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  1. South Koreans Light Giant Christmas Tree Near Border
  2. Spain's Massive Lottery Awards Billions
  3. 3 arrested in Massive Maple Syrup Heist
  4. Landmine Kills 10 Girls Collecting Firewood
  5. Murder-Suicide Shooting at Las Vegas Hotel-Casino Leaves Two Dead
  6. Kids Return to School/Tribute PHOTOs of Dead-Mass Shooting
  7. 22 Kids Wounded in Knife Attack-CHINA
  8. 300 fishermen Missing After Typhoon
  9. PHOTOs-Prank Call Leads To Nurse Hanging Herself
  10. Major Quake Strikes Off Japan, Setting Off Small Tsunami
  11. PHOTOS-McAfee Founder Arrested in Guatamala
  12. MoneyGram Fined $100 Million for Theft
  13. At Least 3 People Dead After Japanese Highway Tunnel Collapses
  14. Bodies Found Inside Drifting Boat Near Japan
  15. Defiant Former Mexican Mayor Killed
  16. Mexican Beauty Queen Killed in Shootout
  17. Bodies Found in Northern Mexico
  18. 117 Killed in Fire at Bangladeshi Clothing Factory
  19. Woman Chainsaw Killer Hides Bodies in Ice Cream Shop
  20. World Govts Secret Meeting to Control Internet
  21. After Nearly 200 Years, Mexico Might Make Name Official
  22. Bangladesh Slum Fire Kills 11
  23. Kenya Grenade Blast Kills 7, Hurts 24
  24. 47 Children Die in Bus Collision in Egypt
  25. BP to Pay Record $4 Billion Penalty in Gulf Oil Spill
  26. Workers Exhuming Yasser Arafat's Body in Probe of Death
  27. ATMCash.com is Closing Down
  28. 2 Killed, 80 Homes Affected After Massive Explosion in Indianapolis
  29. Billionaire Employer-Vote Romney or You're FIRED
  30. BBC Leader Resigns Over Broadcast of False Claims
  31. Alleged Mexican Drug Kingpin Extradited To US.
  32. Demonstrators Bang Pots, Pans to Protest Argentina's Policies
  33. Illegal Migrant Boat Sinks Off Bangladesh
  34. Billionaire Holds Argentinean Navy Ship Hostage
  35. 2 Kids Found Dead in Manhattan Apartment, Next to Stabbed Nanny
  36. Russian Bride Leaves Elderly Man With $25K Welfare Bill
  37. Hit-and-Run Red Bull Heir Ingested Cocaine
  38. Pics/Video-Cops Raid Pedo/Satanist Complex-Leader Dead 3 Cops Injured
  39. Man Caught Detonating 1000lb Bomb in New York
  40. Worker Dies in Tuna Plant Oven
  41. Concrete-Encased Body Identified as Former Florida Reporter
  42. North Dakota Freshman Makes Apology, Shoots Self
  43. Toxic Leak in South Korea Sickens Thousands
  44. The US Invaded Iraq Because It Wouldnít Have Survived Otherwise
  45. South African Company Fires 12,000 Striking Miners
  46. VIDEO-18 Children Buried in School in China After Landslide
  47. T-Mobile and MetroPCS to Merge
  48. New York Sues JPMorgan Chase Bank-$Billions Involved
  49. At Least 38 Killed in Ferry Accident in Hong Kong
  50. Meet the Fokkens:The World's Oldest Prostitutes?
  51. American Airlines "Falling Apart" -Loose Seats
  52. VIDEOs-CIA Spied on Senate Torture Report Investigation+Secret Prisons
  53. US Planning War with Iran? = Disaster
  54. Canada, Spain & US Suffer More Cyber Attacks
  55. Iran Prepares its' own Web Network after Cyber Attacks
  56. 50 Hurt In School Bus Crash
  57. Taliban Attack on Prince Harry's Base Kills 2
  58. Robbery Victim Shot By Police
  59. Australia's Robinson Crusoe may be Forced to Leave Island
  60. Australia- Man Sets Tourist on FIre
  61. New Zealandís Parliament Approves Gay Marriage Law
  62. Is UK Prime Minister Man or Mouse?-Heathrow Airport
  63. Australia going downhill
  64. Anders Behring Breivik's 21-year jail
  65. PHOTO-Child Found Clinging to Dead Body in Lake
  66. PHOTOs-World's Biggest Blackout-600 Million W.O Power
  67. PHOTOs-Australia Stops $500Million + of Drugs
  68. US - Romney 'Didn't Pay Any Taxes For 10 Years'
  69. US -Retailers to Charge For Use of Credit Cards
  70. 9 Athletes Suspended BEFORE The Olympics Begin
  71. VIDEO-Mass MURDER at Batman Premiere-12 Dead 71 Injured
  72. Judge Denies New Trial in Oracle v. Google
  73. PHOTOS-Mall Collapses in Ontario Canada
  74. US Amends Immigration Law in Arizona
  75. No Charge for Dad who Killed Pedophile-Raped His 5yr Old Child
  76. US Attorney General Contempt Charge
  77. Canadian Murderer Caught at US Border.
  78. VIDEO-L.A. Riots Figure-Rodney King-Found Dead
  79. PHOTOS-Riot Thugs Caged for 124 Years-Fired at UK Police
  80. End of the world as we know ití: Kaspersky warns of cyber-terror apocalypse
  81. Three Children, Found Abandoned in Portland
  82. Boy kept in Cellar for a Year- Because He Was Hungry! PHOTOS
  83. ex-IMF head Strauss-Kahn Faces 'Gang Rape' Inquiry
  84. Photos-Teenager Attacked with Acid= She Refused to Marry Attacker
  85. Meet FBook's New Billionaires- PHOTOs & UPDATES
  86. PHOTOS-Rupert Murdock Hacking-Arrests Made-DIRTY Business
  87. Russian Airliner Disappears Over Jakarta
  88. Photos/Video-Russia Threatens US of Military Strike Over Missile Defence
  89. ...15-Minute EV Charging Standard
  90. Hand Glider Pilot Swallows Evidence
  91. VIDEOs-US Joins Hunt for Child Kidnapper- KONY
  92. 16 Killed During Catholic Worship Service
  93. Suspected cyber-attack hits Iranís oil sector
  94. OAS Help D.R. Stop Americans Smuggling Guns
  95. Delta(Prev.Bankrupt) To Buy Bankrupt AAirlines
  96. US Cruise Ship Refused to Help Drowning Castaways
  97. Boy (6) Abducted 33 Yrs ago-Cops Drilling For Remains
  98. VIDEOS-Maniacs Kill New Mother>To Kidnap her 3 Day Old Baby
  99. Police Handcuff 6-Year-Old Student
  100. PHOTOS-For 18yrs Cop Hid Knife From OJ Simpsonís Garden>MURDER WEAPON?
  101. Teen Survives 26 Days Adrift in Pacific Ocean
  102. Women May Have Texted Killers' IDs From Trunk,
  103. Police Arrest Suspect in Killing of 5
  104. 2 Journalists from The Sun Attempt Suicide
  105. NYPD Fires Officer Over 2006 Shooting Death
  106. 6 Children, 2 Adults Killed In House Fire
  107. VIDEO- George Clooney & Father Arrested
  108. 1 Killed in Texas Courthouse Shooting
  109. 2 killed, 2 Critically Injured in School Bus Crash
  110. Armored Car Company Worker Confesses To Stealing $50K
  111. VIDEO-World Unites on Web to Hunt down Murderous Tyrant Joseph Kony
  112. Another Solar Storm Heads For Earth w/video
  113. Norway Mass Murder Suspect Charged
  114. Monkees singer Davy Jones dies in Florida at 66
  115. The Conservative War on Women's Sexuality
  116. Russia warns Israel not to attack Iran
  117. Judge strikes down law mandating sale of contraception
  118. Congress members receive threatening letters
  119. Iran defiant as U.N. nuclear talks fail
  120. Gold jumps to 3-month high on chart buying
  121. Gold rises over 1 percent on Greek deal uncertainty
  122. Dow breaks 13,000 but can't hold gains
  123. Surging gas prices threaten to derail economic recovery
  124. Missing Teen Mom, Child Found Dead
  125. PayPal was Hacked-400 Accounts info. Stolen
  126. US Wants Brit Extradited >Selling Missile Parts to Iran
  127. WAR? Argentina asks DR for Help v Britain
  128. UPDATE & Photo-Girl Kept In Basement,Starved & Sexually Abused
  129. 30 Years for Kingpin Killing Machines
  130. Nearly 300 Killed in Honduras Prison Fire
  131. Whitney Houston dies
  132. VIDEOS -Nun Sets Herself on Fire -Tibet v China
  133. PHOTOS-Dad Hacks 2 Sons Throats & Burns Them To Death
  134. 200 Rescued From Papua, New Guinea Ferry Sinking
  135. VIDEOs/PhOTOs-US BOMBs Syria=RUSSIA Deploys Warship-IRAN Responds
  136. At Least 9 Dead in Florida in Multiple Crashes
  137. Manhunt on For Carjacker Who Fatally Shot Good Samaritan
  138. Reward Out For Pardoned Killer
  139. 100 Dead From Bad Heart Medicine
  140. Earth Hit Hard By Solar Radiation
  141. Costa Concordia Rescuers Find 16th Body
  142. Teen Completes Solo Sail Around The World
  143. Ten Year Old Boy Arrested For Murder
  144. Woman Arrested on Bomb Threat to US Consulate
  145. Update: Cruse Ship Run`s Aground, Lays on Its Side
  146. Divers Search For Missing Girl in Maine
  147. Devilwoman Gets 30 Years For Acid Attack
  148. American Teen Back Home After Deporting Mistake.
  149. Funeral For Sisters Killed in Holiday Fire
  150. PHOTOS-6 Police Officers Shot While Serving Warrant
  151. Park Ranger Killed @ Mt. Rainier
  152. US Man Caught Bringing Explosives onto Plane
  153. N.Y.Airport-Woman Tries to Bring Stun Gun onto Plane
  154. PHOTOS New Year's Celebrations Around the World 2012
  155. UPDATE: 21 Arson Fires Set in Rapid Succession
  156. Baby Shot in the Mouth,,,Dies
  157. Pair Arrested Filing False Claims @ Stage Collapse
  158. UPDATE & Photos-Man Charged- 9Yr old Girl Abused & Killed
  159. 50,000. Packages Held By Snow
  160. Bite Marks Puts Wrong Man In Jail
  161. Plane Crash Kills 5 In New Jersey
  162. Kim Jong-un Meets Putin in Russia >Snub to Trump?
  163. 3 Dead In California Office Building Shooting
  164. Band Member's Death Ruled a Homicide
  165. 7 miners injured in Idaho Mine
  166. Raids In Toronto Net 60 Arrests
  167. NTSB Recommends Full Ban On Use of Cell Phones While Driving
  168. Gun In Carry-On Accidentally Fired
  169. Biggest Reward for Fugitive in Australian History-
  170. VIDEOS-US School Shooting-Policeman & 1 Other Dead-Update:
  171. BP Says Halliburton 'Intentionally Destroyed Evidence' After Gulf Oil Spill
  172. UPDATE & Photos-Man Kills Himself-Body of Missing Georgia Girl, 7, Found
  173. USA: Postal Service Cuts Will Slow Service
  174. 45,000 Germans Evacuated Due to WWII Bombs
  175. Father Fatally Shoots 4 Kids, Wife Wounded
  176. American Airlines are BANKRUPT!
  177. Florida Man Named 'Primary Suspect' in Ex-fiancee's Disappearance
  178. Microsoft's Bid For Yahoo -Audits Their Books
  179. investigators Probe Shootings Tied to Craigslist Ad
  180. Eastern DR Congo Is 'Rape Capital of The World'
  181. Pakistani Woman Suspected of Killing, Cooking Husband
  182. Manhunt Under Way After Child Found Dead in New Jersey
  183. Mother of Missing Arizona 5-Year-Old Arrested
  184. 7 Missing, 14 Rescued After South Korean Ship Sinks
  185. Casualties Mount From Protests in Egypt
  186. China School Bus Crash Kills 20
  187. In Australia, a Major Cocaine Bust
  188. 1st Look at Japan Nuclear Plant (Photos)
  189. Hawaii Helicopter Crash Kills 5
  190. Osama Bin Laden's Son Hamza is Killed +His Mother Talks
  191. VIDEOs-Who Planned/Caused World Economy Disaster-by Zeitgeist
  192. Oklahoma Earthquake Damages Homes
  193. Strong Earthquake Rattles Southern Peru
  194. 2 Nebraska Boys Kept in Wire Dog Kennel
  195. DEAD GADHAFI -GRAPHIC Photos/Videos
  196. UPDATE: Mentally Challenged Adults Chained in Basement
  197. Amtrak Trains Collide In Califorina
  198. N.Y. Crackdown Uncovers Global Crime Ring
  199. Police Arrest Man for Child Pornography After Tipoff From Burglars
  200. BREAKING NEWS UPDATE-Apple Founder Steve Jobs Dies
  201. PHOTOS -BREAKING NEWS - Helicopter Crashes in NEW YORK
  202. Murder Suspect Gunned Down in California Woods
  203. Special: Turning Tide of Fluoridation & Death of CIA Lackey Awlaki Ė Infowars
  204. Shark Severely Injures Man Near Cape Town
  205. Father Who Used Shock Collar On Child To Be Re-Sentenced
  206. On The Run For 41 Years, Hijacker Traced To Portugal
  207. Huge Meteor May Hit Earth in November
  208. Two New Narco Subs Found in Colombia
  209. Police Find Decapitated Body of Mexico Newspaper Editor
  210. Boy, 10, Escapes Clash With Mountain Lion
  211. Update: Dead Satellite Crashes on Earth
  212. California Officers Charged in Homeless Man's Death
  213. Iran Frees U.S. Hikers
  214. The Human Cost of Chocolate
  215. 6Yr Old Girl Returns from School & Finds Parents Dead
  216. A Woman & Her Toddler Fight Dual Cancers
  217. Tennessee Woman Smothered Her Newborn Twins, Police Say
  218. Do You Flash Your Lights To Warn Others of Speed Traps?
  219. More Than 75 Injured in Air Race Crash
  220. 2 Found Dead in Search For Trapped Miners in Wales, Police Say
  221. Boy Injured When Head and Neck Trapped in Car Window
  222. Trapped Man, 85, Wrote Goodbye Note Before Rescue
  223. U.S. Hikers Jailed in Iran May Be Released After Bail is Paid
  224. Americans Going to Canada to Find Work
  225. More Wildfires In Texas As It Faces Worst Dry Spell Since 1895
  226. Drunken Moose Ends Up Stuck in Swedish Apple Tree
  227. 21-foot Monster Crocodile Caught In The Philippines
  228. Missing girl Found Dead
  229. Residents Evacuated As Firefighters Battle Blaze in Texas
  230. Bear Attack Caused Hiker's Death at Yellowstone National Park
  231. Dozens Killed in Mexican Casino Fire
  232. Business News--Gold Tops $1,900.00
  233. Plane Crash Kills 12 in Canada's Arctic
  234. U.S. Hikers In Iran Get 8 Years in Prison
  235. HP kills TouchPad, Looks to Exit PC Business
  236. Authorities Make Arrest in Baffling Australian Collar-Bomb Case
  237. 5 Dead, 40 Hurt After Stage at Indiana Fair 'Snaps Like a Toothpick'
  238. Woman Mauled By Chimp Gets a New Face
  239. China's Water Crisis is Growing Worse
  240. 4 Teens Badly Hurt in Attack by Brown Bears in Alaskan Wilderness
  241. Deadly Rampage at Child's Birthday Party
  242. Amy Winehouse Dead at 27
  243. PHOTOS -Massacre in Norway Leaves Many Dead and Wounded
  244. Coast Guard to Rescue 15 Castaways From Pacific Island
  245. US-Serious Problems-May Lose Credit Rating
  246. South Sudanese Celebrates the Birth of Their New Nation
  247. UPDATE-Rupert Murdoch Summonsed by British MPs-FBI Moves in-Newspaper Closed
  248. UPDATE = VERDICT IN on Toddler Murder -Casey Anthony-PHOTOS
  249. Fox News hacker tweets Obama dead
  250. Tourist boat, with Americans on board, capsizes off Mexico coast