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Popcorn The art of girls seduction

-------------- The art of girls seduction -----------------
A help site for males that need advice on picking up girls.

This guy is a bit of a coward in dealing with ladies. Here’s what he wrote about himself:
“A couple of times I tried to make an acquaintance with girls but every time I lacked the courage.
Once I decide to approach the girl, the heart starts beating wildly,
I choke, hands get pale. Well, I cant’ withstand such a stress. Actually I’m quite sociable…
The problem is I can’t make acquaintances.”

This guy got the following reply from “specialists”: “Lack of style.
Clothes are tasteless. Go to the gym. Immediately!”

Modern frail teenagers persistently emphasize their feebleness with the help of homosexual jeans.
That’s what this guy says about it: “I’m wearing tight jeans not because of the trend but only
because I think they are more comfortable than the ordinary ones.”

Young Casanova asks:
“What hairstyle can you advise me???? Plz)” Pickup artists’ answer is clear as usual:
“Go to the stylist and decide together with him. None of us can help you here.”

“Guys, aloha I would like to hear your criticism of my appearance. I’m 15 years old,
height – 183 cm, weight – 70 kg. ”
(For those who don’t know, “aloha” is a Hawaiian greeting).

This Lovelace is a bit of a coward as well:
“I haven”t yet succeeded in making acquaintances. The main problem is terrible self-doubt.
Seeing a girl I’m scared so much that usually pass her by. Even though I come to her,
I start talking nonsense stumbling over every word… As usual, I make acquaintances
in supermarkets, on the streets, occasionally in cafes.”

Girls, admit you’re melting under his look?
No wonder, the years of training in front of a mirror.

This guy lives in Belgium. He says:
“To be honest, such a style is ideal for making acquaintances. You stand out from a crowd,
and it’s much easier for the girl to start a conversation with you. She can say:
“You’re looking good” or “I like your tie”.

A 28-year-old man (yes, there are not only teenagers on that site) says that he has
problems with his hairstyle. He gets an answer from a wormed into the camp of the enemy lady:
“If I were you I would think about the hairstyle the least of all if I had
THIS in my wardrobe! One should love and respect himself!”

“I’m 22 years old. I have recently returned from the army and now feel I am a real man
(or is that my delusional hallucination?). I wish surrounding people to feel it too.”

Senior colleagues ask:
“What’s the matter with your face?” The answer is:
“I try to do something with my skin but nothing helps. As for the bristle, it results from recent drunken times))”

“Looking at me, girls always think I’m younger than my age. And only after talking to me,
they realize that were mistaken about my age. I try to look older – I choose adult shoes,
semi-classical style.
I’m 17 years old. But girls give me 15. I’m 185 cm tall, and my physique is quite lean
so I usually try to hide it under the clothes. “

“I started going to the gym. On some photos I’m unshaven, but actually I shave
and moreover epilate the hair between eyebrows as well))))”

(Men, do not let your wives and daughters go alone to the shopping centers).

And this guy is sad because of his terrible obesity:
“Since recently, I started feeling that there’s something wrong in my appearance.
There is a feeling that I’m fat, that haircut is ugly… So, tell me what you think.
I am 15 years old, my height – 176 cm, weight – 58 kg.”

“I’m 23 (soon 24!) and I’m quite satisfied with my appearance except for my jeans.
They are terrible, besides I wear a trouser belt with them. The problem is I can not find the new ones –
I do not like any of them, or maybe I just understand nothing in them. And what else can
I wear besides jeans? Trousers? – I’ll be like a nerd. Shorts? – Not my style.
I’m too tall and thin to wear shorts. I’m also financially limited and have only 4.000 rubles ($133)
to buy jeans and a belt. I’ll certainly listen to any criticism of my appearance and
remember everything you will advise me. But at the moment (and in the next 2-3 months)
I can only afford jeans and a belt.”

“I don’t go to the gym. No, no and no. It’s my principle.
I don’t want that. I decided to be what I’m now and everything’s fine.”
(Bet, a dozen a heap of cosmetics and spare panties are in the bag)

“I would like to know what color would make my style more efficient for seduction.
And what hairstyle can you advise me?” Seasoned dudes answer: “Several words about your style:
you don’t have one. In this shirt you look like an infantile person.”

“17 years old, weight – 70 kg. I wish to look older and want more classical or casual clothes.”

Experienced pickup artists give the young man quite a reasonable piece of advice:
“Children’s shoes. Hold your back straight. The chest is forward.”

Another piece of advice: “Immediately start growing hair.
Excuse my frankness but your skull does not allow you to be bald.”

One of the comments: “I think you should depilate your shoulders… “The guy is not offended at all:
“Noted it. Soon will buy an epilator.”

One more monster of communication:
“”Hi everyone. I would like to hear your opinion on my style and hairstyle in particular…
I’ve already tried many. Some say, short hair is better-looking, others prefer the long one…”

And this guy got not very friendly answers from “professionals” (perhaps, they recognized a competitor).

“The first impression: a nerd who loves books, chess and the Internet”.
“1. A masturbator
2. A satisfied masturbator
3. A photo-mystery.
“Do something with your face.
Acne around your mouth and the expression of your face cause disgust.”

“Dull sh$t in no matter what clothes will always be the same dull sh$t

“Dude, first of all cut off your hair. Sorry, but you are really like an $sshole))”

“Your jacket sucks”. “Judging by the photo, you have a narrow circle of acquaintances.
Bet, your friends all are younger than you and you don’t have a girlfriend because of your self-doubt.”
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