ Electronically Tagged
  62. Google Defends Hotfile (and Megaupload) in Court
  63. How The Copyright Industry Drives A Big Brother Dystopia
  64. changing file names ...
  65. German court orders Rapidshare to filter user uploads
  66. Firefox -Add-ons To Help With IPs & Links etc
  67. VIDEO-NinjaVideo “Head of Security” Avoids Prison
  68. Pirate Bay -New Police Investigation
  69. UK "Pirate" Student to be Extradited to US
  70. Grooveshark Fights To Keep Music Open
  71. SXSW 2012 on BitTorrent: 7.51 GB of Free Music
  72. Microsoft-"Piracy Costs US$86.0 million yearly"
  73. Court Orders RapidShare to Filter- Germany
  74. Copyright Regime vs. Civil Liberties
  75. Hollywood Lawyers Threaten ‘Hobbit’ Pub
  76. Court Orders SOPA-style Blackout
  77. TorrentFreak in Trouble
  78. Rights Group Demands Cash So Libraries Can Read Books To Kids
  79. How To Catch BitTorrent Pirates
  80. VIDEO-PirateBox Takes File-Sharing Off The Radar
  81. Top 10 Most Pirated Movies on BitTorrent
  82. Netkups: World’s First BitTorrent / Cyberlocker Hybrid?
  83. BitTorrent Case Resurrected in UK High Court
  84. The Pirate Bay is Down + Bad News
  85. The 3D Printed Pirate Bay Ship Arrives
  86. Torrent-less Pirate Bay Sees Massive Drop in Bandwith
  87. WordPress Plugin Unblocks Censored Sites
  88. Leaked: Police Plan to Raid Pirate Bay + VIDEO
  89. Anti-Piracy Co. Blames Hack For Bogus DMCAs
  90. Hotfile v Warner Bros Court Case-DOCs & Update
  91. P2P Pirates Share 690 Million Movies a Year
  92. File-Sharing and Organized Crime Link???
  93. uTorrent Fixes Magnet Resume Problem
  94. History Shows That Copyright Monopolies Prevent Creativity
  95. First American Pirate Conference US
  96. Change IPs-Report Shows Futility Of US Anti-Piracy Laws
  97. Top 10 Most Popular Torrent Sites of 2012
  98. Despite Piracy More Music Sold Than Ever Before
  99. Pirate Bay-UK Blockade
  100. UK File-Sharers Face Disconnections
  101. Book Publishers ‘Shut Down’ Library.nu and iFile-it
  102. BTGuard Review: How Does it Work?-Hide Your Traffic
  103. BitTorrent Pirates Go Nuts After TV Release Groups Dump Xvid
  104. TorrentFreak Considers Legal Action
  105. Belgian Music Pirate Slapped With 65,651 Euro in Damages
  106. Pirate Bay Is Down, But Don’t Panic
  107. GayTorrent Shuts Down
  108. FileFactory Getting Desperate Or Trying to Scam You?
  109. RapidGator.net To Close? UPDATE -Sold
  110. Rapidshare slow for free users.
  111. Acta
  112. Extabit site
  113. FileHosts Premium & Affiliations Comparison
  114. WARNING -Exhabit.com/uploaded.to-Do NOT use Them
  115. Twitter Admits 'Harvesting' Users' Contacts
  116. Google Sued by Safari User over Privacy
  117. Student Nearly brought down the £31bn Facebook Empire
  118. Filesharing Prosecutions Face Serious Problems, says Judge
  119. all Canadians Please READ
  120. Rapidshare Info & Prosecutions History
  121. JDownloader-BIG Problems For Members with US IPs +Dead Links
  122. BTjunkie has gone now also!
  123. VIDEO-Anonymous Important Message-New US BILL!
  124. Julian Assange > Hero or Villain?
  125. Obama Speaks on UK Student's Piracy Extradition
  126. FBI Wants App to Pry Into Twitter/Facebook/Google/Skype
  127. UK Lords Force Rethink on Piracy
  128. UK File-Sharing Trial Ends In Acquittal
  129. Swiss Gov. Rules Downloading Stays Legal
  130. Dutch ISPs Refuse To Block Pirate Bay
  131. Proxy IPs -Top Free Fast sites & How To Do It
  132. Cyberlocker Ecosystem Shocked As Big Players Take Drastic Action
  133. EFF & Carpathia Hosting Help MegaUpload Users Retrieve Data
  134. Cyberlocker Burden of Proof Should Be Reversed
  135. Change Your IP Address From the Command Prompt
  136. Some Great Signs From our Sister Site
  137. FILE HOSTS Deleting>Safe & SecureHosts-OUTSIDE the US & UPDATES
  138. Filesonic No Longer Sharing Files
  139. US Extradition Now Official -Mega Founder Kim Schmitz
  141. dreamteamdownloads has reopened- again
  142. Hackers Steal Government Certificate To Distrubute Malware
  143. Premium Link Account Users/Uploaders-HELP is Here!
  144. Software Piracy: The Untold Tales [Infographic]
  145. Members Can You Help Us - PLEASE READ
  146. ENOUGH! Freebie Downloaders HELP Us >Or Restrictions WILL Start