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  1. Wolf Creek Star Charged With RAPE >VERDICT
  2. CREEPY New TV Series > His Dark Materials
  3. Daughter of Rolling Stones Brian Jones Says He was Murdered
  4. Yoko Ono's Bells /John Lennon > Give Peace A Chance
  5. Russell Crowe Transformed For The Loudest Voice-TV Series
  6. Dog The Bounty Hunter's Wife Beth Has Died
  7. Violent RAPE Scenes of Irish Convict in TRUE STORY Movie Spur Concern
  8. Travel Channel New Series ‘Ghosts of Morgan City’ Prem Date
  9. A REAL Hero >89-year-old Colin Thackery WINS BGT 2019
  10. Black Widow Filming In Norway, Scarlett Johansson Spotted On Set
  11. Downton Abbey Movie Trailer Released
  12. Rami Malek Cast as Evil Villain in Bond 25
  13. Charlize Theron Adopts a BOY & Raises Him as a GIRL
  14. Gordon Ramsay Welcomes a New Oscar > FIFTH Child With Wife Tana
  15. Mick Jagger to Undergo Heart Surgery >Cancels Tour
  16. Pedo Gary Glitter's Secret Lovechild & Home in Cuba
  17. Drew Barrymore Beat Family Addiction Curse
  18. The Incredible Joanna Lumley on Blue Planet
  20. What Happened to Robert Durst >TRIAL SET for 3 SEPT 2019
  21. Michael Jackson's Maid Finally Talks
  22. 'John and Yoko: Above Us Only Sky' >NEW Docu -11 March.
  23. Australian Film Legend is Seriously Sick
  24. NEW TV Series Coming > Portals to Hell
  25. NEW TV Series Coming -Pearson >A Spin-Off From Suits Drama
  26. Making a Murderer's Steven Avery's Lawyer Gets ASTONISHING Vital Evidence
  27. Michael Jackson Autopsy Revealed Many Secrets
  28. 'I Took The Last Ever Shots of The Beatles'
  29. Cold Pursuit (2019) Liam Neeson New Movie
  30. Empire Renewed for S6 >Jussie Smollett FIRED
  31. George & Amal Clooney are NOT Getting Divorced
  32. Ice Road Truckers Cast Member Says Show May Not Return For S12.
  33. Elton John Talks About Princess Diana
  34. Kevin Spacey in Court on Sexual Assault Charge
  35. Ed Sheeran Faces Trial Accused of Copying Marvin Gaye's Let's Get It On
  36. VIDEO -New Xmas Series >Les Misérables
  37. Jim Carrey Burns 'Hate-Mongers' Trump & Cindy Hyde-Smith
  38. Gladiator 2 Movie is On The Way
  39. Why Did Liam Neeson’s Actor Son Change His Name?
  40. Lethal Weapon Cancelled–Damon Wayans Leaving >No S.4
  41. Rod Stewart Wooed Las Vegas Crowds With an Irish Rebel Song
  42. Sultan’s Help During Irish Famine to Become a Movie
  43. Hollywood Legend Burt Reynolds Dies
  44. Liam Neeson Develops Tuam Babies Movie >Harrowing History
  45. Danny Boyle Will No Longer Direct New James Bond Film
  46. Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul Has Now Died >aged 76
  47. Superman’s Girlfriend Kills Herself
  48. Paranormal Lockdown S4 NOW POSTED >US S3 Release DELAYED AGAIN
  49. Alaskan Bush People S8 Will be Aired 19 AUG 2018.
  50. Revenge Film Black 47 Sets Huge Box Office
  51. BlacKkKlansman (2018) >Undercover BLACK COP Joins KKK
  52. 'Wake up Punchy!':TRUMP Launches Scathing Attack on Robert De Niro
  53. Lethal Weapon Star FIRED Ahead of Possible S3 Renewal
  54. Remember The Days When Our World Was Safe
  55. Is Cillian Murphy the Next James Bond?
  56. George & Amal Clooney Donate $500,000 to ‘March for our Life’ Against Gun Violence
  57. Baftas Awards 2018 > FULL LIST
  58. Would-be Hollywood Star Imprisoned for Kidnapping Movie Mogul >May Have Been Innocent
  59. Stranger Things' Star Deported From US Over Cocaine Bust >Career is in Jeopardy
  60. Breathe>New Movie>True Story of Army Officer Paralysed For Life
  61. VIDEO:Ivana Lifts the Lid on TRUMP & Women Get Revenge
  62. Death of a Legend > 'Battleaxe Vera Duckworth' From Coronation Street
  63. Death of a Legend >Sir Bruce Forsyth >Beloved Entertainer
  64. Shemar Moore Is Open to Return to Criminal Minds
  65. FULL VIDEO: OJ Simpson Granted Parole >To Be Released in Oct
  66. Johnny Depp Was Monster on Drink & Drugs and Strangled Amber Heard
  67. The Grand Tour ‘Inferno’ Crash >Richard Hammond in Hospital
  68. Alaskan Bush People 'Bam' Has Run Off With Producer
  69. Batman is Dead > Adam West 88yrs Died
  70. LOUD-MOUTH Bill O'Reilly's Downfall >Maybe Paid $25 Million?
  71. Marvin Gaye Died 1 April 1984 >His Family Still Fighting for His Money
  72. ‘Harry Potter’ Star In Intensive Care Following Head-On Car Crash
  73. Lost Bob Marley Tapes Found after 40 Yrs in London Hotel Basement
  74. 7 Things About Prince Harry's Girlfriend >SUITS Star Meghan Markle
  75. Breaking Bad Fanatic Kills Cop >Dissolved Body in Bath of Acid
  76. Bob Geldof Sued For Millions by Former Bandmate
  77. PHOTOs -Ice Road Trucker Star Dies in Plane Crash
  78. Kim Kardashian Tied Up/Robbed of £8.5 (US11) MIL.by ARMED Men Dressed as Cops
  79. Jim Carrey Sued >Causing Girlfriend’s Death =Drugs/Diseases & Branded Her a Whore
  80. Game of Thrones Ending >Possible Spinoff?
  81. Michael Jackson's Underage/Violent Porno >CRAZY UNFOUNDED Media REPORTS
  82. PEDO Director Roman Polanski Facing New Extradition
  83. Prince's Sudden Death >His Drug Dealer Reveals Why
  84. VIDEOs-Batman v Superman Flops> Sad Star's Reaction
  85. George Clooney: 'Irish Were Treated Terribly in America'
  86. NEW MOVIES >Gossip Queen Struck TERROR in Hollywood
  87. Eagles Glenn Frey is Dead >TRIBUTE & VIDEOS
  88. Harry Potter Star Alan Rickman Has Died
  89. JAGGERS EX Jerry to Marry Rupert Murdoch 84yrs
  90. PhOtOs-Motorhead Rock Icon 'Lemmy' is Dead
  91. ET Screenwriter Dies>Leaves $22Mil>Will is LOST
  92. PHOTOs-Was Mickey Rooney Murdered? >Body To Be Exhumed
  93. VIDEO-Downton Abbey Star's Fiancé Dies in Real Life
  94. Adele's Concert Tickets Sell for £5000($7500) EACH
  95. PhOtOs-Val Kilmer on Tracheostomy Tube>Throat Cancer?
  96. VIDEO >Charlie Sheen Admits He's HIV-Positive/Hired Porn Stars
  97. PhOtOs-Saheed Jaffrey Has Died >(A Passage To India & Gandhi)
  98. PHOTOs> Inside Donald Trump's $100m Penthouse
  99. VIDEO-Hollywood Directors Son in al-Qaeda Videos
  100. U2’s Bono Now a Billionaire >World’s Richest Pop Star
  101. Master of Horror Wes Craven Has Died
  102. PhOtOs - One DIrection Band to Split
  103. Photos >George Clooney Divorce? >Gossip
  104. The Beatles Close Friend Cilla Black Has Died
  105. VIDEO-Confessions of Michael Jackson's Irish Surgeon
  106. PhOtOs-FINAL Downton Abbey>S6>Being Filmed
  107. PhOtOs-Dr. Drew-US TV Host >'I REALLY LOVE COCAINE'!
  108. Simon Cowell ANGRY @ Fake Stunt in Talent Show >Launches Inquiry
  109. Agents Demand Sex/Strip Shows From Actors for Parts
  110. PhOtOs-Australia Joins EURO Song Contest >Sweden Wins
  111. Hollywood Actor Denzel Washington Tells Students to Put God First
  112. Wonderful ****pit View of Blue Angels
  113. VIDEO-Tom Selleck Stole Truckloads of Water During Worst Drought in History
  114. VIDEO -King of Soul Ben E.King Dies
  115. PhOtOs-Stunning Beckham Family With The Rich & Famous
  116. What DID the Downton Abbey Countess Say to The Queen?
  117. VIDEO-Sandra Bullock Hid in Safe Room>Stalker Arrested
  118. VIDEO/PhOtOs-Kenny Rogers' Mansion Sells for $46m
  119. Andy Fraser, Former Band Member of `Free` Dead @ 62
  120. The GRAND TOUR >Clarkson/Hammond & May =TOP GEAR is DEAD For Sure
  121. Harrison Ford Crash-Lands Plane on Golf Course
  122. PhOtOs/VIDEO-Pop Star PEDO-Jailed for 16Yrs
  123. Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83
  124. PhOtOs-87th Oscars 2015-WINNERs
  125. This Day In Rock History (Feb 22)
  126. This Day In Rock History (Feb 21)
  127. On This Day in Rock History (Feb 19)
  128. Weekend Box Office Movies: 'Grey' Makes Green Over Valentine's Day Weekend
  129. Gary Owens, Best Known For Announcing TV's 'Laugh-In,' Dies
  130. Lizabeth Scott, Sultry Film Star of the 1940s & '50s, Dies in California
  131. Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Car Crash
  132. 'Star Wars' Actor Richard Bonehill Dies at 67
  133. Jury selection set to start in "American Sniper" murder trial
  134. AC/DC to Replace Phil Rudd With Former Drummer Chris Slade
  135. VIDEO-Feud/Chaos @ Whitney's Daughter Bobbi Funeral
  136. American Actor Arrested on Voyeurism Charges in Canada
  137. Jury Awards $5 Million to Funk Legend Sly Stone
  138. USA Weekend Box Office Movies: 'Sniper' Scores Stunning $64 Million in Second Weekend
  139. WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results
  140. WWE Royal Rumble
  141. Batman Returns Star Danny DeVito Praises Gotham's Penguin
  142. New Movie Release on Caribbean DANGEROUS Drug Kingpin
  143. Weekend Box Office: 'Sniper' Sets January Record with Stunning $89 Million Debut
  144. Ozzy Osbourne's Wife Sharon May Die from Alzheimer's disease
  145. Uncle Si's Iced Tea Maker Sues Duck Commander
  146. OSCAR Nominations>No Black/Latino Actors on 'Luvvie List'+Our Reviews
  147. Box Office Weekend Report: 'Taken 3' Scores Third-Highest January Opening Ever
  148. VIDEOs-American Sniper Killer Found Guilty=LIFE W.O. Parole
  149. Rod Taylor, Star Of 'The Birds' And 'The Time Machine,' Dead At 84
  150. Khan Bonfils: Star War Actor Dies During Rehearsal
  151. USA Box Office: ‘Hobbit’ Finale Rules With $21.9 Million
  152. Stuart Scott, Lontime ESPN Anchor, Dies at Age 49
  153. Donna Douglas, Elly May on 'Beverly Hillbillies,' Dead at 81
  154. Grand Ole Opry Star Little Jimmy Dickens Dies at 94
  155. WWE Hall Of Famer Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler Hospitalized
  156. U2's Bono Says He May Never Play Guitar Again After Cycling Accident
  157. ‘The Hobbit’ is # 1 in The USA Top Box Office Movies
  158. Sony Loses $30Mill on The Interview+Multi Lawsuits Against Them
  159. Downton Abbey Is Renewed for Season 6
  160. PhOtOs-Somali Pirate in'Captain Phillips' Movie Jailed for Vicious Assault
  161. PhOtOs-Monty Python Director Dies-Husband of Diane Sawyer
  162. PhOtOs-Mass Murderer Manson to Marry Young Lonely Girl
  163. Bill Cosby Sent to PRISON for 3>10 yrs & The RICH Who Escape US JUSTICE
  164. PhOtOs-Body of Hollywood Movie Executive Found by Hikers
  165. VIDEOs-Honey Boo Boo Mum Dating PEDO-Show Axed='Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'
  166. VIDEO>New Bollywood Movie=Happy New Year
  167. PhOtOs-Django Actress Dies >Hiding From Cops
  168. VIDEOs-Famous Actor Admits He is a Pedo-on Tape
  169. PhOtOs-DiCaprio Refuses Steve Jobs Movie Role
  170. PhOtOs/VIDEOS=George Clooney Wedding in Italy
  171. PhOtOs-Nicole Kidman's Father Has Died Unexpectantly
  172. VIDEO-Downton Abbey Season 5 Return Date Announced
  173. PhOtOs -Doctor Blamed for Joan Rivers's Death
  174. Secret Societies of Hollywood=They Control US Govt/Piracy
  175. Justin Timberlake Sparks Outrage-Calls Madonna XXXXXXX
  176. VIDEOs-New Movie 'Legend'=Evil Kray Twins
  177. Actress Lauren Bacall Dies at 89
  178. PhOtOs -Robin Williams Parkinsons Disease=Suicide??
  179. Marianne Faithfull Claims Ex Killed Jim Morrison
  180. PhOtOs-Harry Potter Actor Found Dead in Death Valley
  181. Actress Gets 18 Years in Prison for Letters to Obama
  182. Sandra Bullock is Highest-Paid Actress=$51 Million
  183. OJ Simpson 'Stalking' ex-Mrs Kardashian From Jail?
  184. Angelina Jolie Wants Brad Pitt Back >He's NOT Keen
  185. Firm Fined £1.6m ($2m) Over Harrison Ford Injury on Star Wars Set
  186. Edward Snowden's NSA Leaks-New Movie Coming
  187. George Strait's Final Concert Beats Rolling Stones Attendance Record
  188. Actor Tracy Morgan Critically Hurt in NJ Turnpike Crash
  189. Singer Halts Concert>Stops Fans Molesting Girl
  190. Tim Bachman, BTO Founding Member, Charged With Sex Offences
  191. Def Leppard / Dio Guitarist Vivian Campbell Reveals Cancer ‘Seems to Be Coming Back`
  192. Paul McCartney Cancels Japan Tour Because of Sickness
  193. Bates Motel Season 3 Will Air in The Fall 2014
  194. Today`s History in Rock-May 18
  195. Transformers: Age of Extinction TRAILER 2 (2014) And Poster
  196. PhOtOs-David Beckham Wooed Wife in His Underpants
  197. CBS New Schedule: 'Two & a Half Men' Ending, & so is Midseason
  198. Diablo III Expansion to See Multi-Platform Launch on August 19th
  199. George Clooney to Marry British Barrister
  200. Today`s History in Rock-May 11
  201. Today`s History in Rock-May 7
  202. Today`s History in Rock-May 6
  203. Today`s History in Rock-May 5
  204. Bob Hoskins Last Message Before He Died
  205. F.B.I.' Actor Efrem Zimbalist Dies in California
  206. Today`s History in Rock- April 30
  207. Country Music Icon Willie Nelson Gets Fifth-Degree Black Belt
  208. Today`s History in Rock- April 25
  209. Today`s History in Rock (April 20)
  210. Justin Bieber's Father Abused/Attacked Teenage Girl
  211. Bob Geldof's Daughter Dies Suddenly
  212. Captain America to Battle Superman, Batman at Box Office
  213. Comedian John Pinette Found Dead in Pittsburgh Hotel Room @ Age 50
  214. David Letterman Announces 'Late Show' Retirement
  215. PhOtOs-Amazon Starts New Video Streaming
  216. Yahoo To Start YouTube Competitor
  217. Sir Elton John to Marry - Again
  218. Former 'Dynasty' Star Kate O'Mara Dies at Age 74
  219. L'Wren Scott Leaves Entire $9 Million Estate to Longtime Boyfriend Mick Jagger
  220. Cheech & Chong Teaming Up For First Movie in 20 Years
  221. Attn All Canadians & Music Lovers-Check This Out!
  222. Mick Jagger Speaks Out on Death of L'Wren Scott
  223. L’ Wren Scott, Mick Jagger's Girlfriend Found Dead
  224. 'Tonight Show' Favorite David Brenner Dies at 78
  225. 'Into The Wild' Hunter Fatally Shot by Police in Alaska
  226. Judge Judy Files Suit Against Conn. Lawyer
  227. Sheila MacRae: 'Honeymooners' Actress Dies At 92
  228. Oscars 2014 High Ratings + Winners (Full List)
  229. Jim Lange Dead: 'Dating Game' Host Dies at 81
  230. Crew Member Killed by Train During Filming of Gregg Allman Biopic 'Midnight Rider`
  231. Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Announced: Elton John, Kanye West, Lionel Richie, More
  232. John Henson, Muppets Puppeteer and Son of Creator Jim Henson, Dead at 48
  233. Netflix to Show Final Season of 'Clone Wars'
  234. Comedy Legend Sid Caesar Dies at Age 91
  235. Shirley Temple, Former Hollywood Child Star, Dies at 85
  236. Leonard Nimoy's Pace Slowed by Lung Disease
  237. PhOtOs=Philip Seymour Hoffman's Fatal Drug Binge
  238. William Roache Found Not Guilty of Rape & Indecent Assault
  239. 'NCIS' Scoop: Scott Bakula to Star in New Spinoff
  240. U2 and Dylan Will be Featured in Super Bowl Ads
  241. McCartney, Starr Sing Beatles Classics to Mark U.S. TV Debut 50 Years On
  242. Legendary Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dies at 94
  243. Chart Toppers for January 27th
  244. Pam Dawber, Robin Williams to Reunite
  245. To A Mouse,1785
  246. PhOtOs-Justin Bieber Arrested for Drunk Driving in Lamborghini
  247. January 22 Chart Toppers
  248. Chart Toppers On This Day
  249. PhOtOs-Playboy Playmate Found Dead
  250. 'The Partridge Family' Actor Dave Madden Dies At 82