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  1. Fresh Blood Needed at Dracula's $80m Castle
  2. Ghost Ship Finally Lands-Ghost Attacks Man
  3. Pot-Laced Munchies at Royal Canadian Legion Leads to Charges
  4. Free Energy with QEG
  5. PhOtOs-Woman 'Lost' in Mental Institutions for 50yrs Dies
  6. Dad Suffocates Baby-So He Could Play Video Games
  7. Judge to Woman Killer-'I HOPE YOU DIE-Shut Your Mouth'
  8. Kidnapped Girl (16), Found Naked on the Sidewalk
  9. Yacht Living Couple Accused in Welfare Fraud is Arrested in Florida
  10. Only in Vancouver? Marijuana Oil-Infused Pizza on the Menu
  11. Children Chained Up & Starved For Months
  12. VIDEO-Baby Boy Weighs a Whopping 44 pounds
  13. Elephants Escape Circus in St. Louis, Damage Cars in Shriners' Lot
  14. child killer/pedo caught
  15. British Woman Returning From African Jungle Finds Giant Spider in Backpack
  16. Doctors Perform Rare C-Section on Gorilla
  17. Model Suing Playboy After Golf Stunt Goes Wrong
  18. Safety Group Claims 303 Deaths Linked to Recalled GM Cars
  19. ViDeO-Famous Crocodile Hunter Killed by Stingray
  20. Speed Trap City Accused of Corruption, Threatened With Extinction
  21. MH370 Captain Locked Co-Pilot out of ****pit & Crashed Jet
  22. Beware scammers new tactics!
  23. Pregnant Mom Drives Van Full of Kids Into Ocean, Rescuer Says
  24. How God Saved This Little Girl During Her Father's Suicide is Miraculous
  25. Pedo Posed as Justin Bieber To Trap Kids for Sex
  26. Victim Traps Pedo who Abused Her as a Child
  27. Making Planes in the World's Biggest Building
  28. Corvette Museum to Reopen After Sinkhole Swallowed Pricey Cars
  29. Meet the Beetles: Hawaii Mobilizes to Fight Bug Invasion
  30. Police Dog FIRED>He Just Wanted to Play
  31. Desperate Search=4 Day old Baby Taken from Crib
  32. Tennessee Judge who Changed Name of Baby From Messiah to Martin Fired
  33. Matt Hardy: Ex-WWE Star Arrested After Alleged Bloody Brawl With Wife
  34. Heroin Laced With Fentanyl Blamed For 22 Deaths In PA
  35. VIDEO-Dungeon Where Killer Kept Sex Slaves
  36. Parents Fined for Taking Children on Vacation
  37. FBI Drags Man From Theater-For Wearing Google Glass
  38. Florida Teen in X-Rated Videos can Return to School After Suspension
  39. Kentucky Bill Would Let Service Monkeys Help Paralyzed People
  40. 'He's Going to Be Better Than He Was Before' Thanks To Fish Oil
  41. Pet Parrot Rats Out Drunk Driver
  42. Texas Man Jailed 20 Years for Double Murder Released for New Trial
  43. 100,000 Bats Are Killed by Australian Heatwave
  44. Royal Navy Captures Drug Ship in Caribbean
  45. Hundreds in W. Va. Report Exposure Symptoms After Crippling Chemical Spill
  46. Teen Stabs Mum, Then Cuts off Own Penis
  47. The Man who Fell to Earth -ID Revealed
  48. Parents Accuse Hawaii Dentist of Leaving Daughter, 3, With Brain Damage
  49. Stranded Alberta Pair Torch Their Car to Keep Warm
  50. Italian Cheeses Melt Icy Roads in Wisconsin
  51. Escort Service Sued for Using Hooters Name
  52. Student Suspended for Sexual Harassment After Hugging Teacher
  53. Police Find Marijuana Wrapped as Christmas Presents
  54. Feds Shut Down 52 Unsafe Bus Companies
  55. Springfield Tennessee Mother Dies in Freak Shower Accident
  56. Toddler Drowns Newborn Brother While Drunk Mum Sleeps
  57. Texas Executes Man For Corrections Officer's Death
  58. Baby Dinosaur Skeleton Found Intact in Alberta
  59. Mother, Long-Lost Son Finally Meet More Than 30 Years Later
  60. 2 Children Die, 3 Seriously Injured After Car Plunges in Icy Pond in Minnesota
  61. Boeing Cargo Jet Lands at Wrong Aiport With Short Runway
  62. Frankenstein to Star Trek: Sci-fi Museum Coming to D.C.
  63. (Video) Pit Bulls Chew Through A Car To Get At Cat
  64. Father Stunned To Discover Google Maps Show Slain Son
  65. VIDEO-Neighbourhood Watch Killer Zimmerman >New Shooting
  66. Joan Jett Removed From Macy's South Dakota Float After Ranchers Protest
  67. Alabama Man Loses Legal Battle to Keep Wife Buried in Front Yard
  68. Connecticut Woman Recovering After Pit Bull Chews Off Her Arm, Hand
  69. Texas Company Makes Metal Gun With 3-D Printer
  70. My Daddy is a Soldier-Adorable Photographs
  71. Missing Mississippi Family Found Dead
  72. Pilot, Passengers Jump to Safety as Skydiving Planes Collide
  73. Police Say Teacher Raped 16-Year-Old Student in School, Additional Victims Possible
  74. PhOtOs-World's Tallest Man Finds a Bride-Finally
  75. Tide Floods Beaches with Cocaine
  76. D.R Probe into ‘Dumping’ by Asian Companies
  77. Cell Phone Stops Bullet Aimed at Florida Gas Station Clerk
  78. FBI investigating After Deputy Sheriff Kills Boy, 13, With Toy Gun
  79. North Dakota Bishop Exposes 100s of Churchgoers to Hepatitis A Virus
  80. Poem Gets High School Football Player Suspended, Kicked Off Team
  81. Dad Tricked by Craigslist Ad Killed in Front of Son
  82. Secret Service Tries to Stop Clinton Parking Ticket
  83. Alabama Lawmaker: Let's Castrate Child Molesters
  84. Lost in the Wilderness: 72-Year-Old Man Survives 19 Days, Eating Lizards, Squirrels
  85. Disturbing VIDEO-Peru Bus Falls off Cliff -No Survivors
  86. Teenage Pedo Almost Kills Baby-Anal Sex With Cutlery
  87. Billionaire Couple Donates $10 Million to Head Start Programs Closed by U.S.
  88. (Photos) Man Crushed to Death By Marijuana In Back Seat
  89. 4 Dead in Colombia Crash of US Anti-Drug Plane
  90. PhOtOs/VIDEO- Mum Beats Toddler to Death
  91. VIDEO-Mum Guilty of Starving Toddler to Death
  92. Senior Couple Charged in Decades Old Cold Cases
  93. Mum Held Down 4yr old Son While Dad Raped him
  94. No Survivors After Plane Hits Hangar at Santa Monica Airport
  95. DNA Cracks Raped Student Case- Found Strangled to Death by Mother
  96. PhOtOs-Rape Victim Describes Polanski Sex Attack
  97. Naked Man Terrorizes Tanning Salon, Goes on Violent Rampage
  98. Sagging Green Bay, Wisconsin, Bridge Snarls Traffic
  99. 1-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Left in Hot Car by Dad
  100. Missing Kentucky Woman Believed to Have Been Eaten by Her Own Wolf-Dogs
  101. $270 Million Worth of Cocaine Found on Air France Flight
  102. Florida Boy, 7, Finds Ancient Canoe While Scuba Diving
  103. Navy Offcer, NCIS Agent Arrested in Mllion-Dollar Bribery Case
  104. 14-Year-Old Calif. Girl Dies After Being Trapped in Car in School Parking Lot
  105. Bride Aged 8 Dies After Sex with Husband (40)
  106. North Carolina Man Attempts to Cross Atlantic With 370 Party Balloons
  107. Funeral Planned for Conn. Slave 215 Years After His Death
  108. PhOtOs-Torture Chamber of Cannibal Rapist/Murderer
  109. Newlywed Wife Accused of Pushing Husband Off Montana Cliff
  110. Woman Accidentally Crushes Partner Under Truck After Fight
  111. Restaurant Posts Insulting Sign to Rednecks
  112. Missouri Man Exposed 300-Plus to HIV, Police Say
  113. Florida Family Finds $300,000 Worth of Sunken Treasure
  114. Marijuana Grower Killed by Own Booby Trap
  115. Ancestry of the US=PhOtOs/Map/Info on Immigrants
  116. Death Sentence for UK Grandmother>Drug Trafficking
  117. Girl of 10yrs Accused of Raping 4yr old Boy
  118. Child Rapist Teacher>30 Days Jail-Released (Child Killed Herself)
  119. Switzerland to Experiment With Drive-in 'Sex Boxes'
  120. Police: 8-Year Old Intentionally Kills His Grandmother
  121. Lightning Strike Kills Two Kentucky Farmers
  122. Clinically Dead Woman Revived After 42 Minutes
  123. Ferrari Sells For Record $27.5 Million
  124. China Zoo Faces Uproar After 'African lion' Revealed To Be a Dog
  125. Drunk Cowboy Rides Horse Into Bar, Ropes Victim
  126. Hostage Standoff Inside Rural Louisiana Bank Ends With Gunman Dead
  127. Panda Cub, Mother Reunited at Taiwan Zoo
  128. Funeral Held for 2-Year-Old Boy Who Was Parents' Best Man
  129. PhOtO-Man Posts Dead Wife/Confesses to Murder on Facebook
  130. Health News: Soda: Public Health Enemy No. 1 ?
  131. Florida Man Who Survived Lightning Strike Now Recovering From Shark Bite
  132. Rodent-Infested Wedding Cake Shop Tries to Pass Off Mouse Droppings as Sprinkles
  133. Skydiving Instructor Dies, Student Critically Injured After Jump Gone Awry
  134. Arrest Follows Peeved Kid Rock's Web Post on Break-In Try
  135. Grandmother Admits Killing, Dismembering Michigan Teen Who Vanished 15 Years Ago
  136. PhOtOs/Video - The Scooter Suitcase
  137. Thousands of Bees Attack Texas Couple, Kill Horses
  138. Florida Woman Reportedly Crushed to Death by Homemade Elevator
  139. Man Charged With Theft After Drinking Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Worth $100G
  140. Mom Dies After Falling From Roller Coaster at Six Flags in Texas, Witnesses Say
  141. PhOtOs-Witness at Mob Trial Found Dead-Murder or Suicide?
  142. Cleveland Kidnapping Suspect Pleads Not Guilty to 977 Counts
  143. Cancer-Stricken Girl's Plea Yields a Pizza Bonanza
  144. Six-Year-old Boy Survives Hours Trapped in Sand Dune
  145. Man Faces Charges in Burning of Girlfriend's Son
  146. Florida Police Officers Entangled in Widespread Sex Scandal
  147. Naked Woman Distracts Man as Her Accomplice Robs His House
  148. Oklahoma Man Arrested After Woman Spots Him in Toilet
  149. Patriots Fans Line Up to Turn in Aaron Hernandez Jerseys
  150. Pennsylvania Bicyclist Loses Leg, May Face Charges in Crash
  151. Video-Brave Soldier Defused Explosive Vest Tied to Man
  152. Man Accused of Strangling, Chopping Up, Cooking Puppy
  153. PhOtOs-Woman CEO Drugged and Raped' at Top US Hotel
  154. Pennsylvania Girl Underwent Two Lung Transplants, Family Reveals
  155. PhOtOs-The Boy Who Didn't Exist=Raised in Secret
  156. Stunning PhOtOs-Society Wedding of The Year
  157. Police K9 Dog Dies-After Left in Cop car
  158. On-the-Job Nap Leads to $293M Banking Error
  159. US NEWS: 4-Year-Old Boy fatally Shoots His Father
  160. Family of Girl Desperate For Transplant Says She Can't Wait for Policy to Change
  161. PhOtOs-UK Rents Free £1Mil Homes to Terrorists!
  162. 4 Firefighters Killed After Hotel Collapse During Houston Blaze
  163. PhOtOs-Girl Strangled in S&M Strip Poker Bondage
  164. VIDEO/New PHOTOs-Baby Found in Sewage Pipe
  165. Ohio Doctor Accused of Raping, Injecting Pregnant Woman With Heroin
  166. UK Zoo Worker Dies After Being Mauled by Tiger
  167. US News: Couple Rides Bridge Down as it Collapses Into Washington State River
  168. Hofstra Student Killed in Home Invasion
  169. Mum Tells Paramedics-"I Shot my Whole Family"
  170. Doctor Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder in Philadelphia Abortion Case
  171. Rat-Sized Snails Are Invading Florida
  172. Myanmar Issues Cyclone Warning
  173. Five Climbers Killed After Deadly Volcanic Ash Blast
  174. Chinese Scientists Slammed For Creating Mutant Influenza Virus in Laboratory
  175. 2-Year-Old Girl Gets Windpipe Made From Stem Cells
  176. Desperate For Another Child, Mother Forces Daughter to Inseminate Herself
  177. US News: Man Stabs Choir Members at End of Church Service
  178. US News: Moldy Marijuana? Legal Markets Spark Push for Health, Safety Standards
  179. VIDEO-Cannibal Talks & Russia's Toughest Prisons
  180. US News: Women Wounded in Dorner Manhunt to Get $4.2 Million
  181. 2 Shot, 1 Person Grazed at Pot Rally in Denver's Civic Center Park
  182. Ex-Justice of The Peace Charged in Texas Slayings
  183. Police Chief Left Gun Unsecured, Teen Used it for suicide
  184. Woman Killed By 4-Year-Old in Tennessee Cookout
  185. Fire Captain Dies Near Anniversary of Fire Deaths
  186. Family Safe After Everglades Adventure
  187. Body Found in Car, Days After it Was Towed
  188. US: Priest Pleads Guilty to Meth Charge
  189. US Refuses 'Pregnant Man' a Divorce
  190. 9-Year-Old Girl Hikes Through Rough Terrain to Get Help for Dad After Crash
  191. Utah Miner Killed in Accident Just Missed Death in 2007
  192. Court Orders US Tobacco Cos>Stop Lying about Dangers of Smoking
  193. Pa. Caretaker Charged With Drinking Old Whiskey
  194. Sky's No Limit: 5 Epic Helicopter Prison Escapes
  195. Judge Judy Sued For "Stealing" Chinaware
  196. NYC-Bound Bus Evacuated After Roach Infestation Discovered
  197. PHOTOs-Golfer Swallowed By Sink Hole-During Game
  198. PHOTOs-Kept in Solitary Confinement 2 yrs-for DUI
  199. The Real Batman-In Costume, Delivers Thief to Police
  200. Baby Born With HIV is Cured
  201. Letters From John Lennon's Killer to Be Sold
  202. Us News: Man Accused of Killing Ex-Wife Aboard Italian Cruise Ship
  203. US News: 68 Pythons Taken in Everglades Hunt
  204. 9-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth
  205. US News: Tank Storing Radioactive Waste Leaking in Washington
  206. US News: Fifth-Grade Boys' Plot to Kill a Classmate
  207. Larry Bird's Son Arrested After Allegedly Trying to Run Down Ex-Girlfriend With Car
  208. 2 Women, Gunman Killed in Delaware Courthouse Shooting
  209. Helicopter Crash on California 'Movie Ranch' Kills 3
  210. US News: IRS Nabs Identity Thieves in Nationwide Crackdown
  211. US: Trump Sues Maher For $5 Million For Orangutan Sex Joke
  212. 2 Caught Wearing Cocaine Diapers at JFK
  213. Pregnant Federal Guard Accused of Having Sex With N.Y. Cop Killer
  214. At Least 8 Killed in California Tour Bus Crash
  215. US News: Former Navy SEAL is Killed at Texas Gun Range
  216. American Caught Smuggling Guns Into Dominican Republic
  217. FBI Raids Florida offices of Dominican Dentist Linked to US
  218. US News: Convicted Murderer Mistakenly Released Captured
  219. VIDEOS-Bloody Venezuela Prison Riot-61 Dead
  220. 3 Canadians Aboard Plane Missing in Antarctica
  221. US: Former Pennsylvania Pastor Convicted of Killing Second Wife
  222. US-Shooting at Texas College-One Gunman Escapes
  223. Las Vegas Officer Kills Wife, Son & Then Himself in Burning Home
  224. 5 Injured After Firearms Go Off at Ohio, N.C., Indiana Gun Shows
  225. U.S., Other Nations Ground Dreamliners Over Fire Risk
  226. USA: Teachers Among 50 Arrested in Child Sex Sting
  227. Insulin Injection Errors May Have Exposed USA Veterans to Viruses
  228. San Francisco Man Used Alligator to Guard $100,000 Pot Stash
  229. Pennsylvania Man Fails at 2 Suicide Attempts on Interstate
  230. Unrully Passenger Duct-Taped to Seat
  231. Woman Survives After Plane Hits Home
  232. 4 Dead After Police Standoff
  233. Parents Order Bulletproof Packpacks for Kids + Armoured Vests
  234. Kansas Hits Up Sperm Donor for Child Support
  235. Rape Case Divides Ohio Town
  236. Subaru Recalls 630,000 Vehicles For Fire Risk
  237. Charter Bus Skids on Ice, Kills 9 in Oregon
  238. 2 Teens, 12-Year-Old Charged in North Carolina Murder
  239. 3 Officers Injured, Gunman Dead After NJ Police Station Shooting
  240. 60-Foot Whale Found on New York Beach
  241. Fireworks Spark Massive Blaze in Nigerian City
  242. Vegas Blackjack Dealer Accused of Stabbing Another Inside Casino
  243. 4 Dead, Including Shooter, in Central Pennsylvania
  244. Deputy Pepper Sprays, Detains Man With Down Syndrome
  245. 60 Cars Involved in Pileup Near Oregon-California Border
  246. 2 Officers Shot, Killed Outside Kansas Grocery Store
  247. Accused Florida Man Kills Neighbor With a Hammer
  248. California Substitute Teacher Becomes Heir to Gold Fortune
  249. Hospital Switches Babies-Now They Need Tests for HIV
  250. Woman Busted in Spain For Cocaine in Breast Implants