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  1. Child Serial Killers/Pedos Rose & Myra Were Lovers in Prison
  2. Is He a Hostage of Russia or a Spy?
  3. Baby Girl Fights for Life After Rape by Monster
  4. Hard Rock Casino Hotel Collapses
  5. Corrupt Cops Kidnap/Imprison American Woman in Mexico
  6. Inside the Japanese Graveyard of The Future
  7. British Man & Wife Kidnapped in Philippines
  8. Behind Bars Philippines > World’s Toughest Prison
  9. Homeless Woman Tortured and Dangled From Tower Block Balcony
  10. Britain's Worst Female Pedo Will Be Banned From Parts of UK After Release
  11. Harrowing Baby Rape Case Jurors Will Never Have to Serve in Court Again
  12. The Hunt for Britain's Slave Gangs.
  13. Prison Officers Laugh as Inmate is DRAGGED to Death
  14. 160 yrs in Jail if You are a Whistleblower in Australia
  15. Tourist Strangled & Burnt to Death in Barbados
  16. Australian Homeless Man Becomes a Millionaire
  17. Mother Teresa A Saint?
  18. Frankenstein Human With Woman's Head on Male Torso Found at Lab
  19. Runaway Queen & Princesses of Dubai Hide in UK
  20. Coast Guard Raids Submarine Filled with £185m of Cocaine
  21. Sarah's Law-The Untold Story >She was Only 8yrs Old
  22. World's Worst Crime-Children Sacrificed by Witch Doctors
  23. Royal Marines Stop Iranian Oil Tanker Bound for Syria
  24. Sex Worker Girl Died During Depraved Sex Act
  25. Monster GUILTY of Raping Stepdaughter & Fathering 8 Kids
  27. Scotlands Secret Serial Killer Full VIDEO
  28. Katy Perry has Blood on Her Hands says Nun
  29. New York's Dirtiest Cop > FULL Video Story
  30. US Cop GUILTY of Australian Woman's Murder
  31. Man Survives In Extreme Sub-Zero Temps in Siberia
  32. Idris Elba Marries Sabrina Dhowre in Secret Ceremony
  33. Nursery Manager Watched Babies Being Raped & She Found it Sexy
  34. Child Raped/Pregnated by Grandad Who Aborted Baby by Coat Hanger
  35. Daughter Found Her Mum Had Hidden 4 DEAD Babies in Her Bedroom for 20yrs
  36. Nurse Adopts Druggie Baby Nobody Wanted
  37. Zippyshare Suddenly Denies Access to UK Visitors Without a Clear Reason
  38. Priest Sold Elderly Couple’s Land & Kept $1mill US
  39. Baby Attacked by Ghost Caught on Babycam
  40. Jack the Ripper's TRUE Identity Revealed by DNA
  41. Starving Abused Chained Boy, 6, Rescued From Filthy Shack
  42. Pedo Caught With 2Mill Child Abuse Images/Multi Arms in Secret Underground Bunker
  43. World’s Saddest Elephant Dies After 43 years Alone in Zoo
  44. Blazing Inferno Burns West Virginia Church To Ashes
  45. The Hermaphrodite Who Shocked France
  46. Hannibal Lecter Fan Cut Out and & Ate Dead Pal's Liver
  47. FBI Finds 2,000 Human Bones/42,000 Artifacts in US Mans' Home
  48. EXPOSED: Tortured For Trying to Enter Europe
  49. EVIL PEDO Boy Raped/Tortured/Killed 6yr old Girl
  50. Biker Bob's Posthumous Adventure
  51. Sadistic Child Killer Ian Brady's 2 Locked Briefcases May Reveal Burial Site
  52. US Girl Weds & is Intimate With a ZOMBIE DOLL Called Kelly
  53. Transgender Father is 7 Months Pregnant
  54. SARDINIA-Island Paradise Now Closed by Worlds' Military
  55. Evil Mum Killed Daughters, 3yrs and 16 Months Old
  56. VIDEO > Cars of the Future...
  57. Jon-Benet Ramsey Case Solved >Pedo Confesses
  58. Australia's Murderous Family
  59. SAS's UFO Revenge Prank on US Air Force
  60. Tortured To Death by a Witch & a Devil
  61. The BIGGEST Holes Ever Made By Humans
  62. MOST Evil Place on Earth for PEDOS >Pres.G.W.Bush Snr Supported it
  63. SOS Found in Halloween Decorations From Chinese Labour Camp
  64. Modern Day Slave, Captive for 40 yrs, Found in Six-Foot Shed in UK
  65. Australia Agrees To Help Women Bleed W.O. Charge >Cancels Tampon Tax
  66. Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour 'Discovered' off US coast
  67. How to Murder Your Husband Author Murders Husband
  68. Mum Drove Van & Screaming Kids into Ocean
  69. Saudi Arabia to Execute First Female Activist
  70. HELP US Before it's Too Late > Australia's DISGRACE
  71. Dust-Covered Vase in Loft Revealed to be £14m Rare Chinese Antique
  72. VIDEOs > 5 Little Miracles
  73. Golden State Serial Killer Arrested >He Was a Police Officer
  74. PhOtOs >9mth Old Baby Tied Up & Left in a Bush to Die
  75. Amelia Earhart Bones Discovered on Pacific Island
  76. Pedo Cambridge Grad Gets 32 yrs for Warped Sadistic Online Blackmail
  77. PhOtOs >Difference Between Trump & Obama >Sandy Hook
  78. Killer Whale That Can Talk
  79. Slaves Remains Shipwreck Discovered >May be The Last Boat Shipped to US
  80. Pope Francis Marries 2 Crew Members on Papal Plane in Chile
  81. Google Moves £14 Billion into TAX HAVEN to Cut its Bills
  82. United Airlines Flight Tyres Blow Up on Landing
  83. Missing Leonardo da Vinci Painting Sells for $450m
  84. Vanished Civilization Art Found by Brits on Uninhabited Caribbean Island
  85. HMS Sex & Cocaine: Navy Kicks 9 Sailors/4 Officers off Nuclear Submarine
  86. PhOtOs>McDonald’s Manager Gave Customers Cocaine With Meals
  87. Missing British Woman in Greece Killed & Eaten by Wolves
  88. KFC recipe revealed? Tribune shown family scrapbook with 11 herbs and spices
  89. Iceland Govt Collapses Over Paedophile Furore
  90. How The Russians Helped JFK Win HIS Election
  91. Secrets of Birth of America: Settlers Ate Rats. Indians Saved Others by Feeding Them
  92. Priest Outraged at Plans to Show Satanic Films in Catholic Church
  93. 'Spiritual Abuse': Sharp Rise in UK Exorcisms
  94. Notorious Prison Inmate Charles Bronson asks TV Star Girlfriend to Marry Him
  95. 'Donated' Organs Came From Executed Prisoners. Medical Journal Retracts Paper
  96. Natives Pipeline Fight > LAND Needs WATER-NOT OIL
  97. Obama Official Issues Ammunition Ban for Federal Lands on Last Day in Office
  98. Uri Geller Convinced CIA He was a 'Psychic Warrior'
  99. UK 'Humanitarian Crisis' >NHS Hospitals A&Es Shut Their Doors
  100. Teenage Chick-fil-A Employee Working Injured to Help Homeless
  101. PhOtOs >UK's Frozen Teenager Hung in Tank with 5 Other Corpses
  102. BREAKING: Comey Mandates All FBI Agents Report to D.C. Offices
  103. PHOTOS-Aberfan Mining Disaster-116 Children/28 Adults Died
  104. VIDEO>BEHEADINGS/Burnt Alive/Starved to DEATH>Brazil/Venezuela Prisons
  105. Obama Prepares for War With Russia to Stop Trump!
  106. Search for 796 Buried Infants at Former Mother and Baby home
  107. Simon Cowell Called in Exorcist >HAUNTED in His Home
  108. 'Unluckiest Man in Australia' Bitten on the Penis by a Spider
  109. PhOtOs>Girl-in-The-Cellar Captive/Raped for 8 Years Relives Ordeal
  110. OUTRAGE>Singing Priest Raped Boy With Crucifix -ONLY 2 Yr Sentence
  111. PHOTOs >PEDO/Wife Arrested >12 Hidden Girls Found Including a Baby
  112. Worlds Most Dangerous PEDO Killed in Prison
  113. Innocent Irish Man 77, Finally Freed in US After 1957 Child Murder
  114. Cadbury’s Accused of War Against “Easter”
  115. VIDEO-Car Thief GUILTY>Mowed Down/Kills UK Cop
  116. PhOtOs-Irishman Who Captured Abraham Lincoln’s Killer
  117. Myths and Truths About Daylight Saving Time
  118. Missing Murderer Lord Lucan Death Certificate Granted
  119. Playboy Beauty 34yrs, Dies After 'Catastrophic' Stroke
  120. PhOtO >Tortured Body Of Cambridge Student Found in Egypt
  121. Trump's HATE For Women >5 TALK of ABUSE +His Dad KKK Member +His Scot Mum
  122. Irish Town in US May Lose St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  123. 'Lily White' OSCARS-No Nominations for Black Actors>AGAIN
  124. PhOtOs/VIDEOs>David Bowies Dies-Mansion He Built is For Sale=US$21Mil
  125. Hunger & Homelessness On The Rise in US
  126. PhOtO-RASPUTIN of NY >Irishman They Couldn’t Kill
  127. PhOtOs-Canadian Teacher/Mum of 2 Found Buried in Makeshift Grave
  128. Cult Leader Guilty of Brutal Sex Attacks/Imprisoned Daughter for 30yrs
  129. Irish Woman Who Survived Titanic/Britannic/Olympic Disasters
  130. How the Irish saved Thanksgiving
  131. Would you pay $30 to break up with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend?
  132. PHOTOs >8 Babies Bodies Found in German Home
  133. Judge Tells Girl Sex Assault Victim> 'Keep Your Knees Together'
  134. VIDEO-Mankind Goes Flying Like a Bird =WINGSUITs
  135. Driver Destroys NEW £1 Million Ferrari Moments After Buying It
  136. PhOtOs-Baby Left Alone in Day Care Center >Firefighters Forced Entry
  137. Army kicking out Green Beret for protecting a child against abuse
  138. Pope Francis is Anti-American >Claim US Critics
  139. VIDEO >Man Mauled to Near Death by PitBulls
  140. Innocent Irish Nanny Deported >After Yrs in US Jail
  141. Irish Pastor Prosecuted>Called Islam a Satanic Belief
  142. British Pensioner Raped/Murdered/Set Alight in Bulgaria
  143. VIDEOs-Muslim Fanatic Attacks US Military Centers >Kills 4 -Injures Others
  144. 'Bootleggers' Hit Genuine Dominican Rum Sales/Profits
  145. Family Poisoned by Insect Repellent>Paralyzed>Will Never Recover
  146. VIDEO/PhOtOs -Man W.O. Arms/Legs Drives a Car
  147. Botched Abortion Leads to Manslaughter Charges
  148. Riker Prison Guards Sued For Rapes on Inmates
  149. Woman Asks Cops Help>Suicidal Boyfriend=They Kill Him
  150. PhOtOs-HUGE Rival Biker Gang BLOODY Gun Battle>192 Arrests
  151. IRA Terror Plot Against Prince Charles/Camilla say Police
  152. VIDEOs/PhOtOs-Indonesia Executions-Bali Duo May Die TONIGHT
  153. FULL MOVIE/PhOtOs-World Remembers Gallipoli-100 Yrs on
  154. VIDEO-Reagan Assassin Asks for Freedom >34yrs in Hospital
  155. PhOtOs-US Hazing Victim Beaten/Set on Fire/Confined in Grave =Went MAD
  156. Sickening:Major Food Corporations use Tissue from Aborted Babies
  157. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Prison Guards Set Up BRUTAL Fight Club
  158. PhOtOs-Lady Suddenly Died & Was Eaten by Her Dogs
  159. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Man Rescued>66 Days at Sea May Be Fraud
  160. PhOtOs-UK Earl Raped 7yr old Son>Aristocrats 'Feel Entitled to Abuse People'
  161. Thai Fishermen Land Massive 14-Foot Stingray
  162. PhOtOs-Man Broke PENIS During Sex>Says He Heard it Snap
  163. PhOtOs-There's a New REAL Duchess at Downton Abbey
  164. VIDEO-Woman 'Screams in Arabic-'I Have a Bomb' @ US Airport
  165. Balance Billing - Have You Overpaid? (VERY INTERESTING US ONLY)
  166. PhOtOs-Dad Admits Raping His 2 MONTH Old Baby>Posts Video on Net
  167. U.S. Border Officials Seize Record 15 Tons of Pot at California Border
  168. PhOtOs/VIDEO-Police Find Dismembered Body of Missing Girl
  169. Noose Of Persecution Against Christians Who Reject Same-Sex Marriage Is Tightening
  170. Miffed Bride Marries Wedding Guest Instead of Original Groom!
  171. PhOtOs-Shoot Out @ Gipsy Wedding-Ceremony Goes Ahead
  172. PhOtOs-Dad Spared Jail After Beating Pedo To Death
  173. Michael Jackson's Neverland May Change into Rehab.Center for Sexually Abused Children
  174. PhOtOs-Star's Father Arrested for 'Incest and Child Abuse'
  175. VIDEOs-Fire Destroys Haunted Woolworth Mansion-Where Owner Killed Herself
  176. PhOtOs-Man Kills Himself After Accusing FOX News of Ruining His Life
  177. Nun Complains of Stomach Pains>GIVES BIRTH To Baby Boy
  178. PhOtO-Drone Carrying Drugs into US Crashes in Mexico
  179. Man Dies in Taiwan After 3-day Online Gaming Binge
  180. PhOtOs-Newborn Baby Burnt ALIVE by Mother
  181. EC Investigate Amazon 'Suspect Tax Deal' with Luxembourg
  182. Target Will Abandon Canada After Racking Up Billions in Losses
  183. PICs-Message for Terrorists>From Cartoonists Around The World
  184. VIDEOs-Study on Rapes in US Prisons>Laws Not Working
  185. VIDEO-Tourist Kidnapped & Gang Raped for 1 Month
  186. Rogue FBI Agent Gave Secrets to IRA in Plot to Kill UK ex-PM
  187. VIDEOs-Tortured by Sadistic Prison Guard in Angelina Jolie Movie
  188. PhOtOs-Crazy Parents Killed Gay Son by Forced 'Therapy'
  189. VIDEOs-Starving Dad & Kids, 5 & 7yrs Found in Outback
  190. PhOtOs-8 Kids Stabbed to Death-Mum Begs for Forgiveness
  191. PhOtOs-Counsellor/Teacher Sexually Abused 100+ Children
  192. Girl Tried to Escape From Gas Station/Predator=Burnt To Death
  193. PhOtO-Mum Admits Burying Newborn Baby ALIVE
  194. VIDEO-Pregnant 19yr US Girl Moved to Hellhole Prison
  195. Congress gives Native American lands to foreign mining company with new NDAA
  196. VIDEOs-World's Most Dangerous Disgusting' Hospital
  197. PhOtOs-Missing Boy 13, Found-Imprisoned Behind False Wall
  198. VIDEO-Siberian Passengers Free Frozen Plane-By Pushing It!
  199. VIDEO -3 & 12 year old Girls Gang Raped -May Not Survive
  200. 5 in Failed Jail Break-Out Sent to 'Hell' Prison-6 Dead
  201. PhOtOs-Death Squads Cops Kill One Civilian EVERY Day=Calls for Inquiry in Jamaica
  202. PhOtOs -China/Japan Hold 'Peace Talks'
  203. Indoctrinating Students In Islam And Sharia
  204. PhOtOs-UK's Biggest Stately Home For Sale=£7million($10mill)
  205. PhOtOs-S.Service Investigator Caught With Hooker
  206. Agents Arrest Woman>55,000 Euros in Stomach
  207. VIDEOs-Farmer Jailed>Treated Worker Like a Slave
  208. PhOtOs-Baby Boy ABANDONED in The Street
  209. Cop Stole/Circulated Nude Pics from Women Drunk Drivers
  210. VIDEO-N.Korea Releases US Prisoner
  211. VIDEO-Flying Man Whizzed Past Plane @ 3,500 Feet
  212. VIDEO-Girl Kidnapped/Dragged to Forced Wedding
  213. PhOtOs-Sicko Beat His Mum to Death=For Sex
  214. PhOtOs-Stabbed 40 Times-to Death=for Her Pension
  215. PhOtOs-Cops Quiz 11>Kidnapping of Madeline McCann-3yrs Old
  216. PhOtOs=Man Sleeps in Car to Protect Treasure
  217. PhOtOs-Woman Beheaded in US by Muslim
  218. PhOtOs-Nurse Caught Sexually Abusing Brain Dead Patient
  219. PhOtOs-Terror World Laughing @ Al Qaeda's HUGE Mistake
  220. PhOtOs-EVIL-Charity Kennels Set on Fire-Many Dogs Died
  221. VIDEO- Pilot Asked for Help Before Crash=Runaway Plane
  222. PhOtOs-Raped 6 Times=to Give Couple a Baby
  223. Foster Mother Jailed for 5 Yrs for Raping Children
  224. Brother and Sister Caught=INCEST in Church Parking Lot
  225. Spanish Woman Faked Kidnapping in the Caribbean
  226. PhOtOs-Cop in Court>Cannibalism/Sex/Murder
  227. PhOtOs-Bali Nine May Escape Firing Squad
  228. My WHITE Customers Don’t Want BLACKs Making Their Coffee
  229. PhOtOs-Pedo Couple Arrested-Kidnapped Kids Saved
  230. Inside London's $67M Superyacht Hotel (Engine Not Included)
  231. Starved Boy,7yrs Like Holocaust Victim-Family JAILED
  232. US Walgreens Buy Major UK Pharmacy Chain
  233. Abducted 5yr old Child Found 20 Yrs Later
  234. Girl 5yrs, Shot/Killed by 5yr Old Boy During Playdate
  235. Prince Harry's HOT Sexy Madhouse-VERY Dirty Dancing & More
  236. Hitman/Terrorist/Child Abuser-Undercover Cops Secret Lives
  237. Girl Forced to Amputate Own ARM to Escape from Sweatshop
  238. Hidden Torture School for Kidnapped US Children
  239. Pedo With Axe Went to Meet Kid For Sex/Kill/Eat
  240. 11,000 Kids 10/11yrs Let Off Murder & Rape
  241. Pilot Arrested for Indecent Exposure to Passengers
  242. PhOtOs-Girl Filmed Performing Sex Act on 24 Men
  243. PhOtOs-Chinese Women with Bound Feet>For Beauty
  244. UK Media Stops US Terror Trial Being Held in Secret
  245. US 'Outs' Secret US Op in Afghanistan-DUH!
  246. PhOtOs-Pedo Teacher Travelled World to Molest Children
  247. Teacher Gave High Grades to Student after Sex
  248. Texas Teen Could Get Life in Prison for Allegedly Making Batch of Pot Brownies
  249. PhOtOs-Girl Beaten Burnt & Starved by Rich Saudi Boss
  250. Millions of Bees Swarm, Close Del. Highway Ramp