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  1. Fireball at Moscow Airport as Plane Crash Lands
  2. Paris: Notre Dame Cathedral Devastated by FIRE
  3. World's Largest Plane' Takes to The Air
  4. Rescued Migrants Hijack Merchant Ship off Libya
  5. How Hungary Deals With Illegal Migrants>Locking Them Up In Shipping Containers
  6. UK Scientists Develop DNA Test That Predicts When You'll DIE
  7. ‘Jihadi Jack’ Parents Finally Talk
  8. US Coast Guard Officer Arrested in Mass Murder Plot
  9. US Secretly Moving Special Forces Closer to Venezuela
  10. Haiti's Missing Billions >People Short of Food and Drinking Water
  11. Pope Admits Nuns Were Kept as Sex Slaves in The Catholic Church
  12. Canadian Ghost Immigrants Scam by Sunny Wang>Pay for Illegal Citizenship
  13. Fireball Over New Zealand was Russian Satellite
  14. Ukraine Votes to Introduce Martial Law After Clash With Russia
  15. Putin is Now Trying to CONTROL Interpol
  16. UK Invents Computer to Unlock Secrets of the Mind
  17. WW.3 ALERT: Royal Navy Ships Confronted by Iran's Fast-Attack Gun Boats
  18. Chinese Ship Dangerously Close to Collision With US Destroyer
  19. The Black Panthers Still in Prison After 46 years >W
  20. VIDEO >9/11 HIDDEN Codes in The Bone Collector
  21. Terrorist Crashes Car into UK Parliament
  22. Stephen Hawking Has Died After 55 Years of Suffering of Motor Neurone Disease
  23. Seoul Warns China After Military Plane Skirts S.Korean Air Space
  24. VIDEO: Secret Pigeons Helped Britain Win World War 2
  25. Alert: Eyes on Damascus
  26. Hurricane Irma:US Disaster Relief Fund To Run Out of Cash by Friday
  27. Wreck of USS Indianapolis Found on Sea Bed >72yrs After Being Sunk by Japanese
  28. al-Qaeda Teaches Followers to DERAIL Trains Causing MASS MURDER
  29. WWI: Network of Tunnels/Miles of Trenches Found>Where Tommies Secretly Trained
  30. Dubai's Record-Breaking 1,100ft Tower >Now Towering Inferno >Full of Expats
  31. Australian Police Thwart Terror Plot to BLOW UP Plane
  32. VIDEO/PHOTOs:World's 'Most Useless Airport' Finally Gets Scheduled Flight
  33. TERROR >9/11 Survivors Urge UK PM to Release Saudi Arabia Terror Report
  34. Australian Film-Maker Charged with Espionage in Cambodia
  35. SAS Soldier's Secret Evidence on Torture Resistance Accidentally Released
  36. Australian Woman in Colombian Jail For Trafficking 5.8kg of Cocaine
  37. Marine UNJUSTLY Convicted of Murdering Taliban Has Conviction Reduced to Manslaughter
  38. PhOtOs-US Could Become 'Associate Member' of The Commonwealth
  39. IDF strikes near Damascus
  40. Hitler's Secret 'Treasure Hunter' Arctic Base Found by Russian Scientists
  41. Robert F. Kennedy Believed JFK was Killed Because of Him
  42. PhOtOs-Lost Interviews Reveal Kennedy Clan Secrets
  43. Panama Papers>HUGE Leak Reveals World's Elite's Tax Havens
  44. EX Leader Karadzic-GUILTY of Genocide>Sentenced to 40yrs in Prison.
  45. Europe Closer to Using Nuclear Weapons Since Cold War>Warns Ex-Russian Minister
  46. VIDEOs >Deadly Terror Attack on Beach Resort in Ivory Coast
  47. VIDEOs-Auschwitz Death Camp Price Fixing >Arrests Made
  48. Appeal to Free Kidnapped Australians
  49. Blaze Engulfs Dubai - World's Tallest Skyscraper
  50. PhOtOs-Australia Helps Stressed Santa This Christmas
  51. VIDEO-US B52 Bomber/Ships Spy on China >Beijing Re-Acts
  52. VIDEOs-WAR? Russia Fires at Turkish Ship >After Russian Jet Downed
  53. PhOtOs-Columbus Did NOT Bring Syphilis to Europe
  54. Hundreds of women locked in cages
  55. PhOtOs >China President in Multi Billion £ Deal With UK >US Upset?
  56. Obama Won't Back Down After Chinese Threat
  57. China Joins Russia In Syria Air Raids
  58. VIDEOs >Russia Starts Bomb Attacks on Syria
  59. PhOtO -Tiger Kills Woman ZooKeeper in New Zealand
  60. China Dumps US Debt Holdings
  61. US Hero>Who Stopped French Terrorist >Stabbed in US
  62. Deadly Bomb Explodes In Thailand Tourist Area
  63. Pilot Carrying 300 Let Porn Star into ****pit For Champagne/Cigs
  64. El Chapo's 90yr Old Drug Mule TRUE STORY
  65. Interpol Nabs 57 Dangerous Foreigners Hiding in Dominican Republic
  66. Al Jazeera Journalist Arrested for Torture
  67. Piracy/Terrorism Costing World $12 Billion + per Year
  68. VIDEO-Chinese Cruise Ship Sinks-Many Dead/Missing
  69. VIDEO-US Jets Scrambled>Terrorists Threaten Passenger Flights Entering US
  70. Canada's New Terror Database
  71. Germans Helped US NSA Spy on France
  72. VIDEOs-Kids Killed for Body Parts >Black Magic Rituals>Protected by Cops/Army
  73. VIDEO-Fatal Shoot-Out after NSA HQ Attacked
  74. VIDEOS-Airline/US Knew Pilot of Crashed Flight was Mentally Ill
  75. PhOtOs-Pakistan Carries Out Mass Hangings
  76. PhOtOs-Pope Wants to Scrap Ban on Priests Marrying
  77. Unconfirmed Net Rumors >Vladimir Putin is dead
  78. Top French Athletes Among 10 Dead After 2 Helicopters Collide in Argentina
  79. Brits Don't Want 'Queen of Tarts' To Be Queen of Britain & Commonwealth
  80. PhOtOs-Explosion at Mexico Maternity Hospital Kills 7
  81. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah Has Died-Thousands to Say Farewell
  82. Surfing Community Stunned After Brazil's Ricardo dos Santos Shot Dead
  83. Europe on High Terror Alert-Military Line Streets
  84. PhOtOs-Terrorist Plants Another Huge Bomb Near Somali Airport
  85. Terrorist Boat with Explosives>Headed to India=Explodes
  86. 36 Dead & Dozens Injured in Shanghai New Year's Eve Stampede
  87. VIDEOs/PhOtOs-New Year 2015 Celebrations Around The World
  88. Missing Jet-Pilots Disabled Vital Computer System+Distressing VIDEOs
  89. PhOtOs-Guantanamo Inmates>How Many Were Innocent?
  90. VIDEOs-US/Cuba Exchange SPY Prisoners=US Open Embassy in Havana
  91. VIDEOs-School Massacre-141 Dead-Teacher Burnt Alive
  92. VIDEO-Maid Caught on Tape=Admits Torturing Baby
  93. PhOtOs-UK Sets Up Mid East Military Base to Fight Terrorists
  94. PhOtOs-US Govn Made Hostage Pay for Flight Home
  95. VIDEO-Train Completes Test Run>500 KILOMETRES PER HOUR
  96. British & U.S. Ships Seize 850 Bricks of Drugs-Colombians Arrested
  97. US Invasion of Grenada-Reagan's Apology to PM Thatcher Revealed
  98. UK/US Coalition Ops END in Afghanistan
  99. US Secrets>They Found Chemical Weapons in Iraq
  100. UK Warship Visits Caribbean to Aid Defense/Security
  101. UN Troops Attacked/Held Hostage by Rebels
  102. Chinese Jet's Aggressive Act to US Spy Jet
  103. Terror Suspect Arrested>RAF Escort Plane in to Land
  104. UK 1st for Driverless Cars on Roads=$15mil Reward
  105. Israel/ US 'Fall Out' Over Insult' +UN Warns>WAR Crimes!
  106. Germany Didn't Warn MH17 Pilots NOT to Fly Over Ukraine>Russia Shot Down Flight
  107. Cops Hunt for Stolen 'Holy Grail'-Brought by Joseph to Britain
  108. Al Quada-New Serious Threat to US Flights
  109. PhOtOs-800 Babies in Mass Grave-Nuns' Investigated
  110. Mexican Man, Once World's Heaviest, Dead at 48
  111. Hundreds of Miners Killed in Turkey After Deadly Fire
  112. Google Beats Facebook to Buy DRONES=More Spying on us!
  114. VIDEOs-HUGE Fire Destroys Whole Area of Chile
  115. German Air Pilots Strike-4000 Flights Cancelled
  116. Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Warplane
  117. VIDEO: Madeleine McCann >NEW LEAD & Con-Man Who Stole £1 Mill from Fund
  118. 'Unimaginable:' Italy Mourns 3-Year-Old Killed in Suspected Mafia Hit
  119. Letter to future self
  120. Rescuers Search for Victims of Canadian Senior Home Fire By Melting Ice
  121. Dozens of Passengers on Royal Caribbean Cruise Become Sick
  122. PhOtOs-Gandhi's Letter to Hilter +Others Are Released
  123. Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon Has Died
  124. Lightning Strike on Beach Kills 3 in Argentina
  125. Nine Dead After Attackers Dressed as Police Enter Mexican Prison
  126. Ice Foils Rescue of Russian Ship (With Photos) Stranded in Antarctica
  127. 17 Migrants Die When Their Intercepted Boat Capsizes at Turks & Caicos
  128. Breach Could Prove Very Costly For Target
  129. Coast Guard Rescues Man Kicked off Mountain by Goat
  130. U.S., Chinese Warships Narrowly Avoid Collision in South China Sea
  131. Mexico Reports Theft of Truck With Radioactive Material
  132. Hong Kong on High Alert After First Human Case of H7N9 Bird Flu
  133. Scottish Police Helicopter Crash: At Least One Dead, 32 Injured in Glasgow Pub
  134. Mexico: 54 Bodies Found in Mass Graves
  135. Hollywood Producer Arnon Milchan Admits Double Life as Israeli Spy
  136. UK Police Arrest Couple Suspected of Holding Three Women Captive For 30 Years
  137. Eleven Die as Axe & Knife Wielding Mob Attack Chinese Police Station
  138. Foreign Tourists Among 6 Dead After Thai Ferry Capsizes Near Pattaya
  139. 45 Killed in India Bus Crash, Fire
  140. 7 Killed in Prison Riot in Mexico's Gulf Coast State of Tamaulipas
  141. Daan Roosegaarde's 'vacuum Cleaner' to Suck Smog From Beijing Skies
  142. Jerky Treat Mystery: Nearly 600 Pets Dead; Still No Source, FDA Says
  143. Former Leader of Mexico Drug Cartel Killed by Gunman in Clown Costume
  144. India Arrests Crew of US Ship on Weapons Charges
  145. Oil in Holding Pattern Near $101 a Barrel
  146. Gold Rush Threatens to Bring New Era of Genocide to War Torn Darfur
  147. Adobe Site Hacked For Personal Info
  148. VIDEOs-80+ Die in Boat Sinking in Italy-Many Missing
  149. Video-Interpol Seeks UK "White Widow" Terrorist
  150. 74 People Missing After Chinese Fishing Boats Sink During Typhoon
  151. Killer Hornets Sting at Least 19 People To Death in China
  152. Second Head Removed From Afghan Baby Girl
  153. VIDEOs/PhOtOs -ISIS Attacks -Sri Lanka Bombing
  154. VIDEO:Military Charge>Terrorists-Attack Mall -More Dead & Injured
  155. Three British Teens Charged Over 'Grand Theft Auto' Stabbing
  156. Syrian Opposition Wants Ban on Government's Use of Air Power
  157. 37 Killed in Fire at Russian Psychiatric Hospital
  158. Four Confirmed Dead After Helicopter Crashes Off Scotland
  159. New Info>Princess Diana's Death-She Knew She was in Danger
  160. At Least 28 Dead, More Than 200 Missing After Ferry Sinks in Philippines
  161. Teen Commits Suicide Over Skype Blackmail Scam
  162. Russian Surgeon Arrested For Taking Heroin From Patient's Stomach
  163. PhOtOs/Videos-Acid Thrown in Faces of British Teachers
  164. Massive Fire in International Terminal Shuts Down Nairobi Airport
  165. Brothers Strangled by Python That Escaped From Canadian Pet Store
  166. At Least 77 People Dead / Driver Arrested After Passenger Train Derails in Spain
  167. Ships of New China Coast Guard Spotted Near Islands of Japan
  168. Activated Bomb Found in UK Mosque Today
  169. 21 Children Die After Eating Free School Lunch in India
  170. Panama Finds Weapons Hidden in North Korean Ship Arriving From Cuba
  171. Paedo Ring Operates at Vatican-Using Starving Kids
  172. US Seized Confidential Mail Records Of Euro Parliament
  173. VIDEO-Plane Explodes Just Before Take Off on UK Runway
  174. Anonymous Makes Plans for "Response" to NSA's PRISM
  175. Actress in Critical Condition After Acid Attack in Pakistan
  176. Police Kill Worldwide Credit Card Fraud Ring
  177. US 'NSA' Tapped Phone of Dead Navy Seal's Parents
  178. al-Qaeda Caught with Chemical Weapons=Attack Europe & US
  179. Chinese Hack US Weapon Systems-Australia Affected
  180. 'Ghost Ship' goes Missing in Atlantic-en route to Dominican Republic
  181. Plane Diverted by Jets-2 Tried to enter ****pit+Bomb Threat
  182. Brit Reaches Everest 3 Summits-1st to Do "Impossible Climb"
  183. Man Fires Blanks, Sends Actors, Onlookers Running for Cover At Cannes Film Festival
  184. CyberThieves 'Drained ATMs' across The World
  185. 33 Arrests in Belgium Diamond Heist
  186. 20 Dead in Mexico Tanker Blast
  187. NAZIS - The Accountant of Auschwitz
  188. Hidden Cameras in Airplanes in Italy Record Thieves
  189. PHOTOs-Brit Convicted >Selling Fake Bomb Detectors Around the World
  190. 38 People Dead in Fire at Psychiatric Hospital in Russia
  191. Car Bomb Explodes Outside French Embassy in Tripoli; 2 Guards, Girl Injured
  192. Record Number of Dead Bodies Found in Syrian Civil War
  193. 2 Children Die in Rain-Induced Landslide in Kenya
  194. 600 Evacuated From Taiwan Train After Explosives Found
  195. Iran Marks 'National Nuclear Day' With a New Uranium-Processing Site
  196. Margaret Thatcher, Britain's First Female PM, Dead @ 87
  197. Experts Defuse Unexploded WWII Bomb in Central Berlin
  198. 2 Dead in China From Unusual Bird Flu Strain
  199. Dominican Republic Wants to join Commonwealth
  200. Explosives-Packed Water Tanker Targets Pakistani Military Checkpoint; 17 Killed
  201. Airport Security Agents Arrested in International Drugs Probe
  202. Pilot Killed When Police Helicopters Crash in Germany
  203. Sean Penn's Charity Receiving US$8.75 Million to Help Haiti
  204. Swiss Woman Tourist Robbed & 'Gang-Raped'
  205. Bus Plunges Into Ravine in Pakistan, Killing 27
  206. Japan Remembers -Tsunami Anniversary
  207. Gang Rape Leader Kills Himself in Prison
  208. US Woman Found Guilty of Keeping a Slave
  209. Obama Has Authority to Kill Americans using Drones
  210. Volunteer Killed by Lion at Animal Park
  211. VIDEOS/PHOTOs of Titanic II Being Built for Cruises
  212. Impeach Obama
  213. Thousands of Ducks Slaughtered at German Farm Following Bird Flu Outbreak
  214. Knife-Wielding Attacker Kills @ Least 2, Wounds 11 In Guam
  215. Pope Benedict To Resign
  216. Japan Scrambles Fighters After Russian Jets Approach Island
  217. Shoes Hurled at Iranian President Ahmadinejad During Trip to Cairo
  218. 8 Killed After Fireworks Truck Blast Causes Bridge Collapse in China
  219. VIDEOs-Kidnapper DEAD-Child Safe, That was Held in Underground Bunker
  220. PHOTOs-Huge Explosion In Mexico Oil Office Kills 25
  221. PHOTOS-Huge Fire Kills 245+ in Nightclub Fire in Brazil
  222. Egypt Court Sentences 21 To Death in Football Riot / With More Riots On The Street
  223. 35 Killed in Iraq Suicide Bombing
  224. Broken Limbs, Torn Lives in Northern Mali
  225. Flaming Cheese Shuts Down Road Tunnel in Northern Norway
  226. VIDEO-Indonesia Sentences British Woman to Death For Smuggling Drugs
  227. Solo Yachtsman Rescued Ater Three Days Adrift at Sea
  228. Crew Evacuated From Navy Minesweeper Stuck on Philippine Reef
  229. Horsemeat Found in Meat Foods in Many Countries
  230. France Bombs Mali-Reprisals=Hostages Taken, Some Killed by al-Qaeda
  231. Nokia Caught Wiretapping
  232. Inmates Seize Weapons, Escape From Prison in Iraq
  233. Excavators Uncover Buried WWII Fighter Planes
  234. Dozens Missing Following Wildfire in Australia's Tasman Peninsula
  235. Girl Raped to Death-No Help from Cops-Didnt Want Blood on Uniforms
  236. 6 Russians Killed in Snowmobile Crash in Italy
  237. PHOTOs-Multi Deaths In Swiss Shooting
  238. Ivory Coast Mourns 60 Killed in New Year's Stampede
  239. 21 Pakistani Security Officers Believed Shot to Death by Taliban
  240. Plane Crash at Moscow Airport Kills 4
  241. China Opens World's Longest Bullet Train
  242. Red Alert Issued For Volcano on Chile-Argentina Border
  243. South Koreans Light Giant Christmas Tree Near Border
  244. Spain's Massive Lottery Awards Billions
  245. 3 arrested in Massive Maple Syrup Heist
  246. Landmine Kills 10 Girls Collecting Firewood
  247. Murder-Suicide Shooting at Las Vegas Hotel-Casino Leaves Two Dead
  248. Kids Return to School/Tribute PHOTOs of Dead-Mass Shooting
  249. 22 Kids Wounded in Knife Attack-CHINA
  250. 300 fishermen Missing After Typhoon