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  1. You Is My Friend
  2. A Touching Story From a Taxi Driver You’ll Never Forget
  3. Make The Changes
  4. A Beautiful Story - The Blind Passenger
  5. Beautiful Love Story
  6. You are unique!
  7. Married or Not You Should Read This...
  8. The Breakup - Heart Touching Story
  9. ♥a mothers love♥
  10. Heart Touching True Love Story..
  11. Really Heart Touching Story...
  12. The White Tiger
  13. The Birthday Package - Moral & Inspirational Story
  14. Why Me Mom? - Death of an Innocent
  15. Eleven Hints for Life
  16. Daddy's Day
  17. A Little Girl And Her Father Were Crossing A Bridge
  18. How to Treat a Girl
  19. Women Are Like Apples On Trees
  20. Ways To Get To A Girls Heart
  21. What Each Kiss And Gesture Means
  22. I Am Thankful
  23. Sometimes
  24. Our Apple Tree
  25. Be Willing To Learn Throughout The Life
  26. A Rescued Dogs Baggage
  27. Allow Me To Explain A Broken Heart
  28. Romantic Ideas
  29. Why Women Cry
  30. This Is All True
  31. We Need To Teach Our Daughters To Know The Difference Between
  32. Historical Trivia--Did You Know ?
  33. Some Things to Ponder On
  34. Happy birthday langgat
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  36. You Know its Hot Outside When----
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  46. The Womans Ultimate Protective Device: A Padded Bra
  47. Creative Shopping Bags
  48. Tree Trunk Artistry
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  50. Happy Womens Day
  51. Happy Valentines Day To All Staff & Members
  52. Wild & Crazy Looking Cars
  53. Another Puzzler -Do You Know The Answer?
  54. NASA Puzzle Question-Do You Know The Answer?
  55. Members Please Post Birthday Wishes to a Special Supermod-FreaknDavid
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  58. Wal-Mart Slashes Prices on iPhone and iPad
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  60. Banned Children’s Toys from Christmases Past
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  64. Gobble Gobble Gobble
  65. Artist Donald Zolan
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  70. Carved Pumpkins From Ray Villafane
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  73. A Great Halloween Greeting Card
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  79. The impossible Quiz
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  81. The Internet & Some Sites Drive Me CRAZY!!!!!!
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  84. Name that Gadget
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  88. Back again
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  92. How is Number 3 (Tria Mera) Connected to Satan
  93. A Little "Poser" for You
  94. Amazon $50 FYI
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  96. Good Morning DTD 8-7-12
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  103. Changing your IP
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  109. What are you listening to?
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  114. PROTECT Your Women & Children-SECURITY Bracelet
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  118. Provençal Pork
  119. Grilled Fajita Chicken Salad
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  121. My Pork Roast
  122. Facts
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  124. Beer, Whiskey and Pork Fat: The New Health Foods?
  125. What are your plans for summer vacation?
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  128. Todays `Thought Of The Day`
  129. Can A Blood Test Show Early Depression ?
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  137. Sleep Disorder Multiplies Depression Risk
  138. Dirty Art on Cars
  139. Popcorn Packed With Antioxidants
  140. Photo`s From Around The World
  141. Happy Birthday melayulelaki,iratam & sheldon
  142. Can An Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away?
  143. Lenovo Plans To Be First To Make a Windows 8 Tablet
  144. Trendy Shoe Nearly Lost Its Footing
  145. Pulling Children Out of Nepal's Prisons
  146. Happy Birthday Drgoodgreens & Jaybar
  147. U.S. Investigates Ford Tauruses For Stuck Throttles
  148. Pawn Shop`s Popularity Rising
  149. Smoker Trades One Addiction For Another
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  153. I got this email from Filefactory half off sale
  154. Darn companies/tradesmen
  155. Nasa Celebrates 50 Years Of First American In Orbit (w/video)
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  157. Scales May Inspire Body Armor
  158. Here`s How To Avoid A Parking Meter
  159. Roseanne For President ?
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  162. Slavery In Cocoa Fields: A Horrible ‘Normal’
  163. Gates Donates $750 Million
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  168. 1950`s Classic Car Show Game
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  171. What a month and a week
  172. Occasional Pot Smoking Not As Damaging As Cigarettes
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  174. Happy New Year? Gas Prices On The Rise Again
  175. Aircraft Carrier Becomes Hotel (w/photos)
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  178. A Teddy Bear Recall--Now Thats Bad !
  179. Van Halen to Tour With David Lee Roth in 2012
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  182. Canadians Don't Brag
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  184. FreaknDavid Wants to be Santa!
  185. Is Your PC Male or Female ?
  186. 10 Careers With High Rates of Depression
  187. Seasons Greetings to all DreamTeamDownloads1 members
  188. Awesome Christmas Light Display
  189. Hey pop, dee cee, Staff & Members-Watch this
  190. 'Grand Theft Auto III' Coming to Smartphones and Tablets Next Week
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  193. 'SNL' Has Cain Moving to 'Libibya'
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  195. Strange But True Facts
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  197. Model Engineers: Clennell "Clen" Tomlinson
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  200. Model Engineers-Louis Chenot
  201. Most honey sold in U.S. Grocery Stores Not Worthy of its Name
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  203. Warning very graphic, not for the faint hearted.
  204. Photos: Two Eagles Do Battle ( A Must See ! )
  205. Chrome got Excited on Translating Webpages for You???
  206. Heads up on parking lot scam involving women and elderly gentlemen
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  208. Attn: Car Jacking Warning
  209. Where is The Mark forums Read Button or Link???
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  211. Final Straw
  212. Pop's leaving :( - HE IS BACK!
  213. Cagney & Hope (Great Classic DanceFootage!)
  214. Pauline Potter Is World's 'Heaviest Living Woman'
  215. Chumby-Powered DIY Alarm Clock Reads Weather and News
  216. This Is Strange, But True--
  217. HIV Scare Shuts Down The Porn Industry
  218. We Need More Sheriffs Like Sheriff Joe
  219. The Green Thing (Well, this says it all)
  220. Why Some People Don't Want Birthday Greetings on Facebook
  221. For facebook mobile users
  222. The Evolution of Video Games Over Time [Image]
  223. Google+ invites availiable
  224. Say Something Positive
  225. Platitude of the Day (Like it or not!)
  226. Tool for Face Recognition in a Crowd.- Brilliant!
  227. WORLD MAPS-Super Mario Fun- For Your PC
  228. Need washing? (Lovely)
  229. Bad News – from FileSonic
  230. Banks' Billion-Dollar Idea: Sell Your Shopping Data
  231. Video: Boeing's High-Tech 787 Arrives in Asia For The First Time
  232. Air France To Power Planes With Cooking Oil
  233. Happy Fourth Of July
  234. Nagasaki Miracle
  235. Think about.......
  236. Help Save Lives & PLAY FREE GAMES Just Click
  237. UK web censorship plans leaked!
  238. How to Increase Your Energy Levels
  239. Peter Falk (1927-2011)
  240. Billy the Kid Photograph Fetches $2.3 Million At Auction
  241. R A K - This is great!
  242. Does Life Online Give You 'Popcorn Brain'?
  243. New Jersey to Honor Springsteen Sideman Clarence Clemons
  244. Homeless Man Inherits Lots $$$
  245. Power Outage Triggered By Dead Deer. A Must See Video.
  246. Happy Fathers day
  247. Indian Village Named For a God Now Honors SnapDeal.Com
  248. Today's Video Gamer? It Might Not Be Who You Think
  249. Websites blocking in Malaysia
  250. TV Watching Raises Risk of Health Problems, Dying Young