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Hot Exam Cheating VIDEOs >High Tech Vests/Watches/Drones

Smartwatches BANNED from Exam Halls: Universities Start to Prohibit Technology to Stop Cheaters

  • Two universities in Australia have banned smartwatches from exams
  • One bans watches altogether, while the other allows them on desks
  • The move comes as the technology allows students to cheat in exams
  • Others have taken further steps - such as using surveillance drones
BBC / Daily Mail UK, 9 July 2015

Several universities are banning smartwatches in a bid to stop students cheating in exams, it has been reported.

Two universities in Australia are the latest to join the ever-growing list, with one telling students they must stow their watches in a clear bag under their chair.
This means that even students that might have used a regular watch to time themselves will no longer be able to at certain institutions.

Two universities in Australia have banned smartwatches from exams. One bans watches altogether, while the other allows them on desks. Shown is a stock image of an exam hall.

The move comes as the technology allows students to cheat in exams. Others have gone further - such as using surveillance drones

The two Australian universities are the University of New South Wales and La Trobe University in Melbourne.

‘Due to advances in watch technologies the UNSW exams rules have been updated,’ the UNSW posted.

‘No wrist or handheld watches are to be worn or placed on your desk during exams.
‘Watches of any kind must be placed in a clear resealable bag under your exam chair before the exam begins.’

La Trobe University is slightly more lenient, allowing students to place regular watches on the desk in front of them.
Smartwatches, though, are not permitted to be taken into the exam hall.

The fears come as the technology allows people to easily search online for the answer to a question, unbeknownst to the invigilator.

In the past, students may have preferred to write notes on their arms or palm, but now smartwatches provide a new avenue for cheating.
Until recently, most types of smartwatches were allowed in exam halls. However, schools are now starting to treat them in the same way as mobile phones, which are already prohibited.

The fears come as the technology (Apple Watch shown) allows people to easily search online for the answer to a question, unbeknownst to the invigilator. Until recently, most types of smartwatches were allowed in exam halls. However, schools are now starting to treat them in the same way as mobile phones

These are not the first institutions to ban the emerging technology from exam halls.
Earlier this year, London City University was among one of several in the UK to ask students to hide their smartwatches from view - the same rules as for smartphones.

And in more extreme measures to stop cheats, just a few weeks ago it was revealed that DRONES were being used to spy on pupils in China.

Officials in Luoyang, central China, have adopted the high-tech method to monitor students while they take the notoriously difficult tests.

The silent-flying drones will hover over students during university entrance exams known as ‘gaokao’, which are taken by more than nine million teenagers every year.

The devices will use 360 degree rotations to scan testing halls and locate suspicious radio signals created by hidden earpieces used to obtain the answers to exam questions.

They can hover in the air for up to half an hour and monitor activity from heights of up to 1,640 feet (500 metres), according to Chinese news website People’s Daily Online.


Last year Chinese authorities released pictures of James Bond-style technologies used by students during competitive exams.

These included sophisticated VESTS that link up to a button-hole camera hidden in a pen or watch, used to beam out images of the exam paper to someone outside the hall with a receiver.

The person outside then looks up the answer to the question, and relays it back to a mobile phone hidden on the pupil in the exam hall.
The speech is picked up via the mobile, and then sent on to a hidden earpiece.

Officials have launched a crackdown on those helping students to cheat during the 'gaokao'.
In the past criminal groups have been found to be selling stolen exam papers and launching cyber attacks on exam board websites.

India Students Caught 'Cheating' in Exams -
Cheating in Exams Go High-Tech with Students Caught for Using Radio Device-Enabled Vests

Cheating in exams is fairly common in the Indian state of Bihar, but new images have emerged which show just how large-scale and blatant the practice is.

Many students smuggled in textbooks and notes into the examination centres despite tight security - and parents and friends were photographed scaling the walls of test centres to pass on answers to students during the current secondary school examinations.

Local newspapers have been full of photos of parents and relatives trying to help their children cheat even at considerable risk to their own lives, BBC Hindi's Manish Saandilya reports from the state capital, Patna.

Some photos even show policemen posted outside the centres accepting bribes to look the other way, our correspondent adds.

Remarkable Pictures Show Dozens of People Scaling Four-Storey Building to Pass Relatives Notes During High Pressure School Leaving Exams in India

  • Remarkable Indian television footage shows dozens of people scaling walls to pass notes to students sitting exams
  • Police officers and school staff were also seen in the footage standing by and doing nothing amid the mayhem
  • The images was taken in the eastern state of Bihar where more than 1.4m students are sitting school leaving tests
  • Local authorities have admitted cheating is a major challenge for the region and they are powerless to prevent it

Earlier this year, Bihar shot into the limelight when photos of family members assisting their wards during class 10 state board exams went viral

Cheating during school examinations in Bihar is widespread but local authorities have been left red-faced after the footage went viral

Many in India were left shocked after seeing the brazen cheating methods. Here a person is pictured handing a relative notes through a window

The students sitting the tests face tremendous pressure because they must pass the exams to continue their education.
The images went viral on Twitter and made national headlines, but Bihar's education minister P. K. Shahi refused to accept any blame for the cheating.

Bangalore: MBBS students of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) were caught for cheating in their exams.

However it was not a case of simple cheating and when you come to think of the methods employed by the duo to pass in the exam, you are left aghast by the desperation shown to get an MBBS degree, in spite of being unfit, preparation-wise to take the exam.

According to a report in the 'Bangalore Mirror' the students--one, a second year student from Gulbarga and the other, third year from Bijapur--used a 'high-tech' vest for cheating and had had all arrangements made to make their tactics fool-proof. Well, almost all arrangements, for despite all their efforts, they in the end were caught by the invigilators.

This elaborate arrangement seems all the more bizarre when you consider that the duo spent Rs. 25,000 each on their vests online.

The vest, which was not much different from any other were wired for cheating. They had wires running along seams and had a micro radio frequency device stitched at the hem. Even the pens they carried were special — they scanned the text in the question paper.

Over the vests the students wore shirts, which were ordinary ones except for a concealed pocket right under the armpit, where amobile phone was tucked away.

This was a safe place to hide a mobile phone as there were little chances that a candidate will be frisked under the armpit at an exam centre.

The phone was linked to the radio frequency device through the 'concealed wiring' in the vest. A skin colour Bluetooth headset, so tiny that it almost disappears once inserted in the ear kept up comunication with the answer-providers outside the exam hall.

The utility of the vest was actually the radio frequency device. It acted as booster, ensuring that no matter how low was the mobile signal, the student wearing the vest will get to hear loud and clear.

The students had carefully planned the 'operation'. Thus immediately on getting the question paper at 9 am, each one of them took out the scanner pen and scanned the paper. It took only a few minutes to scan the entire paper and convert it into an MMS, and a discrete click tap on the keypad of the pre-programmed mobile phone, concealed in the armpit pocket, dispatched the MMS to the people waiting for it.

Kumar said that the students chose their time wisely as any examinee, on receiving a question paper, will immediately get busy going through it.

The invigilators too are pre-occupied then, checking roll numbers and carrying out other formalities. So, by the time the rest of the exam hall was ready to start scribbling answers furiously on the answer sheet, the cheats wearing the vests were ready to start writing, listening to answers being dictated to them over cellphone.

Everything was near perfect, but the students’ luck ran out. The first one was caught at Gulbarga on June 24. An invigilator doing the rounds found the student “concentrating too much”. A close inspection threw up something fishy — the student was touching his ear too often. The invigilator confronted him and out came the Bluetooth headset, the cellphone and ultimately the electronic vest.

With the first one out, RGUHS authorities knew what to look for. They told invigilators to wear Bluetooth headsets at exam hall to fish out another Bluetooth device in the vicinity. So, on June 26 at Bijapur, when an invigilator heard beeps on his headset while walking around a hall, he acted immediately and the second student was caught.

The university has lodged police complaints against the students. The cops are investigating whether there was any connection between the two cases, and are also trying to get tip-off about other students using the device.

According to the registrar, the students admitted that they bought the vests couple of months before the exams practised everyday to ensure there would be no snag at the exam hall. They also grew their hair so the tresses would cover their ears and conceal the headset.

Though the two students were caught, the ones at the other end helping the two are yet to be identified.

"The Main Purpose Of Bluetooth Vest With Earpiece is Exam Cheating With 100% Good Result We Deliver This Product Everywhere"


High Tech Vests Hidden under Shirts

INDIA > Families Bribe Police to Help

JAPAN > VERY Funny Video - ENJOY!

........... Ingenious & Hilarious!

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