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Popcorn How to Display Your Post << Read before Posting

How to Display Your Post:

Section 1. Show & Tell

....if you are a bit on the new side of posting on a forum board, then you really need to read this.
Not all forum boards use the same LayOut for their postings. So please don't take this type LayingOut and apply it to another Forum Board as you may get banned on that other Forum Board (as I have been in the past)
Hi there, I am BaZZa101 and I currently Mod' in the Graphic's section of this Great Forum Board. There is only one thing that really gets my attention with-in a post, NO it is not "Free SEX" written in the title, but it is the Visual Appeal of the Post. I then look at the Information that is given about the product that is on the post, then I look at the DownLoad Links.
So these 3 things could be the difference between a Post and a Great Post.

1. Images
2. Information
3. DownLoad Links

Lets talk about number 1. Images first.

a) If you make a post and don't have an Image I will put it in the Recycle bin and it will stay there until you Edit the post and place in an appropriate Image.
b) If you make a post and only post an ThumbSized Image, members may not think much of it, the same goes if there are too many images posted. It is a known fact that if a member likes your post then they will look for your next / other postings, this in turns gives you a good wrap and you become popluar.
c) So posting Images have to be Informative and of a good size. In this collection you will see some different types of Images.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Pack 95

This one I do like because it is a collage of 8 Thumbnails that represent the images inside of the pack.

Urban Ruins - Backgrounds

This one I don't really like at all because it is just too scattered, the thumbnails are all different sizes and too small.

Digital Artwork FC Pack 04

This one is Ok and I do like the Concept of the Different sized Thumbnails, I feel that it would have been better if the thumbnails looked more like the thumbnails in the first (Computer Desktop Wallpaper Pack 95).

40 Magnificent Animals HQ Wallpapers

This one is just not good enough, the image is too small and one can hardly see what is shown.

Only bottoms wallpapers pack by joh

This one has too many images in the post and really you only need the first section, the rest just make the post too long to read and it is more likely to turn members away from the post.
Lets talk about number 2. Information.

a) If you don't have any information about the product that your post is about, how will members know what to expect?
b) You can always have too much information or too little information, but information is required in some form.
c) Some forms of information is shown in the following collection of posts.

Vincent van Gogh's picture collection [2034 works]

This one is just ok but still not good. The given information should have been in a Quote Box and there is some information missing actually .. What is the total size of the DownLoad Files.

18 Videohive Project Pack For After Effects Vol 17

This one show the use of the Quote Box even though using the Quote Box this way is not very attractive and again this post is not showing the member what the total DonwLoad File Size is.

3D Style GraphicRiver Collection

This post is one that I fixed up to show a nicer use of the Information that is similarly shown in the above post. Here I replaced the Quote Box information with a collection of Live / Hot Link instead, this way the Information site links don't look like a normal DownLoad File Link. It also makes the post a far bit shorter.

ThemeForest Premium HTML CSS Site Templates

This post is a very good representation of a Great Post. It has a standard Image for a Template Type posting, the information section clearly shows what the member needs to know, the DownLoad Files are neat and easy to see. Also there are little Icon Images to show what section is what, Information & DownLoad.

Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection (86)

This is also a Great Post and as you can see it is different to the post above. Being a Wallpaper Post the amount of information shown is all that is required, Wallpaper Size/s & DownLoad File Size. The Image is also a good standard image for Wallpaper Type Posting.
Lets talk about number 3. DownLoad Links.

a) There is to be NO Linking to Scam - Pay DownLoad Sites, the ones that ask you to complete a quiz first before you get the active DownLoad Link, & there is to be NO Linking or Redirecting to other Forum Sites.
b) DownLoad File Links are to be Direct Link to Normal File Hosting Sites are are NOT to be Hot Links like "Press Here To DownLoad" the DownLoad Link has to be the web address like "http:// depositfiles .com /files /foqvc2qss" with or with-out the download file name.
c) All DownLoad File Links must be CODED, if they are not CODED then the post will be sent to the Recycle Bin for you to fix up. Here is a collection of different forms of CODED links.

Computer Desktop Wallpaper Pack 95

This one shows a grouping of Multiple Links that are avaiable from the same File Host.

Vincent van Gogh's picture collection [2034 works]

This post show a collection of Split Files for the one post. One needs to DownLoad all Split File parts to get the whole Complete File.

Heroes of Marvel Comics Wallpaper Collection

This one has no DownLoad links at all and is actually a very bad post for this section. This type of posting is more for Showing a Few Different Images like "Here are some Photos of my Dog". This one is just Laid out incorrectly as it should have used Linked ThumbNail Images to show the post.
So now that you have seen the different types of postings I feel that you should be able to understand why I have said that ThemeForest Premium HTML CSS Site Templates & Computer Desktop Wallpapers Collection (86) postings make a Great Post for the Graphic Section of this Forum.
I have stated a few different terms and I know that I have not expanded on them in this post. So this post is just the First Section of How to Code your Post and I will add the next section tomorrow.
How To Display Your Post

1. Show & Tell
2. The Message Window's Menu Explained
3. Actual Post shown
4. Extra - Making the Post Your Own
If the ThankYou button was the key to heaven ...
Only a few DTD1 members would have access ...

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