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European Union PhOtOs>Girl-in-The-Cellar Captive/Raped for 8 Years Relives Ordeal

Pictured: Girl-in-The-Cellar Natascha Kampusch now LIVES at The home Where She was Held Captive and Raped for Over Eight Years as She Relives her Ordeal on 10th Anniversary

  • She fled on August 23 2006 while Wolfgang Priklopil was distracted
  • Natascha saw a woman in a garden house and knocked on her window
  • The 28-year-old now lives part-time in the house that she was trapped in.
Daily Mail UK, 23 August 2016

These are the haunting images that show Austrian girl-in-the-cellar Natascha Kampusch outside the house where she was raped and psychologically abused - and where she now lives.

Kampusch was caged at the property by deranged loner Wolfgang Priklopil (inset) for eight-and-a-half years and 10 years on relived her ordeal, demonstrating how she escaped through the front gate and ran to freedom.

The images show her opening the gate and the small road to the house in the leafy suburb. Kampusch explained how after fleeing she attracted the attention of a woman in a nearby house who called the police. She knocked on her window and whispered 'please help me' but has never spoken to the woman since. Natascha, now 28, now lives part-time in the lair left to Priklopil by his family.

Natascha Kampusch

Kampusch explained how after fleeing she attracted the attention of a woman in a nearby house who called the police.
She knocked on her window and whispered 'please help me' but has never spoken to the woman since.
Natascha, now 28, now lives part-time in the lair left to Priklopil by his family.
After being his captive - she was beaten, starved and turned into his sex slave - Kampusch decided to flee on August 23 2006.

On that day Natascha recalled in an interview with Germany's Bild newspaper: 'I was told to clean his car.
'He wanted to sell it and had told me to clean it really thoroughly and completely. I remember that I felt like I could eat a horse because I had to make him jam sandwiches for breakfast but got nothing myself.'

Kampusch has been reliving her ordeal on the 10th anniversary of her escape, explaining how after fleeing she attracted the attention of a woman in a nearby house who called the police. She's pictured here showing a reporter from Bild how she escaped

Kampusch said that she managed to flee when Priklopil became distracted by a phone call

Kampusch during the first interview she conducted after she escaped in 2006. It was for Austrian public television ORF and rebroadcast in France by TF1

At 12.56pm Priklopil, 44, took a call on his mobile phone and was momentarily distracted.

Natascha went on: 'Previously he has observed me all the time. But because of the vacuum cleaner whirring in my hand he had to walk a few steps away to better understand his caller.'

Natascha, who received his house in his estate - he died beneath the wheels of a train later that night - said: 'I crept to the gate which was usually closed or blocked by heavy objects, but not on this day.
'I could hardly breathe. I felt solidified, as if my arms and legs were paralyzed. Jumbled images shot through me.'

At 12.58pm she opened the gate and ran to freedom, bringing an end to the ordeal that had begun in March 1998 when Priklopil snatched her as she walked to school.

Kampusch revealed that she ran past two houses without asking for help, fearing that Priklopil might find her

The exterior of the house where Kampusch was held - and constantly watched

A trapdoor leads from Priklopil's garage into a hidden room where Kampusch was kept

These two images show the room where Kampusch was held. She vanished in 1998 on the way to school

Kampusch's windowless bedroom top, was reached by the stairs

A cupboard hides the entrance from the garage into the hidden room

'I looked to the right and left without knowing which way to go,' she said. 'Then I ran.'

Natascha walked past two family homes where she could have asked for help but didn't. explaining: 'I was afraid he would follow me here so I wanted to get further away and hide.'

She decided to run to a local allotment.
She said: 'There I met two men who were traveling with a boy. I asked them to make a call with their mobile phone but they ignored me and simply went further along.

The entry door to the cellar where Kampusch was held captive

'Then I saw a woman in a garden house and knocked on her window and whispered 'Please help me!'
'She asked what I was doing in her garden and then called the police.'

Kampusch has had no contact with the woman who saved her since.
Kampusch has written a new book about her life called Ten Years of Freedom but her ordeal goes on.

A new probe is underway concerning the alleged suicide of Priklopil. Two coroners who examined the case files determined that he might have been murdered and that is now being investigated.

Kampusch acquired the house and car of her captor as palpable links to a past that psychiatrists say she should move on from.

Priklopil (pictured) starved Kampusch and turned her into a sex slave

She spends weekends at the house where her childhood was stolen, living in the rooms where the days often passed as slowly as weeks and she felt as if she were drowning in quicksand.
Kampusch seems incapable of rebooting her life.

Despite garnering a fortune estimated at five million pounds from TV interviews, her books and movie collaboration, she remains the little girl lost she was during her captivity.

Still confused and awkward in social situations, two years ago she announced she had cut herself off from people and social media sites - and even stopped driving lessons - because she felt uncomfortable being in a car that could 'take me away'.

Kampusch claims to have an advertising and graphics company called Consolea but it is not entirely clear what it does.

She quit high school because the appearance of fellow students was a 'horror' she said, the result of having just her captor for company during her formative years.

She once said: 'Although people may still be discreet and sympathetic, for me it is very un-relaxing to be in a room with many of them.'

'Optimal' weather for her is to go out when it is raining and stormy and people have their umbrellas pressed to their faces and so are not on the lookout for her. 'That's ideal,' she said.

She quit Facebook because she was branded a fake and doesn't bother with Twitter 'because I will not burden people with my visions of the future.'

Shortly after her release she said she had dreamed of having children, but no longer. Psychiatrists believe she has a mental block in letting go of the past.



A new book has been published that claims that the Kampusch abduction was not the action of a single loan kidnapper.
The book is by Dr Johann Rzeszut, former President of the Supreme Court in Vienna and a member of the Evaluation Commission that had been asked by the Austrian Interior Ministry to detect possible discrepancies in the Kampusch case.

Much of the content is based on evidence he gathered while he was on the commission and includes a new coroner’s report that claims that the decision to label the death of kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil as suicide was not based on a proper examination.

The decapitated body of the 44-year-old man who forced Natascha to call him ‘master’ was found on a rail line in Vienna on August 23, 2006, 10 years ago and hours after Natascha had escaped from his clutches.
Rescue workers recovered Priklopil’s body near the Praterstern station in the Austrian capital and detectives quickly concluded he had taken his own life.

The book notes that rather than treating the location as a crime scene, detectives had been content to accept that it was reported as a suicide, and they crucially failed to secure any of the evidence or follow up leads that could have allowed a conclusive investigation.

The kidnapper's best friend and business-partner Ernst Holzapfel (pictured

Instead, with a general election looming and massive errors already made by police that would have embarrassed the governing coalition, they closed the case.

The media were told he had acted alone and killed himself, and at the kidnapper’s house detectives were ordered to leave the crime scene.

Hours later, in the dead of night, the kidnapper’s best friend and business-partner Ernst Holzapfel was then free to enter the property and remove items, which he claimed were his own personal property ‘loaned’ to his friend.

Claiming that he went there to pick up tools, he has since been suspected of having removed computers and electronic equipment, possibly that contained images of Natascha.

The coroners behind the new report, Johann Missliwetz and Martin Grassberger, are of the opinion that the original coroner ‘failed to differentiate between suicide and murder’.

And they concluded that the suicide death of Priklopil was highly questionable, and believe the possibility exists that he was killed before the train hit his body.
The coroners said the incident was not investigated to the ‘acceptable forensic standards and common procedures’.

The medico-legal reports on the death of Wolfgang Priklopil in 2006 is, they declare, ‘worthless’. They added: ‘There was a considerable risk significant findings were destroyed and thus the awareness towards crime specifically forever foiled.’

Official version rejected....

Furthermore, the book looks at the statements of the eyewitness of the kidnapping, the former schoolgirl who was 12 at the time, and who (it is now known) saw Natascha being bundled into a van by one man, while another man remained sitting in the driving seat.

She said: ‘I know there were two men. The second man remained in the driving seat the whole time. I am afraid they saw me, too. They knew I was a witness. In all those years she was gone I feared they would come back for me.’

Then there’s the fact that Holzapfel was never formally questioned on a judicial level, either by any judge or public prosecutor.

Der Tod des Kampusch - Kidnappers: Wahrheitsfindung im Würgegriff' means The death of the Kampusch Kidnapper - Fact Finding in a Stranglehold in English. It's a book that offers evidence that the abduction was not the action of a single loan kidnapper

He was questioned by police informally although not under caution, where he said he knew nothing about what had happened and added: ‘It was only when I was questioned by the police that they showed me a photo and I realised it was her.’

However he later admitted that this was a lie, and that his friend had told him he had kidnapped and imprisoned Natascha — an admission allegedly made in the car shortly before Priklopil was found dead on a rail line.
He had then handed over the suicide note as proof.

He said: ‘I want to admit I deliberately, with regard to what happened on August 23, 2006 [the day Natascha escaped], did not say the truth because I feared the investigators would wrongly link me with the kidnapping. I was travelling in my Kombi-car Kia. He said to me: ‘You are going to hate me, I am a rapist and a kidnapper.
‘He was really stressed. He seemed to be beside himself. He then explained he had kidnapped Natascha Kampusch.

‘The name didn’t mean anything to me. He then told me that I knew her — I had seen her in the hall [of his own home].’

There have also been questions about why his first words when police arrived, just hours after Natascha escaped and before the story had become news, were ‘has he killed her?’ — suggesting that he knew she was being held.

The kidnap, in 1998, resulted in one of the biggest police missing person investigations in Austrian history and police officers interviewed Priklopil after tracking him down based on the eyewitness description of the van he had used for the kidnapping.

Had they done more than ask a few questions they might have realised that Kampusch was hidden on his property in her underground dungeon as they spoke to him.

The information that led police offices to his door came from a police-colleague, a dog handler, whose mother was living in Priklopil’s neighbourhood and who had told her son that she thought Priklopil matched the profile of the kidnapper.
She told him that he even had a white van in line with the description offered by the 12-year-old schoolgirl who witnessed the abduction.

Dr Rzeszut said that he hopes his book, Der Tod des Kampusch - Kidnappers: Wahrheitsfindung im Würgegriff, which in English means The death of the Kampusch Kidnapper - Fact Finding in a Stranglehold, will help the truth to emerge.

He added: ‘I know that there is little chance much will happen now, there was almost no mention of my book for example in Austrian media, and on the few occasions when it is mentioned, there are neither any of the essential details nor any of the substantial arguments.’

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