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Asia PhOtOs-Psycho Trader Murderer Must Die By Knife

EXCLUSIVE - 'Psycho Trader Must Die as My beautiful Daughter Died... a Knife Plunged into Him Time and Again':
Stricken Mother of Second Prostitute Killed in Hong Kong Horror says Jutting 'Does Not Belong on This Earth'

  • Parents of second murdered prostitute speak for the first time of their grief
  • On remote Indonesian island, they believed daughter worked in restaurant
  • Mother of Seneng, known as Jesse, says: 'Killer must die as my girl died'
  • 'I still feel her presence... how can her life have ended this terrible way?'
  • Now their livelihood is in jeopardy because they cannot work through grief
Daily Mail UK, 6 November 2014

You can see the pain in Seneng's mother's eyes as she steps on to the dusty track to welcome me to her village. Her husband walks slowly behind, his shoulders slumped.
They are a couple stricken with grief over the savage death of their beloved 28-year-old daughter Seneng Mujiasih, stabbed and found bleeding to death in a Hong Kong apartment on Halloween.

Moving with heavy steps back up to the house where they hold so many happy memories of the laughing schoolgirl who grew up there, the couple's anger is chilling.
'What do I think about her killer?,' asks Seneng's 55-year-old mother Juminem.
She turned slowly to her husband, Mujiharjo, who like many Indonesians uses only one name, and gently touched his arm. 'What do we think of her killer?'

Juminem then answered for both of them as they sat together on a broken wooden cart, surrounded by the coconut trees that bring them a modest income:

'We both think that he must die the same way that Seneng died.
'He must die with the knife. It must be plunged into him time and again, so that he suffers and then dies. An eye for an eye.'

I was the first Western journalist to reach the tiny Indonesian village of Sido Makmur after a bone-jarring trip along unmade roads through miles of jungle broken by small impoverished communities who live in wooden homes balanced on stilts.

'We want an eye for an eye': Juminem (left) and Mujiharjo, the parents of one of British banker Rurik Jutting's alleged victims, Seneng Mujiasih, say their daughter's killer 'must die with the knife... in the same way she did'

Humble lives: MailOnline reporter Richard Shears met Seneng's parents (pictured, above, with her brother Sri Suantoro) in their tiny Indonesian village of Sido Makmur on the island of Muna where electricity is scarce

The leathery faces of farming families peered out through glassless windows at the stranger who passed by, for many had never seen a white person, such is the remoteness of this region.
It would be astonishing to believe that Seneng did not suffer culture shock after moving from the quiet rural community where she grew up, where electricity is scarce, to the bright lights of crowded Hong Kong.

She was a lovely girl, always helping around the house when she was still at school and then helping me and my husband in our coconut plantation,' said Juminem in her first interview in her village, her hands gripped tight together.
'I can still feel her presence, even more so now that she is dead, just as I have felt it since she headed off for Hong Kong.
'How can any mother believe that her dream of working overseas, earning money to send back to us, her family, would end in such a terrible way?'

'Can still feel her presence': Seneng in a photograph from the family album. Her parents said she 'a lovely girl' who always helped around the house when she was still at school and later on the family's coconut plantation

Lost star: Seneng's parents say this image is their favourite portrait. Her mother says she only wants to remember her as 'she was - alive, smiling, happy-go-lucky'

When I told her that there is no death penalty in Hong Kong, although criminals convicted of the worst crimes are sentenced to life, Juminem replied:

'This man is evil, wicked.
'He does not belong on this earth. Anyone who can do what he did to Seneng and that other poor girl should not be allowed to live.
'Perhaps someone will kill him for the sake of everyone who loved my daughter.
'This man is evil, wicked. He does not belong on this earth. Perhaps someone will kill him for the sake of everyone who loved my daughter
'I cannot find enough words to tell you what I think of him. I try not to, though, because thinking of him makes me think more of the little girl I have lost.'

Juminem said Seneng had been sending money back to the family - sometimes as much as £1,000 at a time - after moving to Hong Kong to find work.

'We always believed she was going off to work in a restaurant. We have read things that tell us differently and we don't know how things changed over there in Hong Kong', she said.
'All we know is that she was earning good money and sending it back to us. Sometimes it was five million rupiah (£260), other times it might be as high as 20 million rupiah (£1,040).
'I don't want to think of what she might have ended up doing. I only want to remember her as she was, alive, smiling, happy-go-lucky.'

The savage knife murder of Seneng shocked not only Hong Kong but the World.

Tragic: Seneng Mujiasih, who used the pseudonym Jesse Lorena Ruri, moved from her village in Indonesia to start a new life in Hong Kong after telling her parents that she was going to work in a restaurant

Generous: Seneng (pictured posing with cash) was found with her throat slashed at Jutting's flat. Her family said she regularly sent money back to their poverty-stricken village in Indonesia - sometimes £1,000 at a time

But the focus of that shock was on the tiny village of Sido Makmur, where concrete homes jostle with wooden houses and where children try to run with hoops on the dusty narrow road and teenage girls walk home from school, side by side in their white hijabs.
The grieving parents watch two girls walk by and Juminem utters a short cry. She can see her daughter in that reflective moment.

'Do you know, since I learned by telephone that Seneng was dead I haven't washed?
'I am always so strict about cleanliness but I've let myself go. I haven't washed my hair, haven't bathed, I haven't done anything.
'We haven't earned any money since we heard', said Mujihario.
'How can you work away as if nothing has happened? I've just sat around and the only break was when the police took us to the police station in Raha (some two hours away) to take our DNA.
'They needed it to check against DNA taken from the girl who was found dead in the apartment in Hong Kong.

Court date: A handcuffed Rurik Jutting is seen being taken to a Hong Kong court by police car on Monday after being charged with the murders of the two women

'Everyone says it was our Jeneng, but because she was using another name the police just wanted to be sure they had the right ID.
'But we know it's our Jeneng, of course. Her phone is no longer working and we have been told definitely by one of her close friends who travelled with her to Hong Kong that there is no doubt it is her.'

Juminem wipes away tears from red eyes, trying in vain to smile them away, as she recalls that time in 2007 when her daughter set off with three friends from the village to earn far better money in Hong Kong than they could ever hope to raise in the remote western regions of Muna Island.
She set off with a 41-year-old woman friend called Jami, and two other younger women, Jumira and Owi Agus Lestarli. It was from Jami that Juminem learned the tragic news.
Earlier this week, it was Juminem's husband who said he was the last person to speak to his daughter, but today he said that was not the case.

Reporter Richard Shears was the first Western journalist to reach the tiny Indonesian village of Sido Makmur after driving through miles of jungle broken by impoverished communities like these in Rangka (file picture)

Members of the Rangka community in the forest on the island of Muna in central western Sulawesi, Indonesia


Both of the young women found murdered in the apartment of British 'psycho baker' Rurik Jutting came from impoverished families in Indonesia and arrived in Hong Kong as domestic workers.
Like the hundreds of thousands of young Thai, Filipino and Indonesian women who flock there, both Sumarti Ningsih, and Seneng Mujiasih were mainly attracted by Hong Kong's higher wages.
However, Amnesty International has condemned the 'slavery-like' conditions they face while working as domestic staff in the former British colony.
Government-licensed recruitment agencies in Indonesia 'routinely deceive women about salaries and fees, confiscate identity documents and other property as collateral, and charge fees in excess of those permitted by law', Amnesty said at the time.

Victims: Like the hundreds of thousands of young Thai, Filipino and Indonesian women who flock there, both Sumarti Ningsih (top) and Seneng Mujiasih (right) were mainly attracted by Hong Kong's higher wages

Two thirds of the maids they interviewed for the special report said they had endured physical or psychological abuse.

Sumarti Ningsih married young and worked as a nanny in her town of Cilacap, but the couple struggled to find enough to eat
After giving birth to a son at the age of 18 in 2009, she is understood to have travelled to Hong Kong, ending her marriage and leaving her child in the care of her farmer parents.
She found work as a domestic worker and earned enough money to be able to send £150 back to her family every month - more than twice the total amount she was earning back home.

Miss Ningsih soon moved on to work as a waitress in a restaurant and took a DJ course to help boost her income.
All the while she continued sending large sums of money back to her family to help them pay for her son's education.

However her frequent journeys between Hong Kong and her family home Indonesia had a negative impact.
On her last visit to the territory she was only granted a tourist visa, forcing her to start working illegally.
Despite media reports to the contrary her family insist she never resorted to prostitution and continued to find cash-in-hand employment as a waitress until her murder last week.

Seneng Mujiasih's background was strikingly similar.
She left her parents' home of island of Sulawesi at some point in the mid-2000s but ran into difficulty when her then employer terminated her contract as a domestic worker in 2011.
Fearing that her dream of saving enough money to buy a house for her parents would lie in tatters if she returned to low wages in Indonesia, Miss Mujiasih also embraced the world of illegal work.

Living in a run-down boarding house just yards from Rurik Jutting's flashy apartment she, like so many other young foreign women in Hong Kong, began to seek cash in any way she could - including working as a part-time prostitute.

In his grief, he said today, he had been confused about the last time he had talked to his daughter.

'I called Jami as it was my turn to put in a call to my daughter. I hadn't been able to reach her on her phone so I got through to Jami.
'She just said: 'I'm sorry…Seneng is dead. I'm so sorry.'

'The words thumped into my chest. There was a second when they did not make sense and then I realised what she was saying.
'I have a bad heart and this hit me hard. I truly thought I was going to die myself.'

The Mail has spoken in the village to Jami's husband, Yarkoni.

'Yes,' he said. 'It was my wife who broke the news. I don't know much more than what I've been reading in the Indonesian papers.
'All the village has gathered around this poor family who need all our support.'

Remote: Seneng set off with three friends from her village to earn far better money in Hong Kong than they could ever hope to raise in the western regions of Muna Island in Indonesia

As I spoke to Juminem and Mujihario, we were joined by Seneng's older brother, Sri Siantoro, 30.
He held out a hand of greeting and smiled, but it was a false mask which his eyes, like those of his mother and father, betrayed his inner grief.

'We stand together on our feelings about Seneng's killer,' he said, placing an arm around his mother's shoulders, where her grey hair hung uncombed.
'He must not be allowed to live. Spending his life in jail is too good for him.'

The family took me around their property where coconut trees stand tall over a vegetable garden, every corner reminding them of where Seneng played as a youngster, then worked as a family helper when she left school.
But unlike the older folk of the village who as children grew up to carry on the family farming tradition, Seneng had aspirations for more.

Seneng's parents opened the family album and went slowly through the pages, filled with photos of their daughter who had sent pictures to them showing how much she enjoying life in Hong Kong.

But there are other treasured photos of when Seneng came home - the one and only time - in 2009 when she joined a group of friends and posed for photos in a blue hijab.
Some reveal her in more sexy poses, but her parents see nothing sinister in any of the photos.

'This is our daughter. We love her. There is nothing more to be said,' remarked Juminem.
'You know, she was always something of a romantic. When she was here living with us before she set off for Hong Kong she loved to sit indoors watching love stories on TV. We couldn't drag her away!'

Among the treasured memorabilia is a school certificate, dated June 2003.
The face of an everyday schoolgirl in a white shirt peers at the camera, the photo certified by fingerprints.

No-one could have imagined when that photo was taken - and its authenticity was verified - that 11 years later the identity of her mutilated body would have to be confirmed by her parents giving their DNA.
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