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Default Re: Australia Revolts Against Hollywood +Wins Court Case

so the aussies seem to be smarter than us well us americans it seems. cause he's right it's NOT helping. i do think that it is possible at some point for downloading to MAYBE decrease somewhat well enough to make the studios happy and everyone else. mind you i just came home from work so i'm tired i maybe wrong.

i don't think it'll ever go away. but the thing is there are billions & billions of films out there and leaving out the lost films, leaving out the porn illegal meaning child porn. and the legal kind the adult. the billions of tv shows and just the films.

there are a LOT of films out there that none of us on this site have EVER heard of because they've NEVER been put on video of any kind. and yea some of it at some point will there is no doubt about that. but the thing is

sometimes you want to download a film to watch it before you buy it. that's what i do anyways. there have been plenty of films i loved that i ended up buying because i've downloaded it 1st. they don't take consideration that there are guys like me that spend a LOT of money on cd's, dvd's. blu-ray's and i still download. i think they are thinking that EVERYONE just downloads cause they don't want to buy it.

and that's NOT the right way of thinking to be honest. yes there are people who download that don't buy cd's anymore. my brother doesn't buy cd's as much as he used to. but than he's got kids now too. he can't afford to now. i don't think he even downloads like he used to either. anyways i'm sure you get what i'm trying to say. and without repeating myself AGAIN. he he. someone can take over for me if they want to.. he he
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