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  1. NSA Spying and Anti-Piracy Laws Boost Demand for VPNs
  2. Court Orders RapidShare >Police the Internet
  3. US Copyright Foe to Address Piracy
  4. The Most Embarrassing DMCA Notice Ever
  5. Comcast Sues TorrentFreak for Copyright Infringement
  6. Time Warner CEO Agrees That Piracy is Necessary
  7. AOL Boss Fires Employee in Conference Call for Taking Photo
  8. DMCA Notices Won’t Stop Piracy, Tech Giants Say
  9. Pirate Party Reports Minister to Police=Copyright Infringement
  10. Changes Against Copyright Regime Is Closer Than You Think
  11. rapidgator not working recently??
  12. US Recruits Internet Spies to Watch Social Networks & Forums
  13. Russian SOPA Anti-Piracy Investigated For Piracy
  14. Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Tango & Viber Servers
  15. Russia’s Anti-Piracy Law >Websites Organise Blackouts
  16. HBO Asks Google to Remove VLC Media Player
  17. Bar Fined $45,000 Fine for Piracy=Playing Karaoke
  18. New Piracy Law in Norway Begins
  19. SOPA Fallout Makes Anti-Piracy a Tough Job
  20. Convicted Pirate Refuses Work Offer From The RIAA
  21. Google Refuses to Delete Pirate Websites From Searches
  22. Wikipedia Fears Anti-Piracy Law Could Shut Them Down
  23. YouTube, Gmail, All Google Apps Brought Down Wed Morning
  24. VIDEO-Pirate Bay Founder Launches NSA-Proof Messenger App
  25. Pirate Bay Founder Wants to Close it Down
  26. France Cancels Actions Against Pirates
  27. S.Africa ISPs Reject Calls For Subscriber Info
  28. Canada's Screws Anti-Piracy Group in Court
  29. JDownloader Worries about Court Ruling
  30. The World’s Scariest Anti-Piracy Video
  31. Tired of ‘War on Piracy’Adobe to Turn Pirates into Customers
  32. Anti-Piracy Group Admits Streaming Movies Isn’t Illegal
  33. VIDEOs-Snowden: 'I am Not a Spy' + Russia Visa Extended for 3 Yrs
  34. Microsoft Sued Over ‘Mafia-Like’ Piracy Raid
  35. Russia’s ‘SOPA’ Passed By Lawmakers-Site Blocking Begins “In Weeks”
  36. US NET Control >Trump Signs NET Privacy Repeal Into Law=Our Freedom Has Gone Forever
  37. US will Sue if You Sing Happy Birthday Song-Copyright!
  38. Copyright Ind.Gets $12 For Every XBox/Playstation Sold
  39. Is Facebook Down-YES! Its been Been Hacked!-Anonymous Perhaps?
  40. Bitcoin Can Destroy/Bankrupt-US is Seriously in Debt>Loans From China
  41. Judge Rules-FBI Must Return All Megaupload's Property
  42. Filehost Rapidgator Wins in Court-ISP Unblocked
  43. PhOtOs-Judge Rules Against Sheriff on Latino Abuse
  44. FBI Seizes Online Bank-Arrests Worldwide=$6 Billion Fraud
  45. Someone’s Trying to Nail RIAA for DOWNLOADING PORN
  46. Five Undercover Police Cars Sent To Arrest Single Alleged Movie Pirate
  47. Pirate Party's Seats Expected to Triple in Elections
  48. RIAA "Losing Piracy Battle"=Fires Staff
  49. Google/Twitter/FBook Stole Kimdotcom's Patent?
  50. Canadian Police & Govnt Caught Pirating Movies
  51. RapidShare Fires 75% of its Staff
  52. Canada's Anti-Piracy Outfit PIRATES Photos for its Website
  53. Pirate Bay Co-Founder to Run For Euro Parliament
  54. Google & Amazon Cheat Taxman out of Billions-Moves Income
  55. New US Copyright Bill-Jail For Unlocking Cellphones?
  56. Pirate Bay Starts Selling Guns!
  57. FileServe Hit With $1 Million Piracy Lawsuit
  58. Demonoid is BACK -Tests Show it Working
  59. USGovt. Fears End of Megaupload Case
  60. Warner Bros Sued-“Stealing” Internet Memes
  61. MPAA Exec Tampered With Evidence-Piracy Case
  62. US to Launch New Anti-Piracy PSA- Yeah Right!
  63. Anti-Piracy Chief Pleads Guilty to Drug Trafficking
  64. Interpol Probe Targets Funds of Major File-Hosts
  65. Pirate Bay Founder Denies Charges -Hacking a Bank
  66. Google Relaxes DMCA Takedown Restrictions
  67. Furious Judge Storms out in Piracy Case
  68. Pirate Bay Moves Servers to The United States,..Yeah
  69. Free Access To Lots of Anonymous VPNs -University Project
  70. Pirates “Hijack” Domain Name of Anti-Piracy Campaign
  71. Music Piracy Doesn’t Hurt Sales, European Commission Finds
  72. Demonoid is Back -Warning!-It's an Imposter
  73. 'Hackers are More Dangerous Than Terrorists Now'
  74. MS Now Allows Transfer of Office 2013 to Other PCs
  75. Fox Targets Pirate Bay >Bogus DMCA Requests
  76. The Pirate Bay ‘Moves’ to North Korea
  77. Mega's KimDotCom Advertising for Staff
  78. Sony Hits Beyonce File-Sharer With $233,000 Damages Lawsuit
  79. Sony Hits Beyonce File-Sharer With $233,000 Damages Lawsuit
  80. Save Money-Switch to VoIP & Ditch Your Home Phone
  81. Megaupload “Planted Evidence” is Unfounded Says US
  82. Facebook Hacked In 'Sophisticated Attack
  83. Anti-Piracy Group Steals Pirate Bay Website
  84. New Demonoid Update - Good News!
  85. VLC Mulls BitTorrent Streaming Support
  86. FBI Employees Download Pirate Movies
  87. Court Rules:File-Sharing Convictions Violate Human Rights
  88. Pirate Bay Worked WITH Wikileaks
  89. Hollywood Won’t Get Piracy Profits
  90. DMCA Notifications on HBO & MTV-More Errors!
  91. Mediafire Swaps “Pirate” Links for “Buy Now” Button
  92. Pirate Bay Founder says Thank You -from Jail
  93. MEGA: Kim Dotcom is Offering 10,000 euro.....
  94. KickassTorrents Back Up (Down After Kat.ph Domain Expired)
  95. PayPal Removed from the New Mega Site
  96. Anti-Piracy Co. ‘Tests’ Mega’s Copyright Skills
  97. Norwegian Pirate Party Gets Official Recognition
  98. Colombian Court Rejects US Copyright Laws
  99. French Court Demands Twitter Hand Over IDs of Users
  100. Antigua Govn Punishes U.S-Sets Up Piracy Site
  101. Sweden Demands License Fees From Computer Owners
  102. Court Refuses To Try Self-Confessed Pirate Bay Uploader
  103. Australian Pirate Party Approved -Russians Denied-Again
  104. Email scam from websites to you
  105. VIDEO-Pirate Party Battles LEGO in Court- Copyright
  106. Canada Refuses to Ship Megaupload Servers to US
  107. Demonoid Coming Back - UPDATE
  108. Google and Yahoo Fund ‘Pirate Sites’
  109. BBC-Backed Pirate Bay Documentary Ready for Premiere
  110. PPal Keeps Many Sites $$$-Back to The Stone Age
  111. U.S. Judge Dismisses “Copyright Shakedown”
  112. RapidShare Traffic Goes Down
  113. Copyright Actions Should Lessen in 2013-& Predictions
  114. Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrent
  115. YouTube Posts Pirate Movies-No Legal Action Taken
  116. Exposed: BitTorrent Pirates at the DOJ, Parliaments, Record Labels and More
  117. Pirate Party Shuts Down Pirate Bay Proxy After Legal Threats
  118. UK ISPs Unblock Pirate Bay’s Artist Promos After Protests
  119. MPAA Actions Damages many Legitimate Businesses
  120. MS Security Essentials Loses Certification after Failing AV Test
  121. Megaupload Shutdown Hurt Box Office Revenues
  122. “Anonymous” File-Sharing Darknet Ruled Illegal by German Court
  123. Newzbin2 Calls it Quits- MPAA’s Sues Paypal
  124. Police Raid 9yr old Pirate Girl's Home-Father Pays Fine
  125. Demonoid Is Down -Again-May Not Be Back
  126. RapidShare Limits Public Download Traffic
  127. Canadians Better Protected From “Copywrath”
  128. Firefox 17 Beta now Forces Secure Connections for List of Selected Domains
  129. Demonoid Will Not Be Back -Server Pulls The Plug
  130. Megupload is Still Being Censored- By Google
  131. RapidShare Speeds Up for Pirates
  132. TV Shack Owner, O’Dwyer -Fined £20,000 ($30,000)
  133. First Pirate Senator Elected
  134. Pirate Bay Founder Held In Solitary Confinement
  135. Netflix Caught Using “Pirated” Subtitles
  136. MegaUpload rises from the dead
  137. Google Threatens to BAN France
  138. Google Shares Suspended after $19bn Loss-Investors Panic
  139. Pirate Bay Becomes Raid-Proof
  140. Skype Users Targeted by Malicious Worm
  141. Mozilla Re-Releases Firefox 16 after Fixing Critical Flaw
  142. UK Stops Hacker's Extradition to the U.S.
  143. iPad Mini prices leaked?
  144. Hacker gets pay day from Google for cracking Chrome
  145. DMCA Send US Govt & BBC "Illegal Copyright" Notifications
  146. Pirate Bay Founder Wins Back Passport from Swedish Embassy
  147. Republicans Run Pirate Bay Ad...NO JOKE!!
  148. Pirate Party Gets Boost, Plot Thickens….
  149. Megaupload Seized Data Case Will Get a Hearing
  150. Facebook Passes 1 Billion Users Mark
  151. Google Chrome 22 Adds Support
  152. Your YouTube original videos now available in Google Takeout
  153. New Java Flaw Allows “Complete” Bypass of Security Sandbox
  154. Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms
  155. Piracy release teams sentenced, fined
  156. Canada hit by two cyber attacks
  157. Canada ‘Sponsors’ The Pirate Bay & Makes Money!
  158. File-Sharing Declared Legal in Portugal
  159. VIDEOS-Megupload Coming Back & MegaBox is Growing
  160. First Elected Pirate Party Mayor to Rule Swiss Town
  161. EU Court Asked To Rule On Legality Of Downloading
  162. Iranian hackers attacking U.S. banks
  163. Warner Bros, Hotfile & EFF Fight Over Bogus Auto Takedowns
  164. US Complain China & Russia Not Helping to stop Piracy
  165. Pirate Bay Financier Files For Bankruptcy
  166. Afghanis Hack Bit Torrent Sites?
  167. “Six Strikes” Anti-Piracy Scheme Overly Secret and Unfair...
  168. Prominent Anti-Piracy Chief Suspected of Drug Crime
  169. Google killing support for Internet Explorer 8 in November
  170. Megaupload User Data Negotiations Go Bust
  171. Pirate Bay Celebrates 9th Anniversary - Brief History
  172. McAfee: Emma Watson most 'dangerous' celebrity to search for online
  173. U.S. official: Other nations engaging in 'reckless' cyber attacks
  174. Newish File Host Upgrades & Pays out More $$$
  175. Anti-Piracy Outfits Think Megaupload, Demonoid & BTjunkie Are Still Alive
  176. Demonoid-MPAA Took Screenshots Before Closure
  177. Apple Lifts Ban on BitTorrent Apps
  178. Cambodia was Paid $59 Mill to Extradite PBay Founder
  179. warezforum.info CLOSED for Good
  180. NZ ISPs to Pay 76% Of 3 Strike Piracy Notices
  181. Anti-Piracy Blocklists Don’t Keep BitTorrent Spies Out
  182. Dutch Pirate Party Ready To Enter National Parliament
  183. Who's Tracking You Online?-Firefox Add On
  184. PBay Founder Remains in Jail in Sweden-NO charges
  185. Mozilla Warns Users to Disable Java -Zero-Day Exploit
  186. Pirate Party Pirate Bay Proxy Fights Back After DDoS Attack
  187. Filesonic Closes Down After Traffic Plummets....
  188. US Forced to Return Seized Site Domains
  189. Congressional Reps Question Feds Over Botched Domain Seizures
  190. Massive Onslaught of Fakes Hit Torrent Sites
  191. New Megaupload Massive Global Network Will "Change The World"
  192. The Pirate Bay Suffers DDoS Attack
  193. FilesTube’s Facebook Page Is Hijacked
  194. Fileprohost
  195. RapidShare Goes Down Locally
  196. Leading ‘Ethical’ TV Show BitTorrent Tracker Shut Down By FACT
  197. MPAA & RIAA Going Broke? -We are Winning!!!
  198. Is Your Favourite Website Down Right Now?
  199. MPAA Budget Slashed In Half...
  200. “BitTorrent Sites Are Like Drug Dealers”
  201. Tenenbaum Must Pay the RIAA $675,000
  202. Movie Studio Wants to Bankrupt Pirate Bay Founder
  203. MPAA Downplays Hollywood’s Role In Keeping Piracy Alive
  204. KimDotcom New Megabox & Megaupload May Come Back
  205. BayW.org CLOSED for Good
  206. The Pirate Party Offers Proxy Sites
  207. How Will Google Handle YouTube Copyright Violations in Search Results?
  208. Can Porn Be Copyrighted?
  209. RIAA Revenue Dwindles As Labels Cut Back
  210. Pirate Bay and isoHunt Respond to Google Search Result Punishment
  211. Pirate Bay Founder Appeals Passport Revocation
  212. uTorrent Makes Ads Optional Following User ‘Revolt’
  213. Streaming Site Owner Jailed- Ladybbird is Mad!
  214. How We Won ACTA!-From The Pirate Party
  215. Cyberwarez.info- Reopened under Different Name
  216. TVShack Staff "Snitches" for FBI
  217. VIDEOs:Secret US Govt Group Involved >Dotcoms Raid
  218. MPAA Recruits “Surrogates” to Support Extradition of Student
  219. Some ISPs Refuse to Help the US Block Pirates
  220. The Pirate Party is Increasing Around The World
  221. Three Strikes Anti-Piracy Blocking “Too Expensive To Justify”
  222. PublicBitTorrent and OpenBitTorrent Trackers Return
  223. Microsoft Finishes Internet Explorer 10
  224. Chrome 21 Has New API for Video & Audio Communication
  225. Firefox 15 Reduces Memory
  226. Leaked MPAA Memo Reveals TV-Shack Press Strategy
  227. Band Shows Fans How To Unblock The Pirate Bay
  228. Australians online privacy at risk again.
  229. Pirate Bay Proxies Force Nasty Crapware
  230. US Gov't Says They Can Still Freeze Mega's Assets
  231. Pirate Bay Change Their Name + Their Court Cases
  232. US Govt. Says it Can Keep Megaupload’s Assets
  233. Leaked RIAA Report: SOPA/PIPA “Are DEAD”
  234. Demonoid CLOSED Update-Sale BANNED-Criminal Prosecution
  235. Why The Internet Is Running Out of IPv4 Addresses
  236. Top Music Stars Ask UK Prime Minister For Anti-Piracy Action
  237. US Tries To Change The Law (Megaupload Case)
  238. Court May Order Google to Censor Mega & RShare
  239. Australia's Pirate Party Fails in Bid to Geo on Ballot
  240. VIDEO-Abusing Copyright To Stifle Dissent & Censor Critics
  241. Largest BitTorrent Trackers Go Offline in Protest
  242. Victory in Mass-Piracy Lawsuit Against CBS, CNET
  243. Warez Scene News Site Helped By Google
  244. “Anonymous” Hacks Anti-Piracy Takedown Tool
  245. Firefox: Can this Web Browser be Saved?
  246. Victory...Wikileaks banking blockade
  247. ...trolls attempt to extort a wrong person...
  248. Cyberlocker Offered To Help Prosecute Users...
  249. European Parliament rejects ACTA
  250. ...Infringement Suit Could Collapse Cyberlocker...