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Default He is risen.....

Pray that on Easter Sunday, God will hear our pleas for mercy, and deliver us from those who seek to master us within a Godless society, culture

Hosanna in the Highest!

In the hustle and bustle of a chaotic world, it is easy to compartmentalize the various aspects of our lives. We have family, work or school and leisure activities during our waking hours, and we can tend to place God in a box, of sorts, so that we can pursue our earthly endeavors.

During this holiest of holy seasons, Catholics, Christians and Jews focuses are piqued by the Passover Seder, Jesusí Crucifixion and Resurrection. The Passover recalls Godís chosen peopleís freedom from slavery in the land of Egypt, and Jesusí Crucifixion and Resurrection represents mankindís universal redemption from the slavery to sin. With this demonstration of love by God for His chosen people and mankind in mind, how can one not proclaim ĎHosanna in the Highestí, urgently praying for Godís saving activity through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?
Holy, Holy, Holy
Lord, God of Hosts,
Heaven and Earth are full of Your glory,
Hosanna in the highest!
Blessed is He, who comes in the name of the Lord,
Hosanna in the highest!

Hosanna is a plea, and many of us plea for truth and salvation. Before we depart this Earth for eternal salvation, we would also like to see Godís will enacted here. This cannot happen if we are not vigilant and involved, for Satan is perpetually seeking our individual and collective demise. When we let God out of the box, it is amazing how our lives can change for the better. This doesnít mean we enjoy a total lack of pain, or concerns, but we become better equipped to deal with our daily challenges. God is truth. Only when we are accepting of and prepared for the truth, can we see the truth.

When a person fully understands what is going on, regarding the theft of our rights and freedoms and the premeditated and controlled destruction of our society, culture, economy and constitutional republic, he/she realizes that we have much more than mere political and economic woes about which to be concerned. We have spiritual woes that lead to our political, societal, cultural, and economic woes. As dark as our current situation is on all fronts, it is comforting to know that the Holy Trinity is in control, and it is in times of desperation that God reveals His greatness to us sinners in miraculous ways. As the holydays of Passover and Easter reveal a shared reverence for our Creator, placing God above all else provides us with renewed belief and hope that what has been provided to us by God, through our Founding Fathers and subsequent generations, can be saved.
The one constant, down through the ages, is the titanic battle between God and Satan. Even though Satan knows he cannot defeat God and the Holy Trinity, his betrayal of God banished him from Godís kingdom, into an abyss of lonely perdition. As a result, Satan craves companionship, and he knows he cannot be a companion to anyone who is true in his/her faith in God and the Holy Trinity. Misery loves company, and the only way for Satan to become close to anyone on Earth is to separate him/her from God and the Holy Trinity. Every evil in life has its roots in this reality. Every sin has its roots in us placing ourselves and our wants ahead of Godís will.
Satanís presence transcends the generations, and he is fully aware of our susceptibility to sin. If he, as an angel, could fall from Godís grace, how much easier must it be for mere mortals to fall from Godís grace? Satan is very crafty. He uses people closest to us to create separation within families, amongst friends and within communities. He also manipulates our almost universal acceptance of human lines of authority against us. Within each generation, he recruits an all-star cast of highly intelligent, wealthy, powerful, well-connected, engaging and articulate individuals to infuse his perdition upon the rest of us. He convinces these pied pipers of perdition into believing they can control the world, and darned if they donít believe it! Whenever we place any agenda or issue ahead of God, we open the door to Satanís influence. Thus, we must place God atop our priorities, in order to maintain Godís influence in our lives and to prevent Satanís intrusion into our lives.
God has provided us a road map, a spiritual GPS for life

God has provided us a road map, a spiritual GPS for life, with the Ten Commandments and His holy scripture. When we are in communion with His directions, we can act in accordance to His holy word, and we can more easily discern the wrong turns in life. Donít you hate it when you hear Ďthe voiceí saying Ďrecalculatingí, when you make a wrong turn? Also, by being in communion with Godís holy word, we are also better able to perceive the true intentions of others, similar to the sensors that are now being placed on new cars and trucks. While Satanís recruits dot the landscape of humanity, if we want to increase our perceptibility of othersí intentions, we must stay in communion with God.
Politics is a dirty business. It is even dirtier when powerful non-citizens usurp the will of the people being Ďgovernedí. Power and money flow throughout the system, and it is rare to find a person who becomes involved in politics for the benefit of others, but it is the system we have to influence change. Honesty and accountability are the enemies of most politicians, but our individual and collective involvement can work wonders in instilling the fear of not being elected, when a politician acts outside of the parameters of morality, ethics and the law.
While it is faint, there is a burgeoning cacophony against all that is encompassed within the New WORLD Order. It is offensive to God, and to all free men and women, here, and throughout the world. Jesus conquered death and He is risen! His resurrection means that, unless we cave to Satanís lies and deception, death has no hold upon us in eternity. If our eternal lives can be saved for us by our Savior, wouldnít one believe that our earthly rights and freedoms and our constitutional republic can be saved, if, and when, we turn to God for divine intervention? In proclaiming ĎHosanna in the highestí for our eternal life, we can also appeal to God for His miracles in revealing to us those who will lead with a servantís heart. Letís pray that on Easter Sunday, God will hear our pleas for mercy, and He will deliver us from those who seek to master us within a Godless society and culture.
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