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Arrow Right 'Wicked' Stepmother +'Cruel' Childrens' Disgraceful Behaviour

The 'Wicked' Stepmother, the 'Cruel' Children and the 'Disgrace' they have Heaped on Casey Kasem:
Inside the SEVEN-YEAR 'Toxic' Family Feud over Radio Legend, his $80m Fortune and the Final Tearful Reunion
Hours before he 'Vanished'


Casey Kasem, 82, was at the center of an international manhunt this week after his children from a previous marriage called police after he disappeared from his Santa Monica convalescent home with his second wife, Jean, 59, (top left) only to be found in Port Orchard, Washington, yesterday. MailOnline today reveals the seven-year battle between Kerri, (pictured bottom left with her mother Linda Myers, who is Casey's first wife) Michael, Julie and Jean (pictured with Casey and Jean, main) and her daughter, Liberty (inset main) that features extraordinary claims of harassment, abuse and claims that the children are trying to get their hands on his $80m inheritance.
  • Casey Kasem, 82, was found in Washington this week after his children from a previous marriage called police when he vanished from his Santa Monica nursing home
  • Their visit to see the radio legend, who can now barely speak, infuriated his wife, Jean Kasem, 59, and she took him away
  • The drama has laid bare the bitter battle between the children and Jean, who she claims has been 'vilified'
  • MailOnline has seen bombshell court documents which reveal claims of abuse, harassment and lurid claims over his money
  • She claims she stopped the children visiting Casey because of 'disturbing' events
  • Jean says one daughter, Julie, hasn't paid back $100,000-a-year loans
  • The children have called police and social workers to his $10m mansion

Radio legend Casey Kasem’s face lit up when his two daughters visited him at a Santa Monica nursing home on May 6.
Severely ill, Casey greeted the women with a broad smile and tightly clutched their hands as they sat next to him. He was in his bed connected to a feeding tube and IV drip.
It had been five months since the girls had seen their 82-year-old father and the three chatted warmly about days gone by and shared family photos.

It's war! The simmering battle between Jean Kasem, 59, left, and Kerri Kasem, one of Casey Kasem's
three children with Linda Myers (pictured right with Kerri) has spilled out dramatically and publicly this week

Happier times: Court papers reveal how Kasem's three children from his previous marriage, Kerri, Michael and Julie were on good terms with Jean
until his health deteriorated. But for seven years they have been fighting over who cares for him with Jean claiming they showed 'disturbing' behavior and want to secure his $80m

As the meeting came to an end the icon – who hosted American Top 40 and famously voiced Shaggy in the Scooby Doo franchise - kissed his daughters goodbye and tears welled up in his eyes.
‘They told him they had to leave, I saw him visibly get sad and heard him ask “when?”’, said Martha Patterson, an attorney who accompanied Kerri Karem and her sister Julie during the rare visit.
‘As they left I saw tears in his eyes.’
Just 24 hours later he had vanished with his wife, Jean Kasem, 59. She was infuriated that the Berkley East Convalescent Hospital in Santa Monica had allowed his daughters to visit at all and without her knowledge.

He was secretly moved without his gurney and all his medical equipment was gone. He suffers from Lewy body dementia, a progressive disease.
His daughters contacted the authorities and the media and sparked an international hunt for Casey, who she claimed had been 'kidnapped' and was being 'hidden' by Jean.

'They told him they had to leave, I saw him visibly get sad and heard him ask “when?”’... As they left I saw tears in his eyes'

He was located in Port Orchard, Washington some days later after lawyers for Kerri said they feared he had been spirited out of the country or was on an 'Indian Reservation'.
But police there said they had visited him and reported that he was 'cognizant' and did not appear in distress.

MailOnline can reveal that the drama this week is the latest episode in a bitter seven-year battle between Jean, his wife of 33 years, and his three children from a previous marriage.
Bombshell legal documents obtained by MailOnline lay bare the viciousness, hatred and extraordinary claims that have torn Casey's family apart.
The ailing star is caught helplessly in the middle, barely able to speak and articulate what he wants as those around him protest that they know what's best.

Accusations that Casey was abused by his wife Jean have been hurled around.
She despises his three adult children for painting her as a ‘wicked’ step-mom, while Jean blames their ‘disturbing’ behavior for splitting the family up.

Shocking allegations of harassment and threats have been slung and street protests staged by Kerri outside the family home have sparked endless rows.
And inevitably, lurid claims that this is all about his $80m fortune have been raised.

New family: Kasem married Jean, a statuesque actress in 1980, a year after his divorce.
They went on to have a daughter together, Liberty, pictured with them above. She is now 23 and firmly sides with her mother

'Wicked': Jean claims in court papers seen by MailOnline that she has unfairly been
portrayed publicly as the villain in all their wrangling. She says the children have done nothing but 'disgrace' their father

Casey Kasem and wife Jean in public appearance

Multi-millionaire radio personality Casey has three children from a previous marriage, Kerri, 43, Michael, 42, and Julie, 40.
They are the children of Linda Myers who Casey was married to from 1972 to 1979.

He also has a daughter called Liberty, 23, with current wife Jean, who has apparently sided with her mother.
The family fall-out has focused on controls the long-term healthcare of elderly Casey.
His wife of 33 years Jean has provided round-the-clock care since his health began to deteriorate. His children wrestled for control and went to court last October.
During a legal hearing in November last year, attorneys for Jean objected to the petition filed by Kerri to be granted conservatorship.
In a bitter submission Jean insists she has ‘always been the person caring for her now ailing husband’.

'These children falsely claim that their stepmother is wicked and is keeping her husband prisoner in his home behind closed doors'
- Jean Kasem

The document states her and her daughter Liberty provide Casey with the ‘love and attention and respectful treatment one can only hope for, near the end of their life.’
It says that it is ‘unfortunate’ that Casey’s children, ‘from a prior marriage long ago’ are using their father’s status as a public figure to ‘attack and defame Jean in the court of public opinion.’

Jean says the children ‘single-handedly and irreparably shattered the lives of their father, his wife and youngest daughter' and have 'disgraced their father and vilified their stepmother'.
She adds: 'These children falsely claim that their stepmother is wicked and is keeping her husband prisoner in his home behind closed doors and that they no longer have access to him through no fault of their own'.
She also claimed that social workers and LAPD officers were regularly called to the Karem family home following reports of abuse.
But Jean says: ‘None of these visitors have found anything improper. In short, these children have intentionally set in motion a chain of events to create havoc and inflict misery.’
Now 59, statuesque blonde Jean married Casey in 1980.
The actress had a small role in the 1984 hit movie Ghostbusters but is best known for playing the ditzy wife of Nick Tortelli on the hit '80s sitcom Cheers.
Jean says her relationship with Casey’s older children had been previously good. But as Casey grew older and his health deteriorated, the rift began to show.

Frail: Kasem (pictured here in 2009) has suffered terrible health problems. At first doctors thought he had Parkinson's and dementia.
But now they have diagnosed him with Lewy body dementia that has left him unable to speak and bed-ridden for most of the time

Home help: Jean claims she was an excellent carer for Kasem while they lived at the mansion.
While his children used to visit every Sunday, she says in court papers, she put a stop to them because of their behavior

Vanished: On May 6, Kasem's children visited a 'tearful' Kasem at the Berkley East Convalescent
Hospital in Santa Monica without Jean knowing. She was furious and within 24 hours he had disappeared

'Cognizant': Kasem was found some days later in Port Orchard, Washington after Kerri called the police fearful of his whereabouts or condition.
His wife had taken him there to apparently have a 'vacation'. Officers visited him and said he wasn't in distress. A judge has now granted Kerri temporary conservatorship

The legal papers, which run to 145 pages long, reveal how Casey’s daughter Julie and her husband Jamil Aboulhosn obtained a signed legal document in 2007 which gave them control over the ailing senior.
The healthcare document – which was signed by Casey – gave the couple the right to make medical and other decisions for him.
However, Jean describes this as a ‘highly suspect document’ that has since been 'expressly revoked' by Casey.
The 2007 document was ‘procured secretly’ in the ‘midst of the tumult of a Hollywood UPS store’ during a visit that Jean had organized between Casey and his children, her lawyers state.
Jean adds: 'How could these petitioners be entrusted with the safety and care of Casey when they exercised such poor judgment in the secret procurement of such a critical health care document?’
Her side claims a more 'durable' power of attorney was drawn up in 2011 - which was signed in the presence of Julie and the other children.

'For reasons they know all too well, their presence at this stage would be toxic and extremely distressing for Casey, Jean and their daughter Liberty, who have had enough of their cruelty'
- Jean Kasem

A copy of a 2013 healthcare document also shows Casey gave Jean power to make medical decisions for him, control his visitation, and become his conservator should he need one.
The court papers also give a glimpse into Casey’s fragile state of health as he battles a variety of ailments.
He is described as having advanced Parkinson’s disease (which later turned out to be Lewy body dementia), which cause him to be bed-ridden ‘for the most part’.
The singer and comedian has to be cared for full time by a team of nurses plus physical therapists who visit two to three times a week.
Casey’s ‘fragile state and medical condition’ leaves him unable to express his wishes about his health care or who can visit him ‘as he fights a very serious and debilitating disease’, the papers state.
The aging star’s health is said to have worsened in August 2013 making him ‘too fragile to travel’.

'Wildchild': Liberty, who describes herself as a singer/songwriter, has given Jean public support.
On Mother's Day, she wrote: 'Together we stand together and we shall not fall!!!'

Upset: Jean says in court documents that Kerri, Julie and Michael have ‘single-handedly
and irreparably shattered the lives' of Kasem, Jean and Liberty (above) and have 'vilified their stepmother'

Jean said this meant he could no longer visit the older children outside the home.
This change sparked major problems for the family.
A serious breakdown in Jean’s relationship with Casey’s children meant she allegedly refused to let them in the house.
In the legal papers she claims it was their ‘disturbing’ conduct that sparked the rift, adding that any visit inside the home would have been 'intolerable' and 'unpleasant' for 'all of us', including Casey.
In her statement Jean says Casey did have a close relationship with his children and they were always welcome in the family home.

‘The three children were often with us on weekends and holidays’, she said. When the children grew up Casey would spend most Sundays with them, ‘with my full support’, she said.

‘There came a time when that relationship could no longer be within our family home. This was not of my doing,’ Jean said, adding: 'For reasons they know all too well, their presence at this stage would be toxic and extremely distressing for Casey, Jean and their daughter Liberty, who have had enough of their cruelty'.

She refused to expand on the exact nature of the alleged ‘disturbing’ conduct of Kerri and Julie.
The former actress turned businesswoman, who now runs a baby’s crib firm called Little Miss Liberty, said the family row had been a ‘living nightmare’.
She said it took a sinister turn last fall when someone damaged the front gate of the family’s $10million mansion rendering it impossible to lock.
She claims a few days later Julie came to the home just outside Beverly Hills, unannounced.
Jean said in her statement: ‘She gained entrance through the broken gate demanded to see Casey, was very hostile to me and refused to leave.’

Show trial: Kerri, pictured here with Janice Dickinson and Sophie Simmons, have held public demos
against Jean's block on visits from Casey's children. Jean claims she's been 'defamed' in the 'court of public opinion'

Money, money, money: Kerri dismisses Jean's claims that the children are after his money and control of his will. Kerri said: 'She's out of her mind. As I've said all along, we're not going to contest the will. She can take the house. We just want our dad back'

The October 1, 2013 Jean says her and her daughter Liberty were ‘harassed and threatened’ by Kerri and about a dozen others who were ‘yelling and picketing in front of our home.’
She claims that one of the demonstrators even tried to kick open the door to the house.
Jean says that days later Kerri and Julie held a press conference accusing her of holding her husband hostage.
Jean and Casey's only daughter Liberty has stood by her mom supporting her throughout the feud.
The 23-year-old aspiring singer songwriter still lives with Jean in the family home. Just last week she pledged her undying love for her mom on Facebook.
In a passionate message posted on Mother's Day, Liberty wrote: 'Mom I love you your my best friend I would die without you! We are one!!!

'She thinks we're going to get him to change the will. She's out of her mind. As I've said all along, we're not going to contest the will. She can take the house. We just want our dad back'
- Kerri Kasem

'You have always supported me and kept me strong and made me the women I am today!
'I love you with all my heart and soul! No one can ever break our bonding love for each other!
'Together we stand together we shall not fall!!! I love you forever and always!!!! I love you so much mom.'
And last month she posted a loving message to her dad Casey on his birthday. She wrote: 'Happy birthday to the greatest dad! I love you with all my heart and soul!
'Keep your feet on the ground keep reaching for the stars!! I love you daddy boo!!!! XOXOXO.

Her official website describes Liberty as a pop singer who performs in and around LA.
Her bio states her showbiz parents initially tried to dissuade her from pursuing a career in music but she began writing songs from a young age.

It adds: 'Liberty is carrying on a proud tradition for an entirely new generation of radio listeners and fans'.
On her Instagram page she describes herself as a 'wildchild', 'pirate' and 'lover'. But despite the closeness of Jean’s side of the family, the bad blood with her husband’s children runs deep.
In the explosive legal documents Jean goes on to accuse Julie and her other siblings of taking huge loans off their millionaire father - which they never repaid. Julie denies owing her dad any money.
But Jean states this is a lie and claims she owes her father 'hundreds of thousands of dollars'.
In her legal statement, Jean said: 'Casey and I … have loaned Casey’s three older children an estimated $100,000 to $150,000 a year over many years.
'These funds were provided to help them pay for their educational expenses, housing, purchase cars and pay insurance, pay parking tickets, medical and dental bills, travel etc.'

A copy of one check – included in the court documents – shows Casey had paid Julie $50,000 on July 2000 as a '2 week loan'.
Kerri has accused Jean of trying to protect her inheritance. She believes the row has been centered around her father’s $80million fortune not his healthcare.

Bad blood: In her submission to the court she makes her feelings known about Kerri's claim on her father's care.
She writes harshly that they are the children from a 'prior marriage long ago'. Kasem is pictured here with his first wife Linda Myers and a child, thought to be Kerri

Glamor: Jean was an actress who had a small part in Ghostbusters and was a love interest on sit-com Cheers

She said: ‘In my opinion, Jean is worried about us meeting again. She's worried about the money.

'She thinks we're going to get him to change the will. She's out of her mind. As I've said all along, we're not going to contest the will. We're all successful enough on our own. She can take the house. We just want our dad back.’
Kerri and the other children were denied their bid for conservatorship and Casey has two grandchildren whom he hasn't seen for over a year because of the feud.

A spokesperson for the family today blasted Jean Kasem’s claim that it was their ‘disturbing’ behavior which led to a breakdown in their relationship.

Spokesperson Danny Deraney said: “Kerri, Julie and Mike are the calmest, nicest and sweetest people you are ever likely to meet. They deny any such behavior.

'Any claims that they have behaved in a "disturbing" manner or have ever been threatening couldn’t be further from the truth.‘But earlier this week, a Los Angeles County judge swiftly granted Kerri temporary conservatorship over her dad. The judge ordered an immediate probe into Casey’s location and medical well-being.
Jean must return her husband back to LA by Monday latest.

Jean’s attorney Craig Marcus claimed in court that his client had the right to move her husband as she saw fit, but Kerri argued the move violated the siblings' legal agreement regarding visitation.
On Thursday it emerged that Casey had been found safe and was in fact on vacation in Port Orchard, Washington, some 1100 miles away.

'He is cognizant of where he is. He has appropriate medical care and prescriptions as provided by his healthcare provider. Obviously he is ill, but he is not in distress'
- Kitsap County police spokesman

It would take up to 18 hours to drive the distance or two-and-a-half hours by plane – hardly ideal for a man in Casey’s condition, vacation or not.
He is thought to be staying at the home of some friends although authorities will not release the exact location.
Port Orchard is a historic sawmill town, a 45-mile drive around a wooded peninsula from the city of Seattle, its 19th century seafront framed by the snow covered Olympic Mountains.
Originally set up to take advantage of the local logging industry, the fortunes of its 12,500 population now rely on tourism and in refurbishing aircraft carriers a short ferry ride away across the bay at Pujet Sound Naval Shipyard.
Its mild climate, slow pace of life and countryside - has made it a favorite with the elderly looking to get away from the rat race.
But still many residents questioned why a rich celebrity such as Casey has been holidaying in the area – especially given his ill health.
At the Moon Dogs Too sports bar drinkers felt it was 'bizarre' he and his wife would come here for a holiday.
'I love the place, but its not somewhere you would expect a star from Los Angeles would come to spend their time,' said one local.

Vicious: Kerri has mounted protests outside the gates of Casey and Jean's mansion after she stopped visits

'It’s so far from glamorous. It’s down to earth. The local hotel is a Comfort Inn for Christ’s sake.'
The area can lay claim to one celebrity – the romance writer Debbie Macomber is a local.
Her books, many of them set in Port Orchard and the surrounding area, have sold more than 170 million copies worldwide.
'Perhaps he’s a romance fan,' said another drinker at the long wooden bar.
Police confirmed they made a ‘welfare check’ on him on Tuesday just days after he was reported missing.
Scott Wilson, a spokesman for Kitsap County police said, deputies stayed at the address for 40 minutes and determined he was not in distress.
He said: ‘He is cognizant of where he is. He has appropriate medical care and prescriptions as provided by his healthcare provider.
‘Obviously he is ill, but he is not in distress.’

But while the 82-year-old soldiers on, it’s the people around him that seem to be falling apart.
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